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Samhain Night

May all have a Blessed Samhain as the potential for Transformation awaits at the Crossroads.


The Hounds nip at my heels
as I move through the dark
veil of Samhain Night.

I breathe deeply feeling the
pain of sharp teeth and hot
breath as grateful reprieve
comes as winged feet take flight
Soaring and carrying me upward.

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                                                       Samhain Night

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The air is full and heavy this time of the year as the veils thin and the spirits walk among us; some offering guidance and assistance and others being mischievous and stirring up an already potent mix of energy trouble. There is a distinct and growing crispness to the air as the weather offers a preview of what to expect in the coming winter months, and leaves crackle underfoot reminding us that summer’s moisture has given way and the dryness of death is near….

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What Is It Worth?


As members of the Pagan Community- What is it worth to you to know that the wisdom teachings of the Past, the innovative Writings of the Present and the Informed Potential of the Future could be available for all to be inspired by?

As those who walk this Sacred Path of diversity, openness and a passion for preserving that which sustains and nurtures- What is it worth to you to support a project that will preserve the great teachings for those yet to come who will walk this same Path?

We are at a crossroads and the power to leave a legacy of learned resource to our future community is within our grasp. The New Alexandrian Library is a reality in the making, but it takes a community to open its doors and insure its future.

How much is it worth to YOU to stand proudly knowing that your contribution made the difference?

To find out more about this project, how to donate and follow the progress of a Resource being built, go to:


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