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Geburah Sphere

I sit shivering in the dark
Eyes closed and all of my being
Filled with fear that I will
lose my most valued possession.

Flame and heat surround
yet the air is dense with
energy that moves like
cold steel wielded by a
forceful hand.

What I cling to so fiercely
I have long ago outgrown
But the comfort and safety
provided are like soothing
ointment on wounds that have
yet to be opened.

I want to be free of these chains.
I want to be whole.
What I carry are bits and pieces
of my own folly and the thought of
excision sends me into retreat.

As reason gives way to desire
and understanding stands at the
threshold with outstretched hand
I rise from this place of cowering.
I open my eyes to see what lay
ahead and a cold dark hand
grasps my own as I look into
the eyes of myself.

The only demons I had to fear is what
lay within the spectre of my shadow.
With the single act of embrace
all that is to be discarded
falls from me.

I am free. I am strong and
what I had feared losing the most
has only been transformed and
forged anew.
The dark gives way to light and
I step forward to greet the
final outcome.

This poem was inspired by study of the Qabalistic sphere of Geburah. Read more about the strength of this Sphere at the links below:

The Might of Geburah: WitchVox Article

The Inner Chamber:Poetry of the Spheres.R.Fennelly

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As we end the year and begin one anew, I would like to share a pathworking of the Zodiac. Each New Year brings  the opportunity to connect more fully with those aspects of your natal chart that offer support to your life’s experience. There is no need to be a professional astrologer or even an advanced student of astrology to begin the process of connection. Simply beginning with an exploration of your natal Sun sign can open your self-awareness to a place of deeper knowledge of the potential of your strengths and bolstering your weaknesses. Let’s begin…. Turn your focus and attention to your breath. Allow the space of  your consciousness to move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths; allowing each to become softer, smoother and slower.  With each breath your physical body appears to become lighter and your center of consciousness floats upwards towards the inner eye. You feel enveloped by the mist of transition between the Physical and Astral.  And as this veil thins you step through a veil of dark blue mist and find yourself standing centrally in a circular room.   As you look around you see that this space opens out to a star lit night sky.  The velvety blackness above holds a twinkling of starry light that fills the panoramic view above.  The walls encircle you and are of a deep bluish purple.   As your eyes adjust to this room you notice an archway just ahead of you.  It glows a deep blood red in color and you are intrigued by what may lay through the archway. imgres You step forward and pass easily through the archway stepping through the glyph of Aries and out into a room that is vibrantly colored red.  To learn more about astrology, check out these resources: Temple of the Cosmic Spheres It’s Written in the Stars. R. Fennelly 2012

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“Zenith means the high point––it comes from astronomy, where it describes the highest point in an arc traveled by a star or a planet or another celestial body. The sun reaches its zenith when it is as high in the sky as it is going to go on that day.”

Reach higher
Stretch further
It is all within your grasp.

Look upward
Flow downward
The sun’s light
Spirals in to central core.

Crown opens
Sight awakens
Throat sings in pure joy.

Heart opens
Power awakens
Creation of life
Gently begins.

How I would define the Zenith of my personal growth.  Is it held in those moments when magick and the Divine work seamlessly and harmoniously with what my intent calls to?  Is it held in the quiet space of interaction with my Gods and Goddesses?  Is it found in the joy of revealing another mystery in the process of self-knowledge? Is it seen in the smile in return for the one I offer freely and widely?  Is it found in my continued striving toward honoring my Divine nature?

I believe all of these moments are points of an apex that continues to reach ever higher.  I believe the Zenith is found in all efforts that bring us closer to acknowledging our spiritual nature. And, I believe that what we call the zenith of our effort now is just the stepping stone towards the highest points we can reach in our journey back to the limitless All.


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We stand at the crossroads of  stepping forward into the Light as we approach the Winter Solstice at week’s end. And with that movement into the waxing year is the potential to support the projects that will become the legacy we leave to those who follow us on this spiritual path.  The article below brings to light one such project- The New Alexandrian Library.

Preserving Our Heritage for an Informed Legacy

Historically, we have struggled to decide how, when and where to effectively bring forward those foundational teachings from our past that have served as the cornerstones of the multiple streams that make up the pagan community today.  Too often, these golden pieces of our history and information were either kept in the shadows of secrecy or diluted and restructured in the manner of “whisper down the lane” leaving nothing intact that had been at the core of the original concept or energy of powerful rituals and protocol.  Valuable resources of writings, teachings and artifacts have been unintentionally lost or buried away in personal file cabinets and collections.  Many of these have been handed down to those inheritors who knew nothing of the true value stored in the dusty corners of the attic.  We have all heard the stories of this or that magickal tool, painting or book being rescued from the local antique dealer, thrift store, second hand bookstore or being sold on e-bay.

