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“Zenith means the high point––it comes from astronomy, where it describes the highest point in an arc traveled by a star or a planet or another celestial body. The sun reaches its zenith when it is as high in the sky as it is going to go on that day.”

Reach higher
Stretch further
It is all within your grasp.

Look upward
Flow downward
The sun’s light
Spirals in to central core.

Crown opens
Sight awakens
Throat sings in pure joy.

Heart opens
Power awakens
Creation of life
Gently begins.

How I would define the Zenith of my personal growth.  Is it held in those moments when magick and the Divine work seamlessly and harmoniously with what my intent calls to?  Is it held in the quiet space of interaction with my Gods and Goddesses?  Is it found in the joy of revealing another mystery in the process of self-knowledge? Is it seen in the smile in return for the one I offer freely and widely?  Is it found in my continued striving toward honoring my Divine nature?

I believe all of these moments are points of an apex that continues to reach ever higher.  I believe the Zenith is found in all efforts that bring us closer to acknowledging our spiritual nature. And, I believe that what we call the zenith of our effort now is just the stepping stone towards the highest points we can reach in our journey back to the limitless All.


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