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The Intelligence of the Heart refers to the concept that was explored by scientist and metaphysician, R.A Schwaller DeLubicz during his studies of Egyptian spiritual and alchemical practices. For most, the concept of intelligence is confined to the physiology of the mind and the sensory experiences that involve the intellect. To the Ancient Egyptians, the “heart”, rather than the brain, was the holder of these attributes of intelligence and knowing. According to Schwaller:

“Our rational mind is unable to grasp the central mystery, he argues, because our “sensory organization clearly seems to be imperfect. This condition can only be alleviated through a “perfecting of consciousness”.1.

This concept is deeply reflective of the principles of love and its force of impact on the rational mind. Without this innate intelligence which serves to produce a deeper understanding (realized through expansion and issuance of those qualities of Divine Love) pure reason will never have the necessary glue to provide the illumined thoughts of substance and viability. They will always remain within the world of lofty ideals that never come to full fruition or manifest life.

When we do the work of magick, one of the first steps is that of intent and the process of using the fuel and force of that intent to generate the necessary and appropriate energy to accomplish the work. Intellectualizing that intention helps to form the structure and container that this idea will be held within. Fueling it with the desire, passion and emotional connection to the idea sets into motion the constructs and pathways through which this intent will become manifest. The fuel of desire emanates from the emotional need to fulfill its needs; but at this level of process they are still considered individual and separate components. Each residing in their own compartmentalized part of self and each working with the best interest of its own purpose as central catalyst.

We are continually reminded of the goal to align heart and mind with each feeding and in support of the other. We aspire towards allowing how we feel about a given subject to be in accord with what we think about it when stripped bare of the superficial emotions surrounding. We further hope that our will to action is in accord with mind and heart so that the expression of this action will be the product of the synthesis of these parts of ourself. What we must then do is integrate these two dynamic forces in a way that they seamlessly flow one into the other to the extent that for all intents and purposes they are one in the same and singular in function. I believe this to be the “perfecting of consciousness” that Schwaller describes. What steps must we take in order to open to a deeper knowing (gnosis) contained within the hidden chamber of the heart that holds the space of informed desire and the fires of compassionate action?

If we think of the state of consciousness that is achieved when we open to all compassionate love and understanding we realize that this depth of love cannot appear simply through the actions of emotional outpour. This state is achieved first when we have concrete understanding of what it is we are directing this love towards. We must have thoroughly and completely dissected and examined all of its components before we can truly say that we have compassion for the situation. We must know what the concrete outcome of this expression of loving compassion will produce and most importantly, trust in this outcome despite what appearances may say otherwise. And, this rationalization must occur with the same ease and speed that our bodies respond to the in-drawing of breath as a sustainer of life. All being transparent, yet purposeful and direct in its singular impact and outcome.

In the Ancient Egyptian’s world, all and everything moved in a specific cycle and all and everything were at once connected to the continuum of this perfect flow and in perfect alignment and accord with it. This was bound within the (w) holistic nature and inter-connectedness of the cosmos and all that is contained within that broader perspective. It was from this central place of deeper understanding of the individual’s place in the world that the heart was the holder of great knowledge and understanding. At death, it was the heart that was weighed upon the scales and measured by the feather of Ma’at, and if found to pass the tests of truth, the continuation of the ever flowing cycle that was life merged with that of the underworld and was opened to the deceased. Even in the transition of death and loss of physical form, the deeper knowledge of the mysteries of the Greater Cycle were held, tested and acted upon.

These are some of the actions I have found helpful in trying to connect with this deeper state of knowing:

Giving pause to reaction and instead cultivating a state of emotional response informed by the knowledge at hand.

Making time to sit in meditation and reflect on the stream of thoughts that pour through my mind and then following the threads of these streams back to their emotional source.

Being mindful of moving in accord with heart-centered action and developing an attitude of perfect love and perfect trust that all will be well when we re-think having to intellectualize our way through every action and then invariably have to deal with the negative emotional repercussions.

Offering up the space within my spiritual heart center to be guided by Higher Mind and giving appreciation to its capacity as holder of the deeper gnosis of the greater mysteries.

And, being ever open and receptive to the gifts of the Divine with the intention of always descending first into the center of my spiritually aligned nature and attuning it as an instrument of expression that is always reflective of the greater state of consciousness that is the Intelligence of the Heart.

1. Schwaller de Lubicz, René. Symbol and the Symbolic: Egypt, Science, and the Evolution of Consciousness. Brookline, MA: Autumn Press, 1978.

