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Compassion spills and overflows
the oceans of my Soul
Each drop moving through
rivulets of prismatic depths.

A cadence of virtuosity as
fingers move in pizzicato
rhythm across ephemeral strings~
the sounds of empathetic release

Seeker of that which is
just beyond the grasp
slips like sand through
the funnel of glass measured time

And Devotion pools at the base
of sun-parched throats
that willingly endure the pain
to spare another the distress

Martyr and miracle
Saint and sacrifice
each flow in opposition
until the water clears
and the darkened path
of return is revealed
in the depths of mysterious
waters as compassion
fills my thirst-quenched

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The music is held closely to my heart
It reverberates through
the passages and corridors of what lay within

The vibration pushes against
each door and the scared sound
once being heard
unlocks the most secret and secure of chambers

Notes of breathless beauty
flood in filling each space
with arpeggios of light
that dance delicately into
the furthest and darkest corners

Music fills my mind
the geometric visions unraveling and
opening the currents of flow
crystalline webs spun
each intent upon catching
within its center the cosmic
sustenance of the Soul

Each note hangs as though
suspended in mid-air-
the point within the field
of Divine Creation
Each note in harmony
with the other creating
the urge of impulse that
forms the threshold to the unknown

The door to the great unseen
flung open wide
as the key turns the lock ~
Sound, rhythm and vibration of
energetic seed in consummate union
with the the womb of sacred intelligence

Music and mortal embrace
resonance and harmonics
the essence of genetic and celestial being
and in the symphony of silence
Life becomes the progeny
of creative emanation ….

* Written during my daughter’s concert with Philadelphia Sinfonia

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The Sphere of Malkuth

The Lesson of the Sphere

Dig your fingers deep into the earth

granules of life and decay

tiny bits of energy darting here

and there and the smell

of emerald green moss embedded

under freshly painted pink nails.

Life force moves down

Submerged appendage and roots beginning

To weave intricate pathways

Towards the heart of the


Swim deep into the ocean’s expanse

Salt and sand the constant companions

Of frothy waves and water filled breath

Fin and tentacle- claw and tooth

Moving~ floating~ carried by the

undulating liquid terrain

Life force moves in spirals and waves

Translucent body glowing in ocean’s depths

Deep into the sand of floor ~ coiling into


Stone and crystal- cavern and dusted white peak

Architecture of the Gods built from the

feminine body Divine

tree home and brush of wing in flight

all scanning the maze of earth below

as sun rises and spills over All of

living breath and silent decay of return

Life moves in ascent

carried by the strength of manifest form

molded in the heated furnace of desire and will

dome of sky the doorway to the moon’s intent

This is the Kingdom, but what of it’s ruler

Who holds the place of sovereignty and has

command over planet’s fate?

Flesh and bone and beating of heart~ flowing

strength of blood’s circuit – mind of lightening

Flash and diversity embodied in a vessel of form

And the Great Mother in her wisdom holds the Kingdom

Close to her breast- heart beat

To heart beat the exchange is made

Life is given form and the world of the manifest

Holds the key to the Path of Return.


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