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Spiritual Value

Yesterday I spent the day sharing, teaching and being in the company of some very special people. Each year at this time our Tradition, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel offers an annual event – Spring Magick.

I have participated in this event for the many years that I have also been part of the ASW Tradition and each year there are new faces blending with those known who want to know and to be more. We are reminded of our importance in this earthly realm and that we are not only a part of this beautiful realm but our value within it is priceless.

My posting this week is one that I wrote in November of last year and seemed most appropriate for this bonus week.  Enjoy!…

Underestimating Your Spiritual Value

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What is it that you most desire? What type of motivation do you need to move towards that desire? Is this desire fueled by the subconscious thoughts of what joys it will return to you? Or can you remain fully present in consciousness and awareness of both the negatives and the positives of achieving what you WILL to be so?

That part of our being that we name as the “will” can be a slippery slope to climb and defining will as it aligns with our varied states of consciousness is even trickier and less palpable to discern. We know of the will (small “w’) that fuels our actions and is at times not mindful of the effects of its cause upon whatever it exerts itself upon. We know also of the aspiration of those choosing the spiritual path to cultivate and Divinely inform the larger Will (capital “W’) so that their actions may be in accord with their higher purpose and for the good of all concerned. In and of itself, will is a catalytic and highly combustible energy filled with the potential for the lighting of a controlled blaze or the wanton destruction of a raging blaze spreading uncontrollably like wildfire. And, most often will’s bedfellow is the seductive emotion of desire; the raw and primal wanting we have for a specific and self-created outcome. Desire on its own is the basis upon which creation initiates and calls to itself what is the resultant outcome and is neutral in its pure form and reacting in positive or negative manner depending upon what the goal of the desire may be.

Desire is always part of the magickal equation for bringing into manifestation what we wish to be. And, it is the raw measure of desire that urges forward (or backward) the actions that are needed to move the energy of that desire. Your will or WILL is what steps in and helps to guide the course of what the resultant product is. If fueled by greed, lust or negativity the outcome and the actions taken are not often in accord with what is of the highest good.

If, however, the Higher Will is called into action greed becomes the ability to attract to oneself what is appropriately needed; lust becomes all compassionate love and understanding. And, the balance of negative and positive flow is stabilized within the interface of neutrality so that each may work in harmony with the other in a polarized and productive way.

If we use another analogy; that of the Kundalini awakening or Serpent of Fire, we find that the same interaction of will and desire is needed. Desire awakens the serpent of wisdom who lays coiled at the base of the earthly and primal state. We breathe deeply and call forth our will to merge with this energy. Breath and action fuel and catalyze this energy and stir it into heightened awareness as the dance of enlivened life begins. As the serpent moves along its path of return the One becomes two; separating in individualized awareness of the need for polarity and the deeper gnosis of the duality of our singular state of being. Each moves along its intended course, seducing and drawing the other into its embrace at points of quickening and awakening. The pace quickens and the two return as One in the release of catalytic seed and waters of quickening. The fires of transformed Will reach up towards the Higher Self and the Serpent bites deeply into primed matter releasing the transformative elixirs of deep knowing and spiritual union with the Divine in all of its forms. It is through this conscious effort and application of will to action that dialogue is established and the flames of unified consciousness are quickened.

Our consciousness receives, filters and disburses whatever experience may pass through it. Our normal waking state of consciousness processes the stimuli received as we move through our daily activities and stores away select experiences within the subconscious. The sub-conscious self comes to the foreground in the dream or meditative state, replaying those things held in the memory of its vastness. Eventually we react at a conscious level to those things that lay hidden within our subconscious. Albeit, this reaction is often instinctual and can remain unnoticed indefinitely, there is nonetheless, the feeding of whatever our conscious action may be by what is hidden in the deep still waters of the subconscious that flows beneath.

Shadow work and self analysis address the impact of the sub-conscious and set as their goal the bringing to the surface of conscious awareness those parts of our being that shun the full brightness of the light and resolving or forming alliance with them. We breathe deeply into these waters as the fires of intent and will stir them into action. Air feeds the flame that consumes what lay hidden until the process of transformation is acted upon and the essence of something new may arise carried and uplifted on the breath of Air that once again feeds the flame. If we replace some of these words with their resonance to our spiritual nature, it would read something like this:

Mind fuels and enlivens the will to action which provides the necessary release of those shadow and/or subconscious parts of our being so they may be broken down, reformed and synthesized becoming the Phoenix of Higher Will that aspires towards Higher Mind which is now the informed catalyst (or fuel) that feeds the Higher Will to action.

