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Disjointed murmurings whisper
in my ears
And fleeting images pass through
and between my grid of gaze

Boundaries are laid and
structure takes hold
As all that will come to the surface
bubbbles up from
seamless water’s edge.

The mind touch flows with
And electricity surges from
point to ground

The murmurs become the rhythm
of cog and wheel
And sight gives way to
mirrored vision blinded
by the reflection of
its Illuminated SELF

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During my lunch break I was sitting in my car after a particularly heavy downpour of rain that morning. There were pools of water all around that had filled the indentation in pavement and lawn. The winds were blowing strongly and as I looked at one of the larger puddles I noticed how the ripples on its recently still surface moved first in one direction- than another- moving in response to the direction and thrust of the wind.

Sometimes the surface seemed to shimmy like the hips of a belly dancer in palpable vibration and then ripples of line and form would fan out like fingers reaching for the edges. But, the most apparent thing of note was how, despite the ever changing movement on the surface- the reflection of what hovered above remained for the most part unchanged. The mirror image blurred at times, but through all the noticeable changes to the water’s surface, the reflected image remained strong and clearly visible in intent.

This set me to thinking about how this pattern and process also plays out in our Path of Spiritual Growth.. How we work to anchor our beings in the foundation of the manifest world and the strength of our beliefs and purpose. We work to carve out the cradle of space upon the landscapes of ourselves that will receive the downpour of the current of the Divine; yearning for that current to become the vehicle for the electrical impulse of transformation. We sit tirelessly in the practice of stillness to make those waters placid pools of reflection of our Higher Self. And, then , silently the breath of the Limitless moves across those waters. Sometimes with the gentle motion giving rise to to shimmering pockets of vibration. Sometimes with pressure and sweep causing waves of rippling current to fan out towards the infinite edges of our being.

And, throughout the continuous pattern of stillness and movement the reflection of our Higher Self remains constant. What shifts is our response to this reflection- how flexible and pliant we become in the place of breath and space and integration of Selves. If we move within the breath of the All without resistance and become one with the source of those stirrings then the return to the place of still waters between becomes effortless, seamless- simply another way of being. Finally, when the winds and the downpour ceases the Sun moves to a place directly above these still waters affirming the transformation that has taken place.Ride the winds of change ~ rest in the belly of the still waters ~ become one with the downpour of Life around you and then stare deeply into the reflection of your own Divinity as it moves into it’s natural place of illumination.

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