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Principle the Seventh:
The Principle of Gender

Remember the place of beginnings
Remember when the All was One
Solar flame and lunar tides
Contained within manifest core

Remember the great divide
Vibration of form and formless
Remember the volume of time
Friction stirring the belly of outpour
Waters blackened, womb and seed issue forth

Remember the softness of skin
The strength of sinewy limb
Remember the Great Mother and
The secrets her womb carries within
Remember the Father’s golden orb
His body re-membered by magick of Will
Remember the place of separation
And hold sacred the celestial bodies of Light

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These next two posts will be the conclusion of meditations on the sacred text outlining The Seven Hermetic Principles – The Kybalian. As with most things esoteric, the ultimate path towards conclusion of thought, experience or goal is usually not the straightest, nor the quickest. And so it was with these writings, which opened up new side roads to explore for a time ; always with the thought of bringing those new seeds of inspiration back in return to the Path of Foundation laid.

(Please take a look at posts in June- July and September for the first 5 Principles).

Principle the Sixth: The Principle of Cause and Effect

Pull against the tides

The glistening sand and shell is revealed

Open the heart in gratitude

And the crowd of humanity rushes in

Retreat into the hollow space of silence

And the echo of sound is unbearable

Speak loudly of the unspeakable truths

And the quiet guilt takes your breath away

Move with the dynamics of fiery will

And gates of iron tremble at your foot fall

Close your eyes to the disease of injustice

And chaos drives the chariot of destruction

Rip through the veil of bountiful limit

And the great tsunami of potency crashes down

Move into the heart and fullness of God

And She pulls you deeper into her embrace

Remain in the place of expanded stillness

And all of the inner workings of the cosmos

Become the sweet fulfillment of the Soul

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Infinite mercy flows continually
But you’re asleep and can’t see it.
The sleeper’s robe goes on drinking river water
While he frantically hunts mirages in dreams
And runs continually here and there shouting,
“There’ll be water further on, I know!”
It’s this false thinking that blocks him
From the path that leads to himself,
By always saying, “Further on!”
He’s become estranged from “here”:
Because of a false fantasy
He’s driven from reality.
…Rumi …

Let us drink from the waters of gratitude and be present in the space of appreciating what surrounds us. Open your eyes and take in all the lessons of both sorrow and joy and from a place of gratitude find the grace of mercy within your own being. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Quiet for the moment
Flow withdrawn and solitude submissive
Expression released and the muse
Settle near waiting to reach out
Towards the core.

Breath- and halt-
breath and completion
serenity fills the echo
and mastery wields the sword.

Discontent rides these merciless waves
Impatience rears its ugly head and
Gazes down in disdain
Only the light in your eyes
Promises of mysteries sought in vain.

I sink into the depths of that
Gaze and darkness feeds my hungry Soul
We are complete
We are one in the same
And it is within the depths of your being
That I find my place of knowing.

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Mirror of Self

Step softly into my arms
Feel the feathery brush of my kiss
For you are my Beloved
And I tremble within your embrace

Our hearts beat strongly as one
Our bodies no longer defined
And I rest in the sweet breath of your exhale
And gaze back into your loving face.

Our union, in rapture complete
Soul’s yearning finally at peace
The Illuminated One, my beloved
Mirror of SELF~ Divinity released.

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Wisdom of the New Moon

Open to the intuitive veil
open the depths of solemn reserve
and rise like the Phoenix reborn.

Spiral down into the place of knowingness
rain down the fires of Will transformed
pass through the guage of eternity
and rise like the Phoenix reborn.

Reach above into formless space
mirror of gnosis ablaze with Light
decay and death transmuted
held in silence
and rise like the Phoenix reborn.

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The Healer

Chocolate brown eyes peer out
from the face of an angel

graceful hands move deftly
over my pain wracked body
Compassion spills from every pore
of she who stands before me
gently holding my hand as she guides me towards a place of hope

I close my eyes for a moment of rest
And see her true spirit
Flow of light and healing
Staff of caduceus and rod of relief
A life dedicated to the care of others
Energy flows between us, connecting heart to heart
And recognition of common spirit and will to live

A gentle smile that says “I understand”
And my hand held in hers knowing the time is near
For although every illness may not be healed
Peace and surrender are always enlivened
by this Healer’s touch
And her gentle spirit guides me towards
Towards the end of this life’s journey
My place of ancestral home.

… For My Daughter…

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The Esoteric Tymes

I am pleased to share the first issue of my bi-monthly newsletter~ The Esoteric Tymes. This project has been in the works as a lifetime of searching out knowledge, exploring multiple spiritual paths and crafting my own esoteric foundation. My thought has always been that sharing and teaching from the wisdom you gather along the way is not only a responsibility , but the natural flow of any greater insight received. So, in that spirit, my hope is that everyone will find something of interest, inspiration and perhaps even catalytic in nature within the pages of the Tymes.

If you would like to receive future issues, you may either visit my website to access the link to the current issue or request an email reminder as new issues become available. So, if you want to take a peak, please click on the link below:

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