The complex and multi-layered question continues to center around what actions we can take to insure that the legacy we leave to our future communities is one of authenticity and grounded in useable information.  Moreover, we want to be sure that we guarantee that these resources are inclusive of the genuine artifacts and teachings of what has served to inform and move us forward as a community and will inspire what will become the newly birthed forms of solid spiritual practices?

Funding is always in short supply for any endeavor that hopes to pull together a vision of this magnitude.  It is in even shorter supply for the creation of places of repository for those things of antiquity. Large and established museums continually fall prey to the lack of funding available for preservation of what they already have accumulated, let alone the acquisition of new finds.  And smaller projects, in particular those that are religious or spiritually based rarely receive the support they are deserving of.   Despite this often discouraging state of affairs, headway is being made in the way we think about archiving and preserving what has brought us this far and some physical steps are being taken to manifest those thoughts.

The New Alexandrian Library project of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition is a work in progress that hopes to serve as a resource and home to many of these original texts, full collections of scholarly works and magickal items that have been scattered.  Its goal is ambitious, but much needed in these times of proliferation of teachings and books; and the growing alliances between multiple streams of esoteric and magickal paths.  A large portion of the energetic stability of these endeavors is dependent on the reliability and efficacy of the past experience and expertise that can be infused through access to the core materials of that energy. The axiom has always been “quality over quantity” and we are in no short supply of books, teachings and protocol of quantity that has never been grounded in the quality of tried and true as a resource.

Like the original Great Library of Alexandria, the schools of Qabala in medieval Spain, and the flourishing of magick that occurred in renaissance Italy, this diverse confluence of practices and resources would result in great leaps forward in theory and practice. The vision is that of the New Alexandrian Library serving as one of the cornerstones of a new magickal renaissance that is evolving more rapidly than we can keep pace.  And, the dynamics of its function will be to serve as a magnet for the teachers, leaders and philosophies of many spiritual paths, each informing the other’s work.

Fundraising events generate some revenue, but the fact of the matter is that fundraisers only go so far in acquiring all that is needed just to initially open the doors, let alone acquire, maintain and catalogue what is housed within.  In addition to financial support, what is needed is the fostering of a mindset that sees the vision of our collective efforts creating a foundation of sustainability that insures the finances, time, energy and the action needed will be available and have relevance to those who will become its stewards.  The endorsement and support of our spiritual leaders in the community is invaluable in bringing awareness to projects such as the NAL, but ultimately, it is up to us as members of the pagan community to decide what our priorities are and how we can ensure that our future generations will have the resources they need to leave their own inspired legacy.

For more information on the New Alexandrian Library, pictures of its progress and how you can be part of preserving a legacy in the making visit us:

Facebook:       The New Alexandrian Library

Website:          http://sacredwheel.org/new-alexandrian-library.html

E-mail:            sacredwheel@sacredwheel.org

Write:             Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

14914 Deer Forest Rd.,

Georgetown, DE 19947

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel:  http://www.sacredwheel.org



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The Promise

Move slowly and
speak not a word
And we may catch
a glimpse of HIM yet.

The night is dark
but I have seen the
icy thread of HER cloak.
Crystal blue eyes and
hair black as the midnight sky
grace a face of pale beauty
poised on a body that is tall and lithe.

She has etched the night sky with
fingers long and fair painting starlight and
holding the breath of new dawn
in HER hands’ cupped embrace.
SHE has embraced the world
in the longest of nights.
HER Promise held deep within.

The forest is hushed and white with snow.
Ice crystals glisten round and all of life
patiently holds strong in stillness
and pause with anticipation of
newly born hope and renewal.

We watch and wait in silence.
The cold penetrating and deep
in its reminder that we are vibrant, alive, aware.
It is for us that this night returns as the
Wheel comes to rest in imbalance.
It is our yearning that calls us from our
warmth and comfort to offer up
adoration and honor to the Light that
sustains and answers with flame.

