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As the snow falls, a story to warm you spirit….

The Butterfly’s Kiss


The birds woke me early this morning! Their insistent chirping sounded like a chorus of excited children calling me to come out and play. I stretched and sat up looking out through my small window; its glass reflected with morning’s first light. I could see the small wooden gate of the garden I had planted earlier in the Spring. This was my refuge. I had spent months poring over seed catalogues and I had lovingly selected each flower that would grace its landscape. The design had come easily and the natural placement of tall trees offered just the correct amount of shade and light.

I dressed quickly in my favorite tank top and shorts. The light was streaming in through the window of the front door and caught me in a shaft of its golden light as I stepped out onto the grassy lawn. I was eager to see what new blossom might have emerged as I slept dreaming in my bed and ran down the little hill that led to the entrance to my green world. I pushed the gate open and stepped onto the path I had laid of round stones surrounded by thyme. I stood perfectly still taking in the fragrant aroma of flowering trees and a tapestry of assorted flowers that lined the path. I feel safe in this small space of my own. The trees and flowers are like old friends who welcome me as I come to visit and spend time in their green home. And, I never tire of the new stories that unfold with each visit.

I breathed in deeply and walk deeper into the maze of this green and beautiful world. I begin to hum a little tune in rhythm as my feet make a gentle tapping sound on the stony path. This is my own composition inspired by what I have helped to create. The sun is warm and strong and this is the grand spotlight as I continue my song of voice and foot on stone. The sounds of birds and insects join in and the rustling of the leaves create the chorus for my beautiful garden melody. When I am in this space, time seems to stand still and nothing else matters except the warm sun on my face and the life that is all around me.

I’ve finally arrived at my favorite and most magical space in the entire garden. I call this my dreaming place. This is where I come to sit and dream; to create and to be just myself. It had not always been such a special place. In fact, it was the one area that was the most densely covered with weeds and bramble. It took forever to clear and I was sore for days after. It was well worth the effort, and I remember the excitement and joy I felt when I first saw the chair in the window of the thrift store. It was crafted of wood and had rounded graceful corners that wrapped comfortably around torso and limbs.

I sit down and relax into the support of the chair and close my eyes, feeling the warm sun on my face and body and am glad to be alive on such a beautiful morning. I take a few deep breaths and suddenly feel the gentle brush of wings against my cheek and open my eyes just in time to see a beautiful blue butterfly right in front of me. It hovers over the tips of several of the flowers, stopping here and there and fanning wings open and closed. I follow the pattern of this beautiful creature as it moves from flower to flower and finally comes to rest directly beside me on a tall coneflower. I remain perfectly still, not wanting to disturb it and it goes about its work of busily gathering what it needs.

I remember how long I waited for some of these flowers to reach full bloom and waited even longer still for the birds and butterflies to find their way to this space. I realize how much I love my garden and the joy from that feeling is indescribable. I lean back, settling deeper into the comfort of my chair and close my eyes. The image of the butterfly fills my mind’s eye and I feel myself lifted on gossamer blue wings as a new adventure begins and the vision of this garden warms the bitter chill of the long dark Alaskan winter’s night.

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I am pleased to announce that two of my writings are part of this anthology newly released. More information and contents can be found using the link below.

sog-cover 2




Seasons of Grace

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Mosaic:Nikki Ella Whitlock

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016!

2015 was filled with change. Some welcome, other necessary and other still completely out of the individual’s control. It was a difficult year for many and the word saw glimpses of humanity at its worst. This increased anxiety caused many to retreat and remove themselves from the company of community, seeking solace in the theories of peace, joy, health and prosperity. For some, the experience of real life was too painful and hard as we tried it was not always easy to see the world as a safe place to allow ourselves to be fully open to the lessons to be experienced and growth to be gained.

Now, we welcome a New Year and new opportunities to explore and a “clean slate”. Each year has a numerologic energy associated with it. 2016 (2+1+6) resonates to the number Nine (9) and with that resonance the promise is one of endings and new beginnings. More importantly, it is one of crossing thresholds and the potential to step more fully into a newly catalyzed “you”. The number nine holds the potential of initiatory experience. The key word here being, experience. And, experience is my intended focus for this brand new year!

As a Witch, High Priestess and walker on a path of service within my community and beyond, I have studied and read and filled my mind with everything I could get my hands on to pass this information on to my students and community. Theory has been the Deity I worshipped and practical experience evolved slowly, and at times painfully, as I realized the need to leave the Hermit’s ways of theoretical hoarding. There have been some years when I could not pick up another book for months at a time; so sated was my storehouse of mind and information. The irony is that it was during those times that my most palpable and transformative experiences had the time and space to reveal themselves. What I had desired and sought so fervently in teachings, was surrounding me all the while!

For me personally, 2015 slowed many of my mental acrobatics and theoretical expressions as I was called to the action of practical workings and experiences that would bring about the successful birthing of a new Coven. Readings and writings that were in support of the blogs and projects that had begun in 2014 took a back seat to organizing, stretching and reaching out with more of myself in its entirety to attract membership. And, unequivocally, what everyone wanted was to experience the magick I so fervently spoke of for themselves as a palpable thing. This is after all, exactly what attracted me to the Path in the beginning. The feeling evoked in the midst of ritual. The thoughts that rose to the surface as I watched fascinated by the grace and ease of magick flowing from the practitioner. The high that stirred me to action to try the same magick and experience my own result.

Two passes of my second Saturn return helped me maintain the space of structure in a timely fashion and provided the opportunities to engage more in community, ritual and the very physical experiences I so passionately teach, but don’t give enough of my own time to. Had I not slowed the stream of theory, the course would have been fraught with my own mental roadblocks and the distraction of a head buried in a book would have shut down the receptivity of acquiring the wisdom of experience in a different way.

In this year of the Nine of new beginnings I am taking the advice of a very dear friend and making it one of experience. My classes will be infused with practice experience and palpable gifts that can be applied readily and freely. I’ll be posting more audio of pathworkings, meditations and ritual for those who want more than simply rhetoric. For our coven this is a planned year of physical and manifest experience that includes engagement with the natural world, and more importantly engagement with each other.

How will you make 2016 a Year of Experience?

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