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Looking out at the world
faces fresh from winter’s hold
Bodies move in unison
all hurrying here and there
Each one’s destination more
important than the next.

From high above, the pattern
below shifting shape and form
A sea of tiny dark specks
moving to and fro- designs
like a kaleidoscope fill the
panoramic view and time
stands still as each weave
around and through neighbor’s gate.

Looking up from the great below
towering shapes stretch heavenward
Blade of grass becomes an ancient
tree of time immeasurable
Drop of rain stretches outward
as vast ocean spanning
concrete connecting grassy shore to shore

Sound of hustle and bustle
deafening in a thunderous vibration
Sky becomes a pin point of
destiny’s desire and all
around me the winds of movement
carry me from place to place.

I walk out from the safety of
my view of observation
Out, once again to join
in the pace and hurry of

I reclaim my place within the
breadth and depth of life’s experience.
But now, I have greater understanding
and deeper roots to what surrounds.
I see now all that observes and provides
unseen support as I look out
at the world.

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Traveling Through the Stars:
A Monthly exploration of the zodiac through prose and poetry. Each month as the sun sign changes there will be a new writing inspired by the zodiacal sign. For more readings…..

A Fiercely Beating Heart- Taurus

Strength unmoved as dust swirls
around the stamping of hoof.
Fire rages in the heart and
coils of fevered breath move from
chamber of lung and throat,
weaving between air’s stagnant web.

I am earth, solid and great
in purpose and my strength
is held and guided by a heart that beats
fiercely to the rhythm of love.

I will stand my ground in
defense of the truths I perceive.
And,, if provoked will
charge with intent and
precise aim as I relentlessly
pursue the source of irritation.

Some would see me as impetuous
and easily stoked to irrational rage
And others would say I was immovable,
stagnant and set in my ways.

Both would be true
for my impetuosity comes
from being firmly grounded and
my grounding takes shape from
the flashes of inspiration I explore.

I am patient and I am persistent
as I move through life’s course.
And within my breast beats
a heart that holds the earth’s
wisdom and light deep within.

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You slip between the folds
of time and memory
Soft black velvet enveloping
the soul of Desire.

You stare back with
cold star-lit eyes
twinkling like diamonds
in the black tapestry of night.

You reach and you strain
against a heart that beats
out the refrain of
service and light.

Your cries are that of the banshee
whose shrieking echoes back from
the terrifying wings of the
phoenix reborn.

I greet you in dark caverns
foul breath and stench of decay
death’s first grasp in response
to hunger for
renewed Life.

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