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August 18.2012


The Peace Ctr of Delaware County

 Springfield, PA

Please join me for a day-long workshop exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  This intensive is an introduction to the Qabalah as used within the Western Mystery Tradition.  The Deeper meaning of the Qabalistic Tree of Life is a study that becomes a journey into the spiritual and mystical nature of ourselves, our world, and all that is of this Cosmos. Having its origins in the Jewish Mystical system of Kabbalah (The difference in spelling is generally the first clue as to which system is being used) the Western Mystery system of the Qabalah uses the energies, correspondences and analogies in the language of a magickal and occult expression.

The Day will conclude with a Ritual of the Spheres. 

To register and for more information: http://oakandwillow.org/IntroQBL.htm


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