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Yesterday, I had the privilege of helping in a very small way to prepare for the Soft Opening of the New Alexandrian Library. I left early in the morning to avoid Delaware shore traffic and arrived ready to shelve books and do whatever else was needed. Walking into the building produced a wave of excitement and pride at what had been accomplished and what potential was held in its vision.

Bookcases filled the space and books, many of which are now out of print, that were lovingly donated to the library spread from row to row. There is something about the smell of books that have been treasured by their readers and evoke late night studies and a hunger for deeper knowledge. You could almost feel the crowded presence of authors penning there thoughts as practice and path flowed from the time spent with teacher and mentor. Years upon years of accumulated wisdom layered between titled covers that gave only the briefest hint of what lay between. This is the stuff of inspiration; palpable and indescribable in its broader effects.

As I stood in the entryway of the NAL I was reminded of the intention set from the first pouring of the foundation on July 23, 2012 to the completion of the building in December 2014. This was the manifest result of inspired dedication and commitment to something larger than the individuals involved guiding the course.

Inspiration comes in all forms. It is most often overlooked as we move through our busy lives. Each moment is one filled with potential, choice and the ability to allow its energy to inspire us to action, response and a new perspective. The obvious places we look are those of the creative arts. We think of the Muses as a source of inspiration stirring our emotions and fueling our desire to create.

Everything that we know, have and pursue is a product of inspiration. And, if you think in these terms then the idea that everything is connected and interconnected becomes easier to fully comprehend. Inspiration produces a chain effect that links inspiration to inspiration, action-to-action, creation-to-creation; on and on endlessly.

Although the focus of this writing has been on the New Alexandrian Library, I will carry the intention to be more present and aware of all that continues to inspire me in every setting. It may be the barista, who patiently takes the demanding order at the coffee shop who inspires me to have that same patience in my interactions with a work colleague. It may be a teacher whose passion for their subject has made its teachings less tedious who inspires me to change my approach as a teacher. It may be the stranger who helps me to collect my belongings after dropping them instead of walking blindly past. The gift of acknowledging these subtle inspirations is one of an opening to gratitude and from its place of awareness you become the source of inspiration for all around you.

These are just a few of my inspirations…

I am inspired by a vision that can become a reality.

I am inspired by the collaborative efforts of community that provide a legacy that will serve future generations in their seeking.

I am inspired by the courage needed to achieve what others may say is not achievable.

I am inspired by the sacrifice and willingness to serve to preserve the foundations of the past that will become the buildings of the future.

For more information about the New Alexandrian Library:

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This week’s writing prompt on The Pagan Experience was a call to share a favorite invocation or devotional to Deity. I have chosen the poem below. This was written many years ago as I worked to know more deeply the nature of the Goddess as one who remained always beside me, sharing and guiding my mundane life’s experiences. I envisioned Her as a dear and treasured friend who knew me as no other and with whom I could simply “be”.

And, because of this intimate connection and bond forged, I am ever mindful that She stands with me as support, ally and trusted friend.

Come walk with me and
Share my grand adventure
Our steps will mark the way
For those who wish to follow.

Come sit with me and quench
Your thirst with the beauty of
What surrounds us.

Come dance with me on the
Shores of crystal blue waters
The sun looking down in
Benevolence as we embrace
Beneath the warming rays.

Come lay beside me as
Time and dreamscape
Claim their hold.

Come sleep with me and
Let Divine ecstasy unfold
Dreams in the knowledge of me.

Come hold me and tell
Me of your dreams that
Stretched long into the night.

Come walk with me as we
Talk of what was revealed.

The land gives way and
Miles of space lay ahead
Beckoning new turns with
Each new dreamtime path.

Come explore with me the
Truth of your journey and
The gift of mystery in this life.

Come walk with me and
Share my grand adventure
Our Light will mark the way
For those who wish to follow.

Excerpted from: Sleeping with the Goddess-Nights of Devotion(R.Fennelly.2015)

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I selected Time as the topic for this week’s post on The Pagan Experience as a way to explore what this word that carries so much weight for us as humans really means. It is interesting how, not only the meaning of the word changes, but also the weight of it changes as we grow older.