Next Week: In-spiring Magick

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What aches within you to know the Divine?
What fills your table of spiritual sustenance?
To what ends will you go to sit at the table
Of your Divine Nature?

Does this hunger awaken you at night, calling you to sit
In sacred space and open to the silence of Spirit?
Do you feel sorrow at grains of wisdom spilled out
From bowls upturned in frantic search?
Do the rumblings of your belly and physical need
Distract you from the call to dine at the table of the Most Divine?

I will feed this hunger with words of inspiration.
I will sit with others in wait and accept what offerings
Are given, in gratitude and love.
I will take from my plate and feed those who have not
The will, that they may know the bounty that is theirs.

I will quiet this hunger, but not completely.
For it is within that empty space that I will grow my
Devotion and gather strength to nourish me on this Path of service.

I will feed this hunger so that it may grow, and be sated
By the gnosis of my own table of Divine offerings.

How will you feed your spiritual nature this week? 1.

Over these many years I have spent in pursuit of spiritual nourishment, I have seen many individuals come and go. Some were frustrated that the gathering of their power did not happen in the short few months they had spent in practice of the Craft. Others walked from the Path because the work was too hard and the manifest rewards too few. And, still others turned away from their own growth because they simply were not desirous enough for the wisdom of the teachings. Those who remain steadfast and persistent in their work, learning and teaching have a certain “hunger”, a deep- deep yearning to know more, to be more and to offer up more.

Patience is a keyword here and longevity is the upholder of all endeavors to fill this hunger. These things which are of the greatest transformative nature are often the result a slow, steady chipping away at what has hindered and held back from forward momentum. Although at times these awakenings appear to come spontaneously, if you really look deeply and follow the backwards trail you will see that they are indeed the result of accumulated effort. Increased longevity is both the reward and the upholder and support of what has been worked upon. Longevity, to go the distance in affecting change in all of your affairs and at all levels of being. Longevity is remaining focused on both the process and end result of magickal working. Longevity is showing up for practice and being fully engaged and present in the work at hand and that which is to come.

These are the morsels that fill the belly of the seeker upon the Craft. These are what may be offered up to the Gods and Goddesses in devotion and ritual. And, in those rare moments of insight and connection this is the sustenance that fills you completely and fully and lulls you into the comfort and joy that a full belly produces. You rest in this feeling of having satisfied a longing that reaches deep into the very core of your being. You allow its nourishing energy to renew and enliven you giving the strength to move with deeper and greater intensity of purpose. And, as the fires of digestion and assimilation of the feasted upon truths burn brightly, the desire for more rises once again, slowly and steadily to the surface.

The hunger takes hold once again and the quest begins anew for the life-giving food of the Gods.

Artwork:  “Waiting”  by Caitlin Fennelly

1. Excerpted from A Weekly Reflection. Robin Fennelly. November 2012

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Everywhere I look
Spring is bursting free
Of the chilled cocoon of Winter.

The gentle breeze whispers to me
Asking if I see the spring time
Growth that I hold within.

The seeds were planted and
Harvest was gathered at a
Previous turn of the wheel.

The ground lay fallow through
Cold dark nights and Solstice light
Cleared the cobwebs and quickened
The inner soils.

Brighid’s hand helped to till and
Prime the depths of waiting
Fertile earth within.

Ostara’s footfall placed gently and lovingly
Brought an offering of new seed and promised beauty
Greedily drawn in and held in quickened
Space of purposeful planting.

And, now everywhere I look
Spring’s seeds are bursting forth
New growth, new life, new potential.

And, the gentle breeze calls out to me
Asking if Spring has come
Asking if I have left the darkness
of Winter’s cocoon behind.

I take a deep breath in
And softly answer “yes’
As I breathe out into gossamer wings
That lift in flight as sacred butterfly
Dances on Spring’s gentle breeze.


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New Moon in Aries

Tonight we call to the New Moon in Aries.

We call to the striking of the match in hopes that the larger fire will take blaze.

We stand in the dark, knowing that Maiden Moon is shyly hiding her beauty.

We offer up our heart felt wishes and hope the seeds of new beginnings will take root.

We  move with the free spirit of a child who knows no limit and sees all possibilities.

Tonight we honor the New Moon in Aries.

We add our intent and will to the gentle tides flow.

And, wait with anticipation of its cresting return.

Tonight we gaze deeply into the fire pit of our own making.

Tonight we declare our intent and seek the flame that will ignite.

Tonight is the beginning of  my Full Moon’s fiery will of manifestation.

