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The Promise

Move slowly and
speak not a word
And we may catch
a glimpse of HIM yet.

The night is dark
but I have seen the
icy thread of HER cloak.
Crystal blue eyes and
hair black as the midnight sky
grace a face of pale beauty
poised on a body that is tall and lithe.

She has etched the night sky with
fingers long and fair painting starlight and
holding the breath of new dawn
in HER hands’ cupped embrace.
SHE has embraced the world
in the longest of nights.
HER Promise held deep within.

The forest is hushed and white with snow.
Ice crystals glisten round and all of life
patiently holds strong in stillness
and pause with anticipation of
newly born hope and renewal.

We watch and wait in silence.
The cold penetrating and deep
in its reminder that we are vibrant, alive, aware.
It is for us that this night returns as the
Wheel comes to rest in imbalance.
It is our yearning that calls us from our
warmth and comfort to offer up
adoration and honor to the Light that
sustains and answers with flame.

We watch and wait.
The time is almost near
and our hearts beat in excitement,
attuned to the cycles that are eternal.
Stillness hangs heavy .
Softly, softly…

Crimson lips gently part and
SHE breathes an exhale of gentle release
as sun light stretches from its inner sleep.
The fiery fingers of new child’s grasp
reaching out to experience, explore
and warm all within its reach.
The returning Light of the Solstice
cries out anew, its sounds inaudible
to all but those who have silently
waited in the darkness.

The Mother of Winter’s long cold night
has called forth Her Child as the world
awakens to the Promise of HIS return.

Yule is just around the corner and I have decided to continue as a personal Tradition a posting that was offered last year at Yule.  I made a promise at 2012 Yule to allow more space for rest in the coming year and to listen more deeply to those who I hold dear.  The year took off  like a rocket and the space for rest quickly was overtaken by needs, requests and obligations.  I remembered my promise made to myself and although the quantity of time may not have been present the time I was able to carve out, I spent unplugged and nestled into relaxation and comfort’s embrace.

I did try to listen more deeply to the heart’s call of those I love and although I was not as patient as I could have been at times, the difference was in my recognizing the spaces where deeper listening and connection were needed. And, so I listened to my own heart telling me where to soften and be more gentle with my response.

The promise I make to myself this Yule is to allow myself self-forgiveness for those areas that I need work on but am trying to change.  I promise I will be gentler and kinder to myself and in so doing find the space of gentleness and deeper kindness for others.  I promise myself the space of surrender to cry and allow those tears to heal me.  I promise to look towards the light and embrace the wisdom of the dark.

Blessed Yule !

Image: Bankoboev.Russia. Aurora Borealis

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