Time Is (NOT) on our Side

As children, the concept of time means very little. We wake in the morning sure that everything we hope to accomplish in a given day will be achieved. We eat, play and socialize as though time has no control over how those precious minutes and hours are spent. We fall into bed exhausted from the day’s activities and sleep deeply through the night, never mindful that we have grown one day older and the brevity of our life in this form has been shortened by this singular day.

As we become young adults, time is doled out in how much can we cram into a singular day that is not work or otherwise required activity. We burn the proverbial candle at both ends, extending the weekend play into a continued stream of friends, entertainment and hanging out.

The adult years stretch into a never ending stream of work, family and other obligations that, now as responsible and productive adults we fill our time with. Time is creeping up on us and there is never enough in the coffers after all has been spent in meeting the demands of society’s clock.

Now the focus becomes, “how much time is left?”. How long will I live and during that time and will there be adequate time for me to relax and enjoy a retired lifestyle? These and more deftly riddled questions of time fill our minds as we send even more of our time worrying and planning for a future where time momentarily remains still.

And, finally, the blessed days of retirement are upon us. No longer held in the time piece that has driven much of our lives up to this point.We wake in the morning sure that everything we hope to accomplish in a given day will be achieved.  We eat, play and socialize as though time has no control over how those precious minutes and hours are spent. We fall into bed earlier each evening exhausted from the day’s activities and sleep briefly through the night, ever mindful that we have grown one day older and the brevity of our life in this form has been shortened by this singular day.  

Time Is on our Side-A Slightly Different Perspective

Now here is a spiritual reconciliation to what I wrote above. We are held to the mandates of linear time; the construction of the perceived ending and beginning of all facets of our lives that serves as the master clock maker of our live’s experience.  We know this to be true and feel its edict at point if we choose to remain in the collective setting.

Those few who live off the grid, self- sustaining in their lifestyles and held accountable only to themselves for their continued existence abide by the clock of nature. Their work is that of providing food during the seasons and times when food is most abundant. They build, shore-up for the Winter and plan for the Summer all in accord with a time maker that is celestial and cyclical in its ticking.

Now, let’s take this though a bit deeper.  Time exists simultaneously in overlapping waves of past, present and future. In the time that it takes you to read this sentence, the past is already gone (those first few words); the present is occurring in accord with where (the word) you currently are in the sentence and the future is the predicted response that occurs as opinion/reaction to  is formed with each word read along the path of the sentence itself.  Just breathe…. and re-read what I said again, because this may be a lot to wrap your head around. 

If we hold this thought/intention in mind as we move through our daily activities, there is actually a sense of freedom that becomes to occur and the spaciousness of sensing time as a longer stream of occurrence gives us the feeling of having more time available. Whether this by product of seemingly more time is the imaginings induced because we have finally relaxed into the constraints of time or is an in-measurable valid occurrence is really of no import.

The real gift is that of being able to move in accord with linear time and the societal demands it imposes while remaining centered in the timelessness of knowing that time flows in rhythmical course that allows for stops along the way to regroup and rethink the direction that you are allowing yourself to be moved in. Just breathe into the spaciousness of time and you will understand that time is neither ally nor foe, it simply “is”, and our relationship with it leads to a life of feeling under pressure or one of savoring every moment as the soon to be past that informs my present so that I may step courageously into my future.

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Last year I submitted my first flash fiction piece to Kind of A Hurricane Press for their anthology, Petals in the Pan.  I am happy to announce that the anthology is now available online.

My story is entitled- Butterfly Wings and can be found here..

Petals in the Pan


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Flames rise higher
As desire pours
From lover’s intent.

Flames glow in the darkness
Lighting the path to
Be followed in blissful
Surrender to Lover’s touch.

Flames rise and fall and
Two merge seeming inseparable
As flesh moves against
Flesh in abandon and trust.

Flames consume the desire
That is fed and burn hotter
In passion’s final outpour.

Flames move now as one
Singular fusion of life
Burning strong and full
Sated from breath that
Expands and contracts
As longing is fulfilled.

The Flame scatters as seeds
Of quickened potential
Fill the ripened womb of
Creation’s sacred vessel.

The time will be soon
And the first cries of
New Life will pierce
The silence as the
Flames of creation
Rise in acknowledgement
Of their completed work.

