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The post this week is an excerpt from my book- A Weekly Reflection. I thought it was an important and timely post for this week. I’ve noticed the crescendo of agitation that many are experiencing and the changes that result as a product of these irritations and disruptions adds a new layer of stress and anxiety.

For me personally these past 15 months have brought so many changes that I can barely name them all. The smaller ones became the foundation from which the larger ones fed and there was many a time that I felt like I was drowning and being pulled down into waters that went so deep that there would never be hope of recovering air. That word “air” was a very subtle key and allowing myself the pause of space to just breathe before encountering the next challenge or making the next decision often brought greater clarity to the decided upon outcome. It was not always an easy outcome, but the control I exerted in “owning” it made all the difference.

And, I suppose one of the most valuable lessons I learned was the very fine balance of knowing how to get out of my way and when to stand strong and firm in what my boundaries were. I believe for most people this is a slow to be learned lesson. We want to feel powerful and in control yet some part of us also just wants to curl up and hide from the inevitabilities of our actions chosen. And, we usually call up the courage of the one when in fact the other is what would produce the better outcome and a change that is lasting and positive in its final product.

My heartfelt wish is that you receive the exact measure of change and respond in the best way to come to a place of strength and beauty in the lessons achieved by seeing the greater opportunity in every change that presents itself. 

WEEK 19: Changes

Most of us resist change. Change is something to be feared. The unknown is disquieting and uncomfortable.

The very word itself brings an overwhelming desire to dig in and hold on firmly to whatever is about to change. The irony is that most times after the change has occurred and time has settled in to bring a new perspective, we feel liberated from the old ways that held us inert. The fact of the matter is that change is continually occurring both within and without our being. The cells of our physical bodies shed, regenerate and change daily; transparently and without pain or discomfort. If they did not, our quality of health and life would be impaired.

Our environment changes daily. We encounter different people in different settings hourly. Even what we consider the routine of our job, changes in the scope and intensity that we bring to the task at hand; as well as what the contents of that task are.

Moving with the flow of these changes that are unnoticed, yet prevalent, is what moves us through one day to the next with minimal (if any) discomfort or fear at what lay in wait around the bend. This attitude also allows us to become active observer of what is close at hand that could be used to stabilize and inform us more fully as we proceed. If we see the obstacle ahead we can then shift ever so slightly and avoid being caught unawares and causing damage. The challenge is bringing this level of acceptance to those obvious “changing” moments.

For this week, take note of how you respond to the subtle changes that occur daily. Formulate a plan to respond in the same way to those unexpected changes. Acknowledge each small step that you take that moves you towards this state of change and the feeling that taking control of your circumstances brings to you. 

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ISBN9781312817623Cover Art: Caitlin Fennelly, MFA

Excerpt: The Passion of Venus: Part One

Heart beats wildly with
Each approaching step
As anticipation of loving union
Creates images of satisfied longing.

Breath comes in shallow flow
As my lover pulls me near and
Skin tingles in response to whispered
Words of love that are heated by desire.

Breath hot and sweet
Comes in rapid wave as
Lover’s hand gently caresses
Arch of porcelain white neck.

Finger gently traces line of
Butterfly wings in the rosy
Hollowed dampness of throat
Moving lightly with desire over
Flushed skin of silky breast.

Sleep in this reverie of passion’s hold….

I am pleased to announce my new book entitled:

Sleeping with the Goddess: Nights of Devotion

Sleeping with the Goddess is a book of nightly devotions to be used in seeking greater insight into the Goddess in all of Her forms. Its content is separated into Four Sections: General Devotionals;the Phases of the Moon; the Seasons and a special section of three Pathworkings for those seeking a longer experience. Each entry is followed by a blank page labeled, Dreamtime Notes, that may be used to record any dreams or visions that may arise after your reading. These journalings will serve as the foundations from which you develop greater rapport with those Goddesses that you most resonate with.

Settle into the comfort of your night time routine and begin your journey of forging an intimate relationship with the Goddess.

Order information will be available on my website and I will be bringing copies of this and my other books to Between the Worlds/Sacred Space Conference in March. Enjoy!