At the other spectrum lay the super or higher state of consciousness. This level of consciousness is in continual communication with the Divine spark, Deity and our Higher Nature. The Higher or illumined Will resides in this space of awareness and is informed and aligned with outcome that is for the good of all. This Will is informed by Higher Mind and enlivened with compassion fueled by the desire for at-oneness with all things. This informed state of being is crafted from alignment with the subconscious and shadow state and drawn up to the place of integration within the manifest and conscious self which allows an opening to and communion with the Higher and super-conscious Divine Self.

When we make choice to be fully engaged at a conscious level with the actions we take and allow our desires to be in accord with divinely inspired will we create the space of synthesis where our subconscious and super-conscious can interact one upon the other. Breathing into this space and expanding the electrified spark that occurs from this co-mingling allows us to walk a path that is more intent-filled and grounded in the foundation of being fully present as the fires of will take hold. And it is this intention that enables us to will-fully act in a catalytic way that that sends this potent fire upward in offering to our Higher Will and Higher Consciousness.

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This post is an interesting follow-up to the previous.  I was advised of the updated number of attendees for the Between the Worlds/Sacred Space Conferences and that figure was 410! And, because I love the synchronicity of numerology with magick the realization was one that also reflected the premise of As Above- So Below. Let me explain-

410 reduces to the number 5 ( 4+1+0).  Five is the great change that occurs as the foundations of a squared and fully supported four – literally think square and equilateral side – receives just enough irritation to prod it towards expansion, cracking through one of those four sides of boundary. Five is the searchplace of arrival where creation and focused direction making use of that foundational structure of four may be applied. This is the pentagon- five sides -two collaboratively and co-creatively coming to the rising point of synthesized and directed flow.


Five is the perfect point for change, transformation and the forming of newly crated boundaries and structures that will support further expansion. Now, apply these ideas to a conference of people- the number in attendance a reflection of that expansive and creative nature that is likewise reflective above as Spiritual action pours down on participants ripe and ready for change and growth.

The other number I was given was that of participants in the Main Ritual – 350. Another reduction and we arrive at 8 (3+5). Eight is the number of the lemniscate, the symbol of eternal flow and time merging in a liminal space. The intent of the ritual was one of renewal of the Self at all levels of existence and the carrying of this awareness and Divinity into the world and all of our interactions. If we think of these intentions and the energy of eight and its ability to draw awareness of our place in the timeline that is the cosmos, this was a very powerful energy to support the work.


Additionally, 3 is the number of harmonious balance and its creation from the collaborative efforts of the 2. 5 is change and disruption of the status quo and what holds us inert without its expansive pulse. Remember, I said the 8 is derived from the addition of the 3+5 or harmonious creation that will transform, move and change.


And,for a final numerologic “a-ha” moment- the zero that stands at the ending or conclusion of both of these numbers is the limitless zero, that is the Divine in whose space we rest as we integrate ourselves and the great I AM.


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As above
So below
The snow falls
Silently and

Icy gems of water
Each unique in their
Pattern and design.

Sky opens and cold
Takes shape and form
As the breath of the winds
And all of nature shakes
A frosty hand commanding
Our attention.

For this brief space
Of time all slows
In its usual frantic
Pace and looks
Outward marveling
At the beauty.

Ground of manifest earth
Is garbed in sky’s mystery
And silence falls heavy
And full in its profound

As above
So below
I await the
Outpouring of
Each unique gem
Of space and time
Held in the cold.

I open to the
Profound stillness
And find myself garbed
In the product of
Heaven’s downpour
Each word heard
Each face met
Each teaching found
Unique in its beauty.

I had the opportunity to spend four wonderful days at The Between the Worlds/Sacred Space joint conferences this past week just outside of Baltimore, MD. And, despite the snow and challenging driving conditions we had a full conference of 410 people, all eager to learn, share and grow. And, in thinking about this prompt, I’ve decided to take a decidedly different perspective about what that statement means to me in this present time and space.

As above, so below! These words are filled with potential and that potential is limitless and pervasive when we allow ourselves the freedom to make application of its meaning to everything we encounter mundanely and magickally. Just as the ground accepts the carpeting of its expanse in the blanket of a snowfall, we as manifest beings await the wearing of a new mantle. Remember how as a child you wished for a significant snowfall because that meant a day off from school, sledding, hot chocolate and more. A time to be free and experience the natural world with enthusiasm and joy!

