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The Lady holds her mystery

in silent waiting orb.

The milky white lantern held

in space of velvet night.


Sun king gives way

as she weaves her veil

of star and ebb and flow.

She speaks not a word;

Her call answered deep

within the heart that turns within.


The Silent Moon is calling

the rite of the Hermit has begun.

This week has held the energy of a powerful full moon, lunar eclipse and the coming of Winter Solstice. Throughout the week the moon remained large, bright and potent for what seemed a longer than usual time and the night extended endlessly in a silent pause of things taking hold, mysteries being revealed and the call to move into the space of inner silence overwhelmingly heard.

In our household, we celebrate Yule as well as the Spirit of Christmas as a time of sharing, homemade gifts, good food and everyone together. With five children, there have not been many holidays where retreating to silence and meditation have been easily accomplished.  Yet, despite the noise and busy preparations, there is a different type of stillness I have felt.  I have sat under the moon, stood mesmerized as the total eclipse filled the night sky and connected in a more deeply way this week than before.  And, now as I sit and write, snow is falling- silently and steadily as though a dusting from Lady Moon’s hand.

The lantern of the Hermit has been lit. And, I eagerly await this call of the silent moon.  As the energy of the season begins to settle, each meditation and working will be another step on the Path to return to my inner knowing. The wisdom of the Hermit will Light the way and what lays dormant, will be nurtured and brought to fruition as the days become brighter and longer.

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The Promise

Move slowly and
speak not a word
And we may catch
a glimpse of HIM yet.

The night is dark
but I have seen the
icy thread of HER cloak.
Crystal blue eyes and
hair black as the midnight sky
grace a face of pale beauty
poised on a body that is tall and lithe.

She has etched the night sky with
fingers long and fair painting starlight and
holding the breath of new dawn
in HER hands’ cupped embrace.
SHE has embraced the world
in the longest of nights.
HER Promise held deep within.

The forest is hushed and white with snow.
Ice crystals glisten round and all of life
patiently holds strong in stillness
and pause with anticipation of
newly born hope and renewal.

We watch and wait in silence.
The cold penetrating and deep
in its reminder that we are vibrant, alive, aware.
It is for us that this night returns as the
Wheel comes to rest in imbalance.
It is our yearning that calls us from our
warmth and comfort to offer up
adoration and honor to the Light that
sustains and answers with flame.

We watch and wait.
The time is almost near
and our hearts beat in excitement,
attuned to the cycles that are eternal.
Stillness hangs heavy .
Softly, softly…

Crimson lips gently part and
SHE breathes an exhale of gentle release
as sun light stretches from its inner sleep.
The fiery fingers of new child’s grasp
reaching out to experience, explore
and warm all within its reach.
The returning Light of the Solstice
cries out anew, its sounds inaudible
to all but those who have silently
waited in the darkness.

The Mother of Winter’s long cold night
has called forth Her Child as the world
awakens to the Promise of HIS return.

r.fennelly 12.2010

The promise I make to myself this Yule is to allow space for rest. To listen more deeply to the hearts of those I hold dear. To smile more; to hug more and to simply “be”; content – aware- and allow the Light of day to fill my cup of longing.   Blessed Yule !

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Join us as we explore A Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path ;

an online course at Oak and Willow.org

Luna looks down

And the spell is cast

Father Sun heats the intent

And sustains the

Creative flow…

excerpted from Lesson Nine: Lunar and Solar Magick

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“All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost.
The old that is strong does not wither,
deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
a light from the shadows shall spring.
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
the crownless again shall be king.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien


Finding the hidden meaning.Revealing the truths that are just within reach. Acknowledging the importance of everything no matter how small and seemingly unimportant. Parting the veil and fully embracing the reality that surrounds me. This is my work.This is my quest and this is where I will find the most transformational lessons.

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As I moved through this past week, the famous line from Charles Dicken’s book, Oliver Twist, kept coming to mind- “Please sir,may I have some more?”

I am passionate about my spiritual pursuits.  I want to be everything, know everything, learn everything and then give it out freely and with as much passion as the path of pursuit. So for me, in thinking on this simple question, I see a wealth of lessons held within it.

Captured in these words is a deep yearning, a desire that is fueled by a need. A need to be full and satisfied from having taken in sustenance, nourishment. The pursuit of any spiritual work is fueled by the same desire and yearning.  It is a hunger that is only satisfied by that which is designed to nourish and sustain.

I believe that one of the most overlooked aspects in seeking out the food of Spirit is the request. Some are taught that the Divine will provide, but omit the part where it is okay to ask for what you want and need to nourish you. Some are taught that out of respect and faith, you would not ask Deity for what you desire. That it will be provided when you are ready.  The simple act of asking acknowledges that there is a space open, ready and available to receive. The act of asking gives voice and power behind the request. And, as in Oliver Twist, the stepping out of the comfort zone of just simply “making do” fires up the Will to receive more. And,when we are properly nourished we are healthy, productive and strong in all that we undertake. We think and act with clarity and embrace the word ready to do the work that we are called upon to achieve.

So, without reservation, I will ask for more.  I will reach out towards the Divine, the newly emptied bowl of being offered up and readied to be filled with the nourishment of the Gods.

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The Continuum: Kether

Nothing and everything, the endless void fills all time

until…One moves in the silence, stretching and reaching

towards the other as Two swiftly take flight.

Read More From Lesson 12: The Sphere of Kether

A Year Within the tree of Life

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