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My post this week is a collection of several articles I have written over the years about Earth. These are a reflection of some of the ways I perceive earth. Enjoy…


The Astrological Signs associated with Earth are:




Earth as an alchemical element is expressed as strength of foundation and stable support:




Earth is expressed as The Sphere of Malkuth

The Kingdom of Malkuth on WitchVox Article



The Goddess – Gaia

Gaia’s Mantle

Starlight and brilliance of
Sun’s solar flare
White and golden red
Woven tapestry of
Jet black Cosmos.

Green and brown
Of fertile land
Blue of sun kissed
Watery basin
Rainbow of color
Spread across
Pattern of cloth
Textured and etched
In crystal and stone.

Blackness of heated striation
Of rock’s core as gentle bud
Pushes upward towards sun’s
Radiant blessing as Gaia sheds
Her skin and dons Spring’s
Celestial mantle of fertility.

Excerpted from my new book: Sleeping With the Goddess: Nightly Devotions

The Goddess: Hestia


Hestia: The Lamp of Hestia

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Strip away the masks
Strip away the illusions
Strip away the isolation
Strip away the desperation.

Strip away the bright joys
And the sorrow filled
Victories of darkened soul.

Break me down in surrender
Strip away the flesh
And render me further
Still to hollow bone.

I will still have
What connects me to
The conscious whole.

I will always have the
Refined and informed self
I have tested and diligently
Trained on the embattled
Fields of community
And interwoven paths.

Despite all that may
Be taken away I will
Always have the sweet
Memory of my humanity.

This week on The Pagan Experience the suggested topic was Humanity, with these questions looming large:
How do you define “humanity”? What is your contribution to the collective space of humanity? How does your spiritual path support this definition and contributions?

For me the word “humanity” means many things. It is the collective species of humans of which I am a part. And, it is the action of expressing those human qualities in a way that is in alignment with all parts of myself. This second definition is the one that I most often get hung up on.  Finding my humanity in my emotional self means being able to understand how my responses form the base from which I interact (or react to) with others.  Finding my humanity in my actions means accepting the consequences for those actions and than relying on informed decision before proceeding. Finding my humanity in my thoughts requires that I am open and aware of the balance between rationale and logic and creative inspiration. Finding my humanity as I manifest, possess, and leave my physical “human” imprint in the world demands that I honor and respect my physical form, world and state of being as the tool I have been in the lifetime. And, looking at the connectivity of these definitions cycles back to the first definition of the collective species of humans.

This is the greater responsibility of exploring the defining properties of your own humanity. Now, for me this, thins brings to mind another thought.  I see this process of definition intimately connected to the simple (yes, I did use that word in association with the next statement) pursuit of defining your life’s purpose. This is where it gets a bit tricky; although if we were able to continually be in alignment with our higher selves- ALL if this would be a moot point. I like to think of the seeking and self-inquiry that I engage in in revealing my intention ( life’s purpose) in this lifetime is one of contributing to humanity by virtue of my place within it. The more I learn of myself, the more I can identify and resonate with in others. Everyday that I acknowledge my physical self and the gifts of being able to express myself through all of my elements and parts is a deposit into the bank of humanity.

And, to the last question about how my spiritual path supports this. Because I have chosen a path that seeks community and common experience and does its work, even as a solitary practitioner, with the intention and realization that we are interconnected to all life, humanity by default is part of the work of that path. We seek to individualized and yet to also remain cognizant of our place in the collective whole. Our strivings are those of living our spiritual truths 24/7-365 days a year, making those achievements gained the pearls of wisdom that reveal the true nature of our spiritual self.

Humanity flexes its muscles and stretches reaching towards the limits with each act of kindness. And, although many would not agree, I think humanity learns the boundaries of overstep and force in each act of injustice. As humans this is how we learn and grow and although unpleasant in some instances, many times these actions that show humanity at its less than desirable, gives rise to something productive  and uplifting from the depths of adversity.

So, I will hold myself accountable each day for how I chose to express my humanity and offer up gratitude for the experience of being human.

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