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Getting Back to Basics

When I was dancing one of the things I enjoyed doing the most was taking a basic level technique class that would allow me to concentrate and focus on doing the exercise smoothly, slowly and with more intent.Now, what is unusual about this is that I was a classically trained professional ballet dancer who had long graduated from the tedium of basic barre and centre practice.Allowing myself the space to return to that point of new beginnings and exertion of effort towards perfection and mastery was something more of a meditative practice that provided a new flood of joy in execution to emerge and a vaster reservoir of movement.It was an experience similar to watching snow flakes collect on a window.They are all of the same category and energy, but with closer inspection no two are alike.Spiritual practice is very much like that. Hidden within the complexities of variety are the simple truths and the basic paths that are the foundation upon which the final masterpiece is built.

We all have within the core of the spiritual practice we have built, the simple threads that allowed us access to those more complex ideas.And, with this complexity and “more experience” often come feelings of burn out- not having enough time- and general dissatisfaction in the progress we are making.This is when we most need to return to the simpler; yet often more focused and insightful tools we started out with.How would it feel for one week to go without reading a bookof esoteric teachings?The one who reads the most books does not necessarily have the greatest experience of the mysteries. What would your meditation be like to simply “sit” in the presence of the Higher Self; without pre-conceived ideas, invocations and smells and bells to draw that energy nearer? This is perhaps the hardest act of simplicity; but also the one that requires the most “belief” that you will make that connection in whatever time, way and space is for your highest good. And what energy could be drawn from simply breathing mindfully and fully as you move throughout your day? Energy follows awareness and is within and without us always. Turning that awareness towards the simple (yet highly disciplined act) of True focus is part of the mastery of the adept.

One of the adages that goes hand and hand with mystical studies is that with more knowledge gained comes greater responsibility.I would like to add to that the thought that with more depth of understanding comes greater simplicity in endeavor.


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