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Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Image: Oceanside, CA.

January 31.2018
Full Moon in Leo
8:27am (EST)
Total Lunar Eclipse

This morning’s Full Moon was the second full moon of 2018-two in January! Additionally, the red coloring f this beautiful moon was the result of a Total Lunar Eclipse.

According to the NY Times Science section…

…There’s a lot packed into that phrase “super blue blood moon.”

• A BLUE moon happens when there are two full moons within a single calendar month.

• A supermoon occurs when the moon orbits closer to planet Earth than usual. There was a supermoon on Jan. 1 to start off the year, too. That’s how we get a “SUPER blue moon.”

• Now comes the “blood part.” During a lunar eclipse, Earth passes between the moon and the sun, and the planet casts its shadow over its lunar satellite. It’s nothing like the spectacle of a total solar eclipse, but the…

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Thought this would be a nice “warm” reading since we have been caught in the Wintry Embrace of Mother Nature…. Enjoy

Excerpted from:
A Year With Gaia-The Eternal Cord
R. Fennelly 2017


We know the power and potency of Fire for healing, transformation, quickening and renewal. We are familiar with the physical flame and strive towards keeping the Inner Flame of the Divine burning brightly. We are aware of the Fires that move through the earth. Heating, shifting and erupting when under pressure as Gaia sheds her skin, bleeds and prepares a space of fertility to emerge.

Now think on the fluid motion of the Sun. Its solar flares ripple out into the Cosmos, shaping, molding and carving new traces of energetic trail. Each trail reaching out in fluidity and grace beyond its undulating surface of heat.

Within the Earth’s core, molten fires shape and reshape what eventually emerges as surface change on Earth. This core of fire transforms and is the life’s blood of Gaia. Fire is the quickening that spawns new life. Fire burns away what does not serve and is not selective in its renewing destruction once the flames have begun. Allowing these fires of the Divine flame to rise within is a call to shed and release. To burn to ash and render down what can arise as the Phoenix.

There are times when Fire’s eruptions should be allowed to reshape us. This is not comfortable and may even feel as though for that space of time we are out of control and unstable. But, from the chaos of disruption comes a new status quo of respect for the power that we hold.

For this week:

Give consideration to what you wish to feed to the fires of growth.

What is it that you need to relinquish to birth something new in the quickening womb of your own molten core?

What needs disruption?
What will be cast into the darkness?
How will you control the uncontrollable?

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