We watch and wait.
The time is almost near
and our hearts beat in excitement,
attuned to the cycles that are eternal.
Stillness hangs heavy .
Softly, softly…

Crimson lips gently part and
SHE breathes an exhale of gentle release
as sun light stretches from its inner sleep.
The fiery fingers of new child’s grasp
reaching out to experience, explore
and warm all within its reach.
The returning Light of the Solstice
cries out anew, its sounds inaudible
to all but those who have silently
waited in the darkness.

The Mother of Winter’s long cold night
has called forth Her Child as the world
awakens to the Promise of HIS return.

Yule is just around the corner and I have decided to continue as a personal Tradition a posting that was offered last year at Yule.  I made a promise at 2012 Yule to allow more space for rest in the coming year and to listen more deeply to those who I hold dear.  The year took off  like a rocket and the space for rest quickly was overtaken by needs, requests and obligations.  I remembered my promise made to myself and although the quantity of time may not have been present the time I was able to carve out, I spent unplugged and nestled into relaxation and comfort’s embrace.

I did try to listen more deeply to the heart’s call of those I love and although I was not as patient as I could have been at times, the difference was in my recognizing the spaces where deeper listening and connection were needed. And, so I listened to my own heart telling me where to soften and be more gentle with my response.

The promise I make to myself this Yule is to allow myself self-forgiveness for those areas that I need work on but am trying to change.  I promise I will be gentler and kinder to myself and in so doing find the space of gentleness and deeper kindness for others.  I promise myself the space of surrender to cry and allow those tears to heal me.  I promise to look towards the light and embrace the wisdom of the dark.

Blessed Yule !

Image: Bankoboev.Russia. Aurora Borealis

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I wrote a post in April called “The Hunger”  about how spiritual hunger fuels your desire and aspirations towards spiritual growth. When we yearn for something, this feeling often begins as a hunger. This hunger soon becomes a need and the fires of will begin the process of catalyzing your intent.  When I think of the word yearning, an all consuming desire for something is what I imagine this feeling to be.  Hunger has now transformed itself into a deeper place of having experienced the satisfying of that hunger and now having experienced the state of fullness you are more aware of what it is to be filled by what your desire has attracted to itself.

Yearning comes from the depths of re-membering what quenched your thirst, filled your empty hunger and fed your soul.

What is it you yearn for in the deepest recesses of your being? 


We go through much of our lives feeling that we have to shut ourselves off in order to remain safe, secure and intact.  Even when we think we have loosened up a bit, there is still a certain amount of guarding that remains, much like the progressive relaxation exercises that still find the place where tension is held.  I attribute this largely to our conditioning.  As a child there are no guards set up and we are open to each and every experience that comes our way.  And at some point this natural state of being begins to grow its own filters as we take in the words, fears, concerns and mistrusting energies of those around us.

When we eventually come to a spiritual path and begin the work of transforming and growing, we find there is much “undoing” that is necessary in order to move forward successfully.  We find that we must loosen our filters and preconceived ideas that shut us down just as we near that precipice of true transformation. We are reminded to breathe into our workings and to allow the grace of Deity, God and Goddess to flow through us informing and enlivening our work. We sit in the space of meditation and expand our awareness allowing ourselves to gently re-open to the spaciousness of our inner landscape.

How do you allow yourself to open to the gifts of your own space of being?


You’ve read all the books and done your homework, dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s.  You  consciously try to walk the walk and talk the talk. You think you understand who you really are.  You don’t!

You offer up devotions, offerings and service to your Gods and honor the monthly cycles of the moon. Carefully and tenderly you call out the names of your beloved Deities and in frustration and desperation you bellow forth calls for help. You think you understand what is needed to connect with the Divine. You haven’t!

You are filled with all manner of knowledge and have transformed it into deep wisdom as the milestones of your spiritual path and practice have been met and achieved. You stand in a place of service to humanity and love and honor, justice and mercy flow easily through all of your interactions.  You understand the meaning of the Great Work and would willingly step into the lace of sacrifice for the greater good of all. You know that you understand the work of this lifetime. You can’t even begin to understand!

Understanding is what remains when all that you think you knew is stripped away.

Understanding is born of experience and the sacrifice is that of surrendering your will to create your own vision to that of the Higher Will whose vision is already realized.

Understanding is standing naked and vulnerable and cloaked only in a trust and gnosis that is unable to be articulated for it is pure essence itself.

Understanding is the integration of all that you are, all that you were and all that you will be for it is all one in the same.

Understanding is a deep yearning that primes  us to reach towards the highest expression of the beauty of our humanity as we open to the awe of our Divinity.

May you be cloaked in the exquisite mantle of  Y.O.U.

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