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A Witch's Sacred Journey

At the Heart of the Matter

October 30.2022

The work that you choose today will set the stage for how you will navigate the accumulated thought forms of traditional Samhain (aka. Halloween). I am returning to a staple post that I have used consistently on October 30th and that of standing at Hecate’s crossroads.

The Gnosis of A Courageous Heart

Today’s intention is held in the space of heart and the deep awareness that is available to you as you dive deeply into the nexus of your knowingness. I invite you to stand in the healing waters of these declarations:

I am cradled in the courage of surrender to my highest heart

I am carried on the tides that ebb and flow in truth, illusion and the polarized lessons of each

I willfully engage that which I am most uncomfortable with

I clearly see that which is the resolution of…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Image: Mystic Sisters Oracle by Emily Balivet
Image:Mystic Sisters Oracle by Emily Balivet

Deep in the Bones

October 29.2022

Today is Day 5 of 14-Days of Samhain posting. In keeping with the numerology* of the number “5”, let’s stir things up and create a deeper connection to the wisdom of our bones….

A popular theme for Samhain is that of skeletons. These represent those who have shed their corporeal forms and moved beyond the veils. They are meant to be spooky and mysterious and although of this manifest plane, also somehow animated by the ephemera of the subtle realms. Today, I would invite you to move deeply into your bones and their wisdom as a living being.

Let’s begin our explorations acknowledging the power and strength of our skeletal foundation and the wisdom held in this organic scaffolding:

My bones echo the clarity defined form

My bones uphold the beauty and grace of my manifest…

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14-Days of Samhain-Day Two

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Embracing the Challenges of the Ancestors

Embracing the Challenges of the Ancestors

Let’s continue our discussion of the unique layers of expression that astrological Scorpio offers. Our focus today is on the “Scorpion” and one of its many potential alignments with the communications with our ancestors. We remain in the aura of last night’s Scorpio New Moon and today the moon remains for the entirety of the day in Scorpio’s grasp.

The Triune Nature of Scorpio

Scorpio is unique in that it is the only of the twelve (12) astrological signs that expresses itself in three very distinct ways; the Scorpion, the Eagle and the mythical Phoenix. Many mistakenly think of Scorpio as being a Fire sign, rather than water, largely because of its active and catalytic nature. And, this assignation is not that far off, since all of the elements contain within themselves each of the other three (3)…

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Day 1 Begins of 14-Days of Samhain. Enjoy….

A Witch's Sacred Journey

All days and celebrations of the year are special, but for many Samhain offers the opportunity for deepening connections to the beloved ancestors, to the very overt changes in the seasons of nature and space of awareness for a marking of transition from one year’s cycle of growth. If we offer our intention to our Greater Work within this potent cycle as it flows into the next-death begets life and Spirit calls to Spirit in reciprocity. For some Samhain is considered the start of the Witch’s New Year and a cycle of flow that is ushered in as the culmination of planting, growth and harvest knowing that death heralds the promise of new light at Yule.

Samhain reaches into the darkest parts of our psyche and offers the potential to bring into the light those fiercer aspects that will serve our future growth if we have the courage to claim…

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