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X’anyuae- Part II


X’anyuae exhaled a clear and intention-filled “yes!” and she stepped through the archway and into the sacred chamber. As soon as she passed through she felt the first of the changes in her physical form take hold. Heat spread through her like wildfire. It was not in the least unpleasant as she had developed a tolerance for this phase of the transition. It had not always been so and the memory of her first time entering this chamber flashed quickly through her mind’s eye.

She had been told that a change would occur as her body changed its frequency and energetic pattern to resonate with that in the chamber. But, she had not been told how sick it would make her the first few times it happened. She remembered the wave of nausea that soon turned to full out vomiting the first few times. She was more embarrassed than anything, but her Temple sister had assured it that this happened to everyone in the beginning. Each time thereafter, the transition came easier until the flush of heat was all that she noted.

She paused for a moment, looking around and savoring the building anticipation that it was finally time. The veiling of the space had already begun to clear. Things were definitely not what they seemed in this space. Soon after she had been called to be observer of The Work she had begun to see that the chamber was not a chamber at all. What appeared as marble walls, ceiling and floor was the cloaking used to hide what lay within. She did not realize that this was a skill that most never achieved and only the Great Mother was able to see all of what this space held.

X’anyuae smiled and the time of her realization flashed quickly within her mind. She had been standing discreetly and silently off to the side; her place only being that of learning and witnessing the magick of The Work. Her temple sister was next to her and as the Priestess entered the chamber, they looked at one another knowing something transformative was about to happen. They took a deep breath and exhaled silently; they were both very nervous and did not wish to disturb the proceedings. That’s when the veiling lifted and X’anyuae could clearly see the Great Waters.

She looked at her sister and whispered, “Look, Li’yanu! Isn’t it beautiful?” Li’yanu looked at her quizzically and answered, “Isn’t what beautiful?. We’ve seen this many times before”. “Don’t you see it? The great waters, Mother Moon shining down and the light. The beautiful shaft of light!”, X’anyuae asked. “Shh! We’lll get in trouble. Be quiet!”, Li’yanu whispered looking frightened. Later that evening, X’anyuae asked the others who had observed, and each answered in the same way, “It was beautiful, but the chamber looked as it always does. Beautiful marble walls and floors. The Priestess was very beautiful and powerful. Maybe you were imagining more?”.

X’anyuae knew that these were not imaginings and was determined to prove that what she had seen was real. She had felt the energy shift. Her bodies had responded and she felt more alive and vibrant than at any other time. Every time they were called to witness, X’anyuae saw the veiling lift and the opening of the worlds. As she learned more of the practices to awaken her core energy and took on the task of upholder, the more detailed and vibrant what she witnessed in the chamber became, until just before the birthing of her Ninth Aeon of Memory she received the proof that she had been seeking. As she stood once again in the chamber and The Work began she heard the gentle voice of the Great Mother. “What you see, my child, is the reality. Only a few can awaken the true imaginings within their being. None, but I can step into the plane of working and weave the magick that is needed to sustain life in this realm and the others. You, have the gift of moving between these worlds and the Time Gates. I will call you when it is time to awaken.” Her visioning that day took on more energy than she could have imagined and X’anyuae knew her destiny was one of change and intense purpose.

Barely a second had passed in this state of reverie for X’anyuae and as she continued moving silently and steadily forward, her body of life elongated and the familiar feeling of magnetized life force rose up her central column connecting all of her bodies into a stream of pulsating energy and light. In this heightened state, X’anyuae could sense the others veiled in their holographic forms who were called to stand witness to this final test and she knew that all were hoping for the best outcome.

The veiling of marble containment had dispersed as soon as X’anyuae had entered the room. An endless sea of glistening waters stretched before her and above her, black sky stretched thick and deep. A full shining Moon-like orb offered its light directly above. She paused for a moment, breathing deeply and strong as she opened in readiness to begin The Work.

She stepped out onto the glistening waters, hovering just above the surface seemingly weightless to any who may have observed. Once again, she breathed deeply into the radiant core of her bodies drawing up the energy of the waters and allowing them to move through her. Light emanated from her now expanded form and layer upon layer of her bodies moved undulating in response to the echoing she was calling them to.

Part III next week…

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An important aspect of spiritual training and magickal practice is that of versatility and being able to re-invent the tools you are working with. This applies not only to being adept at adapting to what you physically have at your disposal, but also developing mental agility in how you express yourself creatively (or as an act of creation).  So, with this thought in mind, I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try something different- esoteric fiction! The art work was my eldest daughter’s gift to me some years ago as a representation of my former lifetime. It has been the source of much inspiration for me, so it seemed appropriate to name her and tell her story. Here goes and hope you enjoy!….



As she lay in her dreamsleep, X’anyuae could hear the gentle voice in her mind saying “It’s time”. She opened her eyes slowly and sat up, allowing the last bit of dream vision to clear. She did not know how long she had been in the dream Temple but she sensed that it had been several days. Today was the final test she must undergo if she was to be initiated as a Vessel.

Slowly her senses awakened to the space around her and she felt the coolness of the marble stone on which she had lain. She stretched, arms reaching upwards and moved her fingers gracefully gaining physical sensation back in each of them. She turned her body and swung her legs off the side allowing the blood to warm and re-circulate back through long and graceful legs. Warmth spread through all of her physical body and all of her senses were alert, taking in everything.

