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My eldest’s daughters birthday was this past Friday and as I thought about the meaning of this date I also reflected on the idea of time and growth.

I thought about how quickly these 23 years had passed, and the young woman she had become in what seemed like a moment in time. Memories and visions of her as an infant, child and teenager all converged into a rapid fire slideshow of seconds.

I thought about the time, energy, love and care that was offered towards helping her grow and flourish.  And, how at certain points along the way these efforts are mirrored back to you. This process of giving birth, guiding, nurturing and watching the end product of that process come to fruition is true for all our manifest and creative efforts; whether they are children, ideas or emotions. I realized how this exact process had played out in so many others areas of my life. Projects, actions, ideas; all like small children needing guidance and direction. We give our creation form, enliven its energy with our actions. We carefully tend to its needs to ensure growth and worry and intercede  at signs of distress, dis-ease or stagnation.

We become so intimately and resolutely attached to its very core with the goal of successful outcome the driving force. With time and determination what we have set forth becomes a living force of its own; infused by our personal offerings and shaped and molded by its dynamics.

What will you give birth to this week? What will you tend to, nurture and begin the steps towards growth within yourself?

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During the Samhain workshop I taught yesterday the topic of service was explored. We spent some time sharing what that particular word means to each individually and how those definitions can be moved into the flow of our spiritual growth.  Not unexpectedly, we had as many definitions as there were participants.

The idea of service is one that has long been held as a guiding force in the direction of the path I have chosen. As all seekers do, I have gone through varying stages of development and coinciding with those birthing pains and joys has come a predictable chameleon type energy around my definition of “service” that seems to be the natural result of the change that occurs as you move forward on any spiritual path.

As your perception of the world around and within you changes, the ideology you develop around how and what a path of service looks like re-forms those thoughts and ultimately your actions in accord with the more expansive view.

Recently, I have found it increasingly difficult to clearly define what this deep yearning I have to be of  “service” looks like.  The actions I have taken to answer this call need a closer look and a renewed sense of purpose. I will dig deeply this week  to give more clarity to this desire to serve and perhaps through those efforts the opportunities that have gone unnoticed will be more clearly seen?

How will you define your path of service?

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You may think

That you know


But my masks

Are many

And I hide my

Secrets well.


My passions are

Intense and move

Through me

Flowing like hot lava

Despite my conservative

And cool exterior.


And those of you

Who think me cold

And unfeeling

Only see the mastery

Of my façade which

Protects the exposed

Soft belly beneath.


It is often in

The dark of night

That I find the

Greatest solace, but

If I linger too long

That place of comfort

Becomes the prison

From which I strain

And struggle to

Break free.


I pause and breathe

Deeply to allow the realization

That these walls of

Confinement are My

Frightened emotion’s

Creation and the walls

crumble around me

as the light of Dawn

Filters through.


The sands of time

Shift and flow from

One tightly held container

To another.

The truth’s of my own

History’s stories are

Drawn up from the darkness

And into the blazing sun.

I examine them

And relearn the

Greater lessons contained

In each.


And, once mastered and reclaimed

As paths back to myself

My Spirit soars and all

See me as transformed.

The burden has been lifted

And I look once again

Towards the full

Light of Day.


No, you will never

Know all of my


Many lay hidden

Buried even to me,

But without their stories

To be lived

You would not be

Charmed and seduced by

My enigmatic charisma.

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I was recently listening to music to use for a piece of choreography and came across something called the Tabula Rasa by  Arvo Part.  Basically the music is a geometric structure of sound that repeats the same basic set of notes with minor variations and dynamics as the complete composition. The intriguing part is how the music winds around a central core of sameness.

Initially what attracted me to this piece of music was the title, “Tabula Rasa”. The term in Latin equates to the English "blank slate" (which refers to writing on a slate sheet in chalk) but comes from the Roman tabula or a  wax tablet, used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it to give a tabula rasa. I liked this idea of mind being molded by experience and the many permutations that it may take on, while still operating from a central core of knowledge.

I believe this principle to one that is a staple of spiritual progress. The idea that we go through (or better put- allow) our minds to periodically return to this state of the Tabula Rasa as we inch along the Path. And, by so doing new levels of thinking can be formed that are then integrated and woven into those that are firmly rooted. And, each of these periods when there is a pause, opening and influx of new information brings us to greater awareness of the process of mind, inspiration and creating something new from their union.

So, for this week:

May I be as the

Tabula Rasa

That the hand

of the Divine may

Write the words

of wisdom

Compose the

symphony of Life

And, paint the

new worlds

of the future.


Sample Music Clip

click on Tabula Rasa

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The Magickal Self

The robe slips easily over my shoulders

and drapes my body in magick.

The amulet rests at the space of voice

just below my upturned head.

I balance all parts of  my self

and allow the mysteries

of true magick to flow.

I speak the name of power

and step through the Gates

of Destiny…

Now Available: Lesson 7

A Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path

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How will you claim your Soul’s purpose.  Will you awake each day and approach it as just another set of hours to move through?  Will you move through your day’s activities, numb and blind to those around you? Will you pause in your hurried pace and notice the single bloom of flower that peeks back from the crack in the cement of the sidewalk? Will you come to day’s end, tired and spent from yet another day where you were waiting for something exciting to happen?

What you are waiting  to happen already has. You have breath. You have life. You have potential and most of all you have opportunity to claim that which is already yours. The journey to revealing your Soul’s purpose begins with each waking breath and each night time’s  repose. It is all contained in the moments and hours spent between those times.

Be alive. Be fully present as you move through this and every week. Engage in each action in a purposeful way. Reveal the light that holds the Soul’s Higher Self for all to see. And watch in wonder and gratitude as the story of your Divine Self unfolds.

Blessings on a week of Intent….. Robin

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The Great Mother

sighs and oceans

tremble and swell-

filled with her breath.

Read more at:

A Year Within The Tree of Life

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