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Come walk with me and
share my grand adventure
Our steps will mark the way
for those who wish to follow.

Come sit with me and quench
your thirst with the beauty of
what surrounds us
Life in full glory as we take
our repose.

Come dance with me on
the shores of crystal blue waters.
The sun looking down in
benevolence as we embrace
the warming rays.

Come lay beside me as
time and dreamscape
claim their hold.
The land gives way and
miles of space lay ahead
beckoning new paths
to walk.

Come walk with me and
share my grand adventure
Our Light will mark the way
for those who wish to follow.

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A reminder  to slow down and give some time to reflection at this potent Full Moon…
There is a time when

despite the business that surrounds

everything slows to a

centered serenity.


There is a time when the

faces of the deva and

the light of the fairy

peer back with

crystal clarity.


There is a time when

the constant meanderings

of streams of thought

finally come to the delta

of the vast sea of consciousness.


This time is not marked

by the jubilant rising

of the sun or

the quiet repose of day’s end.


It is not while the

heat and radiance of

solar majesty stands high

or the fullness of moon’s

milky orb fills the

night sky.


This time can not be

measured by the

ticking of pointed hands

or the flow of

sand’s grain as

it drops to the

cavernous belly of constraint.


There is a time that is

both within and outside

of our being

There is a pause of stillness

where singular existence

gives way to the bliss

of merge


There is a time when

all that is required

is to simply sit

to quietly listen

to effortlessly


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Those They Hold Dear: Cancer

By the light of the moon
they move in the thousands
Each intent on its course
Each guided by ancient
instincts and the call of
the Mother to return home…..

To read more: Traveling Through the Stars

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Each holds sway and hand of might
upon the year’s Great Wheel.
In each domain one shall be King
as wax and wane of Light
move within nature’s cyclic plan.

The Oak holds fast
to growing light
And Holly brings shadow near.
The time between held
in equinox Gate and season’s turn
tips finely calibrated scales.

Solstice Kings, though brothers, they
in battle determine solar fate.
The Light holds fast
The Oak marks time
flanked by strength
and sundial’s grace.

The Holly answers with response
a dance of calculated pace.
At sunset’s call, he strikes his final blow
as Oak in silent acquiescence bows
and bends to Summer Light’s repose.

His brother- triumphant Holly King
upon rooster’s call
shall next arise.
The waning of the year begins
with Oak King’s necessary demise.

For what lay sleeping within
the growing splendor of Holly’s
fertile embrace 
is the promise
of Light’s return
at the peak of Winter’s darkened and snowy face.

And, once again the two shall meet
Oak strengthened by slumber’s rest.
The end of darkness near;
the Holly King, his energy spent
shall relinquish crown as
Oak reigns renewed.

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The Divine World  is now available

on a computer near you……

“Those that give us food nourish our mortal body only. Those that entertain and instruct us in things of the world

enchant our lower minds alone. But, those who awaken the eternal spark within us. 

To them love and devotion are ever due”

… excerpted from the Zohar

Check it out at :


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You are the heat of the

blazing sun  and the cool embers

of the blue flame that lay

concealed within.


Potency of magnetic cohesion

and polarity of electrical

discharge are held within

your vessel of mysteries.


I surrender to your down- pour

I tremble as your force expands

I am blinded by the gnosis

within your core

I willingly give my all to

be filled with the heat of

your luminosity.


Your strength supports each

cell of my fragile being.

I remember the mysteries of sacrifice

and my spirit moves within the

molten core of the many streams

your fiery essence reveals.


All hail to the redemption of

man’s feeble will that makes clear the

way as I open to the flaming star of golden

light and lay claim to the kingship

that becomes my mantle of grace.

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