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Part  Two:  Practical Application of Its Energy

Last week, I gave hint at some of the power that lay within the sphere of Geburah.  Hopefully, you also had time to mull over the poem and allow your own interpretations, images and insights to arise.  As I stated last week:

When we call upon the energy of this sphere we are asking for refinement of transformation and change to occur at the deepest levels of our being. We are trusting that the things that must be purged will produce positive result and we are allowing the organic flow of Geburah’s fiery nature to cleanse and cauterize what has been rendered into new form.

There is a very organic process that occurs when working with the energy of Geburah. It is distinctly the energy of the natural cycle. Quickening, growth, birth, more growth, refining and maturation, contraction and retention and finally the release and decomposition which serve as the food and catalyzing forces to quicken and begin the cycle anew.  This is the cycle of hard choices and at times what appears to be cruelty in deciding what is strong enough to thrive and what must be sacrificed and cut away.   I gave the analogy of a mother’s tough love.  This is the challenge of Geburah’s essence. The challenge of trust and unconditional love of a quality that will follow through with the difficult choice rather than surrender to what is loved most falling prey to its negative actions.

Each of the spheres of the Tree has a vice as well as its virtuous qualities.  For many the above mentioned aspects would be considered vices and negative energies. The real nature of Geburah’s vices is one of cruelty and exertion of power and will where it is neither productive nor applying a destructive nature that will make room for new growth to occur. Geburah’s energies are potent and the dynamic of this potency can turn to abuse and coercion of unjustifiable will that is not tempered and balanced by mercy.

For this reason careful scrutiny should be given to what we wish to cleave from our lives and what is just random and unjustifiable disruption.  Always remind yourself to look at both sides of the outcome of your efforts.  The wound may still be unpalatable that is inflicted, but is the ultimate outcome one of healing and fresh growth or will infection and decay be the byproduct.

Practical Application:

Every time we do a magickal working of release so that something new can be birthed we are using the energy of Geburah.  Cutting away what needs excision; tilling and preparing the internal soil for what seeds of new growth will be planted.

Every time we make a difficult choice in favor of moving towards what will be productive and leaving behind what has burdened or held us in stagnant space we are calling upon Geburah.  We are cutting away what hinders and although the sting of change may painfully be evident, the resultant new space of being we are allowing room for to grow will be soothing and joyful in its dawning.

Every time we offer words of prodding, that may appear harshly true in their delivery, but muster the energy towards positive change in the individual towards whom they are directed, we are acting under the guise of Geburah’s transformative blade.

We can observe the vice of Geburah in reading the atrocities of the world and the stories of those who manipulate and rise to power crowned in the blood of others.

A very simple exercise to align with the energies of Geburah:

  • Sit quietly and make a list of those things you would like to change about a select situation
  • When you have completed this list, take a look at each of the items you noted on it
  • Completely and thoroughly examine each item
  • Begin with those that are easiest to remove from the equation and cross them off your list. Making oath that this is done with the highest good and intent for all
  • Continue in this way until you have narrowed the list down to one or two items that you see as being completely and justifiably in support of the efforts to change the situation
  • On another sheet of paper, write the change(s) you have selected, and sitting quietly and reflectively begin the process of planning what steps you will take to effect this change; what healing will occur from releasing this barrier and the anticipated outcome

You have now become the one who has acknowledged and given careful consideration to all the flaws and strengths of the energies in your current situation; the positive, the neutral and the negative. You have now set into motion the exertion of a higher Will that does not hesitate to release what it must to ensure growth of what it Wills into creation.  You have now used the might of Geburah to stand as the gentle and compassionate surgeon who skillfully wields the scalpel that will heal.

In conclusion:  The study of the Qabalistic Tree of Life is one that looks at the entirety of the energy of the spheres and their connecting paths as a working whole.  You can take each of the components independently to give closer scrutiny, but must always return to the synthesis and totality of their interactions together.  With that thought in mind, the information I have presented on the singular sphere of Geburah merely touches the surface of its deeper meanings within the overarching energy of the complete Tree.  I hope these two articles have served to whet your appetite for deeper exploration of a system that is increasingly becoming a cornerstone for effective and deep magickal working.

For more information:

A Year Within the Tree of Life:

An online monthly study of the Qabalistic Tree within the Western Mystery Tradition offered by Oak and Willow Coven. Includes reading and other resource lists for more in depth study.

The Inner Chamber-Volume Two: Poetry of the Spheres by R. Fennelly

Available through Paypal at: Robin Fennelly Books

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