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December 21.2015
Winter Solstice
Sun enters Capricorn

December 25.2015
Full Moon in Cancer
6:11am (EST)

Uranus Direct

These past few days have been packed with celestial events that punctuate the soon to be ending of a year of highs and lows. The Solstice of December 21st. marked the longest night of the year and as the Sun transited in Capricorn at 11:49p.m., once again we entered the quickening of new Light and the hope that is birthed with that awakening. The Moon waxed in another Earth sign, Taurus and provided a triad of Fire (Sun)-Water (Moon) and Earth (Capricorn and Taurus). The Cardinal(new beginnings and first flow) energy of Capricorn’s Sun moved into position to feed its outpouring of new light into Lady Moon’s birthing waters that stood ready in the Fixed (stabilization and structure) energy of Taurus. Earth is the sign of manifestation, so the potential of what was begun at this Solstice is one of stable and manifest creation.

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Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

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Moon is almost Full
There’s work to be done.

Solstice is near
Light filled birthing
Soon to come.

Change and new growth
From recent connections
Lovingly undone.

And strengthened new purpose
As we welcome this
Solstice Sun.

Blessings of Yule
Blessings of Waxing Light
Blessings of What is held
In that Fertile Womb….


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The Archer’s Will

Inspired by tonight’s New Moon!

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres


New Moon in Sagittarius
December 11.2015

Archer pulls back
Reaching deep into
What lay behind.

Tension builds and
Arms tremble with
The Strain of expansion’s
Bow of grace.

Sight is set
Precise and sure
In its intention
To claim for its
Own the space of mark.

Breathe deeply
But ever so gently
Breathe deep
Giving air to what
Shall soon be released.

Steady now
Take aim
Pull back just
Ever so slightly more.

Arrow of will
Pierces and cleaves
The dark of night.

Sparks leave a trail
Of contracting light
Etching the master plan
Of desired intent.

The point of focus
Hits its mark.

And what is begun
From embers that seek
To birth a flame of
Full Moon’s light
Carries the archer
Aloft soaring into
Dark Moon’s fertile night.

May the blessings of this New Moon ignite your desire to reach out, explore and fire up your intention to…

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