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I recently was looking through some older papers I had and came across these daily spiritual exercises that were offered by philosopher, scientist and educator, Rudolph Steiner(1861-1925). His works encompassed a variety of spiritual disciplines and his unique perspective on consciousness and the spiritual Path propelled him to the status of what would today be considered a highly effective motivational speaker.

These daily activities of focus are timeless (despite their dated language) in their use and adaptable to whatever positive spiritual path you may be following. I have added the planetary correlate for each of the specific days to serve as further support to the precept for that day. Those who are versed in astrology and knowledge of the planetary energies will easily see the connections. And, for those who are not this additional component can either be ignored or serve as a tool for researching what those specific energies.

SATURDAY: Right Thinking                                           SATURN *

Be aware of your thoughts. Gradually learn to separate in your thoughts the essential from the nonessential, the eternal from the transitory, and truth from mere opinion. When listening to conversation, try to become inwardly still, renouncing all agreement and, more important, all negative judgments (criticism and rejection). Do this in both thought and feeling.


SUNDAY: Right Judgment                                              SUN *

Decide on even the most insignificant issues only after full, well-founded deliberation and reflection. Abstain from doing anything that has no significant reason. Once we are convinced that a decision is correct, adhere to it with inner steadfastness. This is “right judgment” because it was made independently of attraction or aversion.


MONDAY: Right Word                                                    MOON *

Avoid the usual sort of conversation that involves jumbled, simultaneous cross-talk. Listen thoughtfully to every statement and answer. Consider every approach. Never speak without a reason. Prefer silence. Try not to talk too much or too little. Listen quietly and process what you hear.


TUESDAY: Right Deed                                                     MARS *

Our outer actions should not disturb others. When we are moved inwardly (by conscience) to act, carefully weight how best to employ the occasion for the good of the whole, and the happiness of others and the eternal. When you act from yourself and your own initiative, weigh the consequences of your actions in the most fundamental way.


WEDNESDAY: Right Standpoint                                       MERCURY *

In ordering your life, live in harmony with nature and spirit. Do not get buried in the external knickknacks of life. Avoid all that brings restlessness and haste to your life. Be neither impetuous nor lazy. Consider life as a means of inner work and development and act accordingly.


THURSDAY: Right Striving                                                JUPITER*

Take care not to do anything beyond your power, but don’t leave anything undone that is within your ability. Pose goals that are connected with the highest of human responsibilities. In relation to these exercises, for example, try to develop yourself so that later—if not immediately—you may be better able to help and advise others. Let the preceding exercises become a habit!


FRIDAY: Right Memory                                                       VENUS *

Strive to learn as much as possible from life. Nothing happens that does not give us the opportunity to gather experiences that are useful for life. If you have done something incorrectly or incompletely, it becomes an opportunity to do it correctly or completely later on. When you see others act, observe them with the same end in mind (but not without love). Do nothing without looking at past experiences that may help in your decisions and your actions. If you are attentive, you can learn much from everyone. including small children.

* adapted from: Start Now! A Book of Soul and Spiritual Exercises, by Rudolph Steiner

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“ It All Begins At the Exact Moment You Were Born”



Oak and Willow is pleased to announce the expansion of its Traveling Through the Stars project. As we move through the changing of the sun signs each month we’ll also be learning about the fascinating world of astrology, how to read your natal chart and the tools that are used to reveal the cosmic you. As the individual  Basics of Astrology links become available the stars and astrological glyphs will point the way. A special pathworking will be added to each of the signs as the year progresses through each to open the inner paths to your unique gifts.

Check it out at:

Traveling Through the Stars

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In honor of “World Poetry Day” and the new beginnings of the Spring Equinox:





The sweet song of the birds

calls me from my winter’s sleep

announcing that Spring has arrived.

I stretch and wipe the remnants of sleep

from slowly focusing eyes.



Sunlight streams though spider silk curtains of gauzy

lightness and a soft and gentle breeze

carries the scent of newly awakened earth

I stand from my soft bed of moss and greenery

the earth below my feet moist with fairy kissed dew

a leafy canopy of roof that shelters over head

filters early morning sunlight like shards

of the finest crystalline prism


All of nature surrounds me

The call to Spring heard

in the deep roots that

meander through

loamy earth.


I lift my face upwards

towards sun drenched sky

and breathe in the

essence of newness

Quickened life fills my being

and in harmony with

the eternal cycle

I am clothed

in the fabric


Gaia’s Spring cloak

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As I sit thinking on what to write this week, my thoughts and heart are turned towards the profound loss of life, home and income in wake of the earthquake and tsunami of Japan. The usual ramblings and concerns that I may have written of pale in the reflection of this catastrophe, and the many others that have occurred in recent times. The sorrow of all humanity for its own weighs heavy  as reminder of our interconnectedness.

May Japan and her people be held in the Grace and Light of healing. May aid come swiftly and may the spirits of those whose lives have ended so abruptly be guided to their final rest and go forth shining into the Light of the Limitless All.

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With Spring almost upon us, and increasing demands on House of cardsmy time, organizing my thoughts has become a must do. This pressing need spills over into my meditation practice as well. And, as I become more deeply entrenched in the demands of mundane life I am going for quality not quantity of time spent in reflection, communion and interaction with my spiritual self. To support this state of being I like to identify a few core foci to work with continually, over the months. Usually, each builds upon the other, much like the waxing of the Light half of the Year.

As I looked through copies of readings or exercises that I thought would be excellent tools for meditative practice, I realized that the random books, magazines or web articles seemed cumbersome and something I would not return to frequently. And, more importantly each time I set off for my evening meditation, I did not want to spend most of the allotted time finding what had drawn my attention initially. Eureka! I could use my index cards!

I routinely use blank index cards to record notes to myself, make my to do lists and throw in my purse as reminders for family and personal events. I like the flexibility of this method and most of all appreciate the fact that they easily and lightly fit in a purse, bag or even within the pages of a book I am taking notes on.

Now, to most the connotation of “a house of cards” has always been a negative one, filled with the imagery of a structure easily blown apart, likely to fall and just not durable. However, there is much to be said for Intent and Will as being the mortar that holds the house together.

I write out (or copy, if lengthy) the information that I will use as my focus for the intended focus of multiple meditations. They are kept in a beautifully decorated box and as I prepare to sit for my meditation, I select and reread or refresh my intent with the appropriate card (s). It may seem like extra work or you may be thinking “why anyone would need a card as a reference point?”. The key, for me personally, is the additional engagement that I am offering up to my intention. Taking the time to plan out, write out or read through makes use of the physical senses that contribute towards a synthesized and fully present process. This manner of focus and direction pinpoints precisely where I wish to hold my consciousness as I begin my meditation.

And, the greater outcome is that these simple, yet deeply connecting actions form the structure, framework and foundation that I can use as I open to accommodate and hold the energy of the higher connection with the Divine. This is the House in which I find communion with my Higher Self. This is the House of Cards that will stand strong for eternity.

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