As we get older and inclement weather means challenging travel and potential hardship, we look up to skies and the creamy veil of whiteness just before the first flakes fall is not always a welcome sight. But, regardless of a feeling of dread or excitement, there is a transition of stillness that can be felt by all just at the moment the first uniquely formed snow flake falls. There is an inward breath that becomes the exhaling of all we anticipated for that day’s experience, now changed because nature created in response to moisture and cold.

IMG_0388I looked out from my hotel window and the main road just outside that had just a few hours earlier been a reflection of the gathering momentum that would carry passenger and snowflake towards its destination had stilled in the realms of the below as the above opened pouring down its bounty. This quiet filled the space of the hotel even as traveller’s made their entry coming in softly and in snowy clusters.


And, as the first words of the opening ritual called forth the Divine to bless the space and the work to be done, the snow had stopped and the silence of a newly colored space outside pulled the energy into itself sending it up towards sky. As the days progressed and the pace of the outside world gathered steam again with cleared roads sunny sky, the pace of the conference also gathered its energy as the reflection of our own light shone brightly in each face, glistening like the the icy prisms of bushy branch.


By the time the conference ended on Sunday afternoon, what had been brittle and cold was already softening and melting under the heat of clear intention-filled sun light. Much like those who for this space of time entered in silence and mass; each unique in their path and intent. The hard edges that had accompanied at the start and the icy cold that became outer shell of what was warm and vibrant within had yielded to the light of transformation and empowerment. Each person now a blazing sun that was reflection of the changing outer world and its return to Spring’s quickening.


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I am greedy
I am hungry
And I will consume
Everything in sight.

Words flow from page to page
And I am still not satisfied
My hunger still is not fed.

Words fly off the pages
As I breathe in deeply
Eye sending awareness to
A brain that files and
Categorizes every morsel.

Take a break
Let it digest
Allow the nutrients to
Reshape and reform
A Soul that is greedy
And will consume every
Bit of teaching in sight.

Knowledge is the library of books and teachings. These are the halls that overflow with mentors and teachers and information that has yet to be revealed and claimed for one’s own education. Knowledge temporarily quiets the continued cravings that prod us “to know”. Knowledge creates the pathways that provide choice in their taking towards synthesis of what has been acquired and learned. Knowledge is the practice of discernment and with the mastery of discernment comes the wisdom to know when experience is the master teacher.


Step softly into my arms
Feel the feathery brush of my kiss
For you are my Beloved
And I tremble within your embrace

Our hearts beat strongly as one
Our bodies no longer defined
And I rest in the sweet breath of your exhale
And gaze back into your loving face.

Our union, in rapture complete
Soul’s yearning finally at peace
The Illuminated One, my beloved
Mirror of SELF~ Divinity released.

Wisdom makes use of what knowledge has been acquired. Wisdom experiences the practice of knowing and in that practice formulates its own knowledge that has been refined and honed into the likeness of your own making and Soul’s needs. Wisdom stands at the ready to make application of all that has ever entered into the realms of mind and transforms it into the fuel of heart’s desire. Heart seeks the return of itself to the the Source of its beauty and receptivity. Heart opens itself to Wisdom’s call to understanding and in the silence of that greater understanding of Soul’s true purpose, Gnosis descends.


Quiet for the moment
Flow withdrawn and solitude submissive
Expression released and the muse
Settle near waiting to reach out
Towards the core.

Breath- and halt-
Breath and completion
Serenity fills the echo
And mastery wields the sword.

Discontent rides these merciless waves
Impatience rears its ugly head and
Gazes down in disdain
Only the light in your eyes
Promises of mysteries sought in vain.

I sink into the depths of that
Gaze and darkness feeds my hungry Soul
We are complete
We are one in the same
And it is within the depths of your being
That I find my place of knowing.

Gnosis IS awareness of the I Am. Gnosis is silence that is filled with the profound echoes of all that was, is and shall be. Gnosis is the awakening of creation and the exhale of breath that gives birth to the awakening of the collective consciousness. Soul is infused by the yearning for gnosis as the memory of its origins catalyzes spiritual growth.

Gnosis is the welcoming embrace of Spirit as Soul returns at life’s end enlivened by knowledge greedily consumed that has nourished a body of wisdom that glows in the wholeness of all the parts of itself.

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