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Master of illusion

and Mistress of time.

I am the mirror reflection

of that which is reflected.

Mind and its gymnastics

of intellect move at

a speed envied by most.

I am the air that

moves in form

of aero-acrobatics.

Seemingly steady and

straight in course

and then, playing at the

antics of daredevil who

dives and peaks in response

to the next intriguing distraction.

Unwavering persistence is not

my natural state.

But, the flexibility of

persistent exploration down paths

of all manner of endeavor

is my greatest strength.

For between the pillars of my glyph

lay the secrets of manifestation.

And the inward arc of line at top and bottom

are the in pour of air’s inspiration

reaching as above, so below

towards the reflection



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Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian,

stone, ground, mountain, river,

each has a secret way of being with the mystery,

unique and not to be judged.

…Rumi …


As we move through this world, look for the spark of the Divine in each person you meet. It does not matter by what religion or spiritual Path they are aligned. Each is part of the larger fabric of a truth that is both unable to be defined and encompasses all that it touches. The mystery is held not in the books of great wisdom or the libraries of the theologians. It is the unconditional love found in a child’s loving gaze and the final words spoken as one lays dying. It is the joy of simply being and the profound recognition of all things being the gifts of the Great Ones. It is held within the cradle of every atom of our earth and the starseed of the cosmos. Share the diversity of the individual experience of this mystery and truth. Be open to the possibilities. And acknowledge the inherent truths that each may offer.

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The vultures circle high above
their wings syncopating
Flora’s rhythm of Life.
The space within this natural world
is fertile and green
And where carion’s death hides
no point of  light can reveal

Earth moans in response to
Flora’s step and
the winds sigh in anticipation of
her indrawn breath
With extended hand of
moss and leaf
renewed life springs .
Flower eagerly opens
with downward glance
from Flora’s face.

The vultures circle high
overhead as all of
life awakens from
dreamtime sleep
And Flora draws
them to suckle at her breast.
Earth is sated for one more day and
Life- death’s consort- bursts forth
in orgiastic delight.

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