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Navigating the Neptune Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces-April 12.2022 @ 9:43am (EDT)…Enjoy!

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

9:43am (EDT)

What do you want to manifest? Might seem like an odd question coming from a discussion of the upcoming Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, but…..living a corporeal existence is always about what the individual wishes to manifest-create-bring to themselves. The tools used towards that goal change, but the underlying goal is always the same, whether it appears that way or uses those semantics.

Another question circling this astrological event is what you are willing to take a deep hard look at and decide how it best serves you and how you choose to present yourself in the world. We have all at one time or another been enamored with the glamor of magickal pursuits and the desire to evolve into powerful beings, but what does that really mean and more importantly, is that reality? Our preceptions of who we are determine what choices we make and sometimes the best…

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