She stood, her bare feet touching the cool surface of the floor and the darkened chamber responded to her touch as a soft light filled the small space. She breathed in deeply filling her lungs and exhaled toning a sound that echoed through all of her bodies, calling each of them to attention and alertness.

A circular pool of clear and very blue water formed submerged in the floor; appearing in response to her calling. She walked forward and stepped down into these waters that would serve to purify and further prepare her for what lay ahead. The water was warm and fragrant from the carefully selected herbs she had gathered in the days before her dreamsleep. Beads of light shimmered on the water’s surface as she lay back against the smooth edge of the marble rim. X’anyuae closed her eyes and memories of all that had brought her to this space moved through her mind.

Even in her First Aeon of memory X’anyuae knew she was special. Most could not see into the Hidden Realm and fewer still were able to regulate the pattern and form of their bodies to be fully awake in both the Hidden and True realms. Her parents knew that the time would come when X’anyuae would gain even greater gifts and they also knew what the destiny of one who could master these gifts would be.

By the time she had reached her Third Aeon of memory, X’anyuae could call forth the Great Beings of the Four Worlds. She could move like the winds, weaving her body through currents that flowed in the heavens. She could lift the waters, carrying them great distances to parts of land that were dry and barren. She warmed the coldest of nights and tempered the blazing heat of day. And, all of the physical world and its makings moved and opened, reforming and flattening as she wished.

These were not unusual of themselves, but the way in which she caused these changes was a power that was well beyond her age. She became the embodiment of whatever she wished to change. The first time X’anyuae became the wind it occurred as she was walking through the woods with her Mother. Her senses heightened as a breeze brushed across her face and she had the thought that it would be wonderful to move as the wind; unseen in its form and energy until it allowed its presence to be known. As this thought built in her desire and excitement about the possibility, she found herself moving, disintegrating in physical form as so many leaves scattered on the winds. She thought the sensation was utterly exhilarating and with this thought her form was that of a gentle current upon which the most beautiful bird was soaring.

Realizing, she could not remain in this form, X’anyuae allowed her thoughts to return once again towards the re-forming of her physical body. Just as easily as she had become the Air she now found herself walking with her Mother and having a grand conversation about her imaginings. When she told her Mother that she had indeed accomplished this goal the reply was “but dear, that was just a dream. You have been walking with me all this time and we have been having the most wonderful conversation.”

This was the beginning of many echoings, as she later learned they were called. Some had been trained in this skill, but few were able to simply think them into happening. X’anyuae later learned that this first echoing had caught the attention of the Great Mother and she would be chosen to be trained in these and other arts of the Work. What she did not know was that none, except the Great Mother, herself were able to remain fully present and in physical form as their other bodies were echoing what was the desire and intent of the physical thought. Now, in her Ninth Aeon of memory, It Was Time!

X’anyuae called her attention back to the fragrant waters hearing once again the call to come to the sacred Temple. “The Great Mother’s test awaits you, X’anyuae. And, all this time of training and preparing the bodies must pass the trial of the vessel if you are to serve. Come, child. They wait.”

As the last words faded, X’anyuae stood up and droplets of water fell like tiny crystals from her body. She exhaled deeply and a warm breeze filled the chamber, gently drying her. A simple white gown lay on a low stone shelf in front of her and she bent over picking it up to put on. It flowed over her lithe and graceful body and she pulled her long dark hair out from the underneath the circular neckline letting it fall naturally draping across her slender shoulders. She took another deep breath, this one to quiet the nervous excitement she felt and walked towards the entryway and out into a long narrow corridor.

The walls glistened of white marble and with each step closer to the sacred room X’anyuae could feel the resonance of her energy building with that held in the most sacred of spaces, the Temple of the Vessel. She could see light flowing from an archway just ahead and could feel its energy wrapping around her and drawing her towards it like a loved and trusted friend. She had been in this room many times now; first only as observer. As her skill and knowledge grew she was entrusted with the sacred task of upholder. Tonight, others would witness and uphold as she was called to the Work.

She paused just in front of the archway, light now flooding out and around her. She had been trained to wait, patiently and when it was time, she would accept the challenge of entry and the change of recognition would begin. She felt the weight of this offer of entry and remembered the love she felt from the Great Mother those many aeons ago as she whispered to X’anyuae, “you have been chosen. Your life will forever change if you come to me. You must come to me freely and trust in my wisdom as you learn and grow in your power. May your Will choose wisely.”

X’anyuae exhaled a clear and intention-filled “yes!” and she stepped through the archway and into the sacred chamber…..

Part II next week…

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Today marks Astrological Samhain!

The focus of this calling of Samhain’s energy is one of transformation. The heat of the Solar light flowing as the Scorpio Sun rises from its sleep in the dark caverns  and embraces the Sun as the Phoenix rising. Visually, by the time we reach the end of the first seven days of  November, the darkness crowds in more quickly, a sign that the energy is gaining momentum as it gathers what is needed to call forth the light at the Winter Solstice. This is the opportunity to gather that light within, to call upon the gifts of accessing the wisdom of what lay beyond the veils of our human experience and allow its power to light the fires within the space of our human form. We open our awareness and our consciousness to the potential of what awaits us within these solar gates. Read More here at…….

Auspicious Days- Astrological Samhain

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