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– milky white- veil of soft embrace
pools of wisdom and grace
illusions cunning mirror
knowledge of inner flood gates

filter and flow of celestial sight, and
velvet darkness parting the way
of expanse
bowing to your Path of Surrender

the veil parts
the portal opens
and ALL stand waiting
in anticipation of your
Sacred Kiss

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Fiery fingers extended~ magnetic attraction
pointed ice of heat
beginnings and core of birth

millions of tiny seeds ~ moving ~
catalytic and combustible
moving towards and creating
a vortex of icy brilliance

to merge with this Source
to become one and yet distinct
within it’s heat of fusion

the child is born
the crown descends and
life moves forward

~the sacrifice freely given once again~

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” ..the power of the ocean
the waters within my body~ the blood flowing through my veins
the salt of sweat and tears~ gentle rainfall ~
evaporating drops that form clouds
the vastness of space~the primordial waters
ebb and flow~ presence of tide
pulsing of Life and liquid
carrying me home … ” rcf

One of the projects of our coven this year has been the further study of the Qabala– specifically, the Paths. Currently our focus includes study of the 23rd Path and the Hebrew letter Mem. Neither space nor time permit explanation of this topic, but perhaps the above writing may serve to stimulate interest in connecting with the transformative energy of the Tree of Life through study, meditation and experience; and of course, inspired writing.

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May I be a vessel of Light as we slowly transform
May I be a vessel of Love as time moves swiftly ahead

May I be a vessel of strength and serve to anchor and ground

And, may each step I take along the path
be in service to the Higher Will of the Divine

At this time of the Wesak full moon of light and service may you rekindle your call to service, reconnect with your GodSelf and be a positive force in the ever-changing cycles of humanity.

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Last evening, I was reading T. Thorn Coyle‘s book Kissing the Limitless, and as always when I read her writings I begin to think more deeply about my own practice. More specifically, thinking of my response to the posed questions of:
“What has set me on this Path?Why am I choosing to do this work?” Neither of these questions has easy answers and the very nature of their query is one that should change and evolve in accord with the practice we are called to at any given time. But, there is also a certain clarity of purpose that reveals itself through answering the call to service.

If I look beyond the superficial answer, there is no one thing that pulled me in this spiritual direction versus another. I have always been a seeker and have taken many diverse roads; all respectively at some point interweaving with one another and then moving away from their centers of commonality creating new paths to be explored. The analogy of feeling a “coming home” having affirmed my steps along this path is both true and vague, for this is not a place I have ever left. From a greater perspective, I feel that the collective energies of humanity propel those who choose to listen to the wisdom of the quiet places of inner guidance and stir within a deep longing to contribute positively and effectively.

And, because of this longing, it is no longer a point of “why” I do this work. It is the natural outcome~ and is as organic as breathing. Once connected to this flow and breath of humanity and conscious thought and action, opportunities abound to integrate the practice you have established, the flowers or spiritual wisdom you have collected along the way and the ever-changing quality of service you may offer. The more intention and focus that is spent in deepening your personal connection to your God~Self and striving towards a place of balance and union between your human and Divine natures, the more clearly you can see along the Path.

So, in harmony with the energies of Beltane I am feeling the longing to consummate the union of these energies within myself. I am filled with yearning to quicken the twin flames of passion and quintessential LIFE and enliven the seeds of renewed dedication in walking my spiritual Path. May your life be blessed by the Spirit and longing of youth- vibrant with the Fires of Life- open to the expression of Love and ripe with potential for growth~

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