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To be spontaneous is to act without ego and enlist our sense of creativity and imagination.

Walk in the rain.

Join in on Karaoke.

Choose a restaurant of different cultural foods.

Choose bubblegum over your regular brand

and test your childlike skill.


How often, as adults do we allow ourselves the joy of being spontaneous? Children naturally allow their interest and actions to flow in unrestrained creativity. For this week, I want to explore the inner child that is spontaneous, joyful and creative. I want to remember the sheer joy of losing myself within the notes of a beautiful piece of music. I want to respond rather than react. To step into the magickal flow of life that surrounds me and to allow it to take me to places long ago visited in the dreams of a child.  Where will your spontaneity take you?

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It is truly beautiful!

There is a certain

refinement and grace.


The craftsmanship is expertise

and one can tell that

great skill and thought

went into its creation.


You know they say

that the finest of gold

was used and each pan

was polished and leveled.

It’s inner workings were

calibrated to the most

exact measure.


As I think on it-

if, I pause too long

on either extreme

of matters the agility

of my mind usually

steps in to set

the course straight

and bring the

tangential stream

back to center point.


Although, if I linger

too long in the comfort

of my mental landscape

that brings its

own downpour

of disequilibrium.


Yes, it is beautiful

this state of affairs

and the rarest and

most refined of thought

is poised and balanced

on the luminescent

polished scales of mind’s

elegantly created


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What is Sacred Space?

The Experience of Sacred Space makes possible the “founding of the world”:

where the sacred Manifests itself in space,

the real unveils itself,

and the world comes into existence

… Mircea Eliade …


What is Sacred Space?

Read and re-read the quote above. Take it into your space of meditation. Analyze, dissect and observe it from all angles, perspectives and meaning. Try to feel the weight and breath of its meaning and allow the words to gently wash over you. Digest it and then simply sit with the feeling of satiety its inner essence provides. And, once you have done these things, redo them, one by one. Therein you will find the wholeness and gnosis of meaning that is contained within the sacred space you have so intensely and with such devotion created around those words.

Learn more at:  Lesson 6: A Year and A DAY on the Wiccan Path

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The Call to Return


The air is becoming crisper with threads of winter’s cold woven through and all around us we see nature preparing for the Winter months that will soon be upon us. Leaves are changing color, the crops of Summer’s bounty are falling to the blades of the harvest and much of the natural world is returning to the earth for renewal and release.

For many, this is also the time of return to classrooms, education, regular work hours and longer nights spent cozy and warm indoors. And, although in the outer world the appearance is that of reaping, internally, there is a new planting and seeding going on simultaneously as we begin another season traditionally given over to learning. 

Personally, I  love this time of the year. In particular, the smells and sounds that abound are ripe with memories of picking out school supplies and a fresh start at learning new things and making the “grade”.  So, as time and weather steadily move us indoors, why not consider making some time to plant some new seeds of thought.  Now is the perfect time to begin the study of something that has held your interest. This new course can be as complex as signing up for an adult education or college class or as simple and self-driven as doing a little research, investing in a book written by an expert in that subject and finding a cozy chair, good reading light and plunge right in. 

We should never stop learning. We should never cease to seek out new knowledge and new experiences. And, we should never underestimate the potential and capabilities we may have inadvertently left unrecognized and unexplored. For it within these paths that we often find just what we need for our own personal growth…

Happy Exploring….

– rfennelly –

excerpted from Pen Notes   Issue 6    Esoteric Thymes

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What sound issues forth

from the place of the



It is neither the

timbre of sweet

angelic choir nor

the shrieks and howls of those

Souls lost in the



Want to read more? Check out Lesson  9 of the online course:

A Year Within the Tree of Life

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