Fire destroys all in its wake, but from that destruction comes new form. We speak of Fire as one of the four alchemical elements, but do not always recognize it as the great catalyst that becomes the brilliant thought of mind, the passion of the heart and the exertion of the physical form towards its intended goal. Fire is will and guided by desire it becomes the fuel that burns through what would otherwise serve as challenge and hold us inert. Fire is action and active outpouring of what will clear away the debris and make ready new ground for tilling and seeding. Fire is all these and more. And, with that intention the post this week focuses on the creative Fires that are in abundance; most especially at the time of Beltane.

These are the Fires that are generated from the union of male and female. The potential for new life is held within the very core of these Fires. In celebration, we gather in the fertile space of circle greenery anchored well with phallic maypole standing tall. We dance around the potent fires of Beltane celebrating the sacred union of God and Goddess, youth and maiden and the polarity of seed and womb offered by male and female. The air is fragrant with the promise of summer’s musky scent and shoots of fresh grass elongate delicately upwards, stretching towards Father Sun and longer days to bask in His brilliance. We can see the lengthening of the days and feel the gentle caress of warm sun-kissed air on skin that has just recently shed its winter clothing. In the continuous cycle, darkness gives way to light and so also the sparse flora of the fields gives way to the thick verdant splendor of late-Spring growth.

The potency of sexual union and the energy that is the by-product of the sexual act is one of the most potent and its heady scent seductively calls to all to join in the dance. If guided and directed towards enlivening and magickal working its raw force has the power to manifest form. In alchemical and Tantric practice, using this energy as a means of self-enlivening and energetic renewal and healing is the goal. It is this energy that is celebrated and called into action as we wait in anticipation of the Beltane’s lovers sacred union. The heat of passionate longing and the desire to join as one ensures the continuance of life’s pleasure and humanity’s legacy. It pulses with a lusty rhythm that mesmerizes and magnetically draws to itself the object of its seeking. And, life continues in the throes of human passion and Divine synthesis.

This is the time of spiritual union. When the potency of the energies and the fires of devotion are most fertile and ready to be held in loving embrace in hopes of creating connection and bond that will move us forward on our spiritual paths. We stimulate the fires of our own will and exhale into the heat of our yearning. At this turn of the Wheel, I would like to propose a deeper union; a quickening of your own solar union.

A Meditation of Quickening Light

Choose a space where you will not be disturbed. Relax into a comfortable chair or other space. Establish an even and steady flow of breath, allowing your focus of awareness to gently settle into the space just at the level of your legs and thighs (Root Chakra) . Breathe into this space and open your senses to the experience of your legs resting on the surface below you and the feel of leg and thigh pressing into the chair or floor. Gently tense the muscles in your lower limbs and make note of the strength and feel of flesh, bone, tendon and muscle.

Move your awareness up to the space of your pelvic bowl (Sacral Chakra) . This is the creative vessel that holds the seed or egg of potential for life. This is the space of release and container of womb of receipt. Breathe into the spaciousness of this part of your body. Feel the warmth and sensation of awakening as you allow the energy of breath to flow through this creative gateway. Move this area of your body rocking gently side to side envisioning the flow of creative potency and vitality. Breathe into this movement as the bowl of your creative desire fills with life force.

Draw this energy up into the space of your center core (Solar Plexus) . Focus your awareness on the filling of this core with the flowing life force of your creative potential and the anchoring of the physical support of leg and thigh. Breathe into this space allowing the energies to co-mingle, feeling the warmth of the inner sun as it generates it life-sustaining power to what you have called forth. Breathe deeply and fully into the experience of enlivening this central space within. These are the spaces of physicality that flow into heart, lung, arm and head. These are the anchors that hold your physical form connected to the earth and the instinctual urges towards procreation and survival. Envision light filling your lower body and mid-section. This light glows brightly, expanding with each breath and radiating throughout all of your body. You feel the heat of the sun and the flow of creative energy moving strongly and purposefully. Allow these energies to move as they will for as long as you wish.

When you have received all that is needed, envision all of the energy that has run through you coming into the core center of your solar plexus. See and feel it all moving deep into the center of this inner sun creating the space of renewal and stimulation for everything that you wish to bring to manifestation. Inhale deeply taking from the waves of energy flowing into this center. Offer thanks for this experience of quickening and the uniting of all that makes you fully human.

Allow your awareness to return to focus on your breath, the rise and fall of your chest and the physicality of your being in the space you are at present. Each breath brings this awareness into sharper focus and attention. And, when you are ready gently flutter your eyes open and be present in the here and now.

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