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Forced Food for Thought

(The Affects of Subliminal Messages on Our Subconscious)


Impressed images fuse with frantic words galore

Lurking beneath the surface, these memories are stored

But there is no guard that we can see

Muck seeps and leaks from media and TV

Abrupt yearnings for things we don’t need

Unnatural feelings; lust, violence, greed

Flashing pictures and melodic tunes

Beware; our entire mind is not perfectly immune

We react poorly, swerving out of control

Into unwanted thoughts one is lulled

If only a filter was in our possession

In order to stop the foul art of subliminal domination

.. Jessica Fennelly …

This writing was an assignment my daughter, a Senior in High School, had for her Human Behaviors class. When I read this it struck a chord of resonance with the recent reflections on information overload and greed to make money at all costs. The use of subliminal messages is not a new technique and in its most useful form is companion to the learning process we have as infants. The subconscious mind is in the state of process and intake continually and forms the storehouse of images, experiences, etc… that await the appropriate threads of connecting information that bring them to the surface, or if not received, lay forever dormant.

Add to this process the feverish pitch of advertisers to sell their products. IF we take this magic pill we will be less depressed, have more vigor in the bedroom, feel no pain. The lists of cautionary disclaimer and side effects runs on and on; often worse than the ailment that is being helped- yet, people still buy into the promise. If we buy this phone, or that make-up – go on this cruise or drink this coffee- we will feel, look and be just like those beautiful people in the ads. Yet, we still buy in to the glamour, hype and need to be techno-savvy.

Maybe there is no correlation at all to what may lay “between the lines” in the mass media approach to buying and selling. Maybe the desire to be all the things we see displayed within these ads is the great motivator in our subconscious to buy first and ask questions later. This simple high school exercise will certainly make me give more thought and attention to what really is being said between the lines.

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I am someone who delights in learning new things, finding more sources to feed that new found knowledge and being swept away on the various currents that have fed into that source. Having admitted that, I am also becoming more acutely aware of the impact that trend of thought and process has on my overall well being and what tools are have used to embark on these treasure hunts.  


Some would consider me a Type A personality. Energetic, very driven; and,  the many years of being a ballet dancer enabled me with discipline, dedication and the overriding of my own limitations to transcend that physical vehicle. It was with the same approach that I entered into motherhood; having 5 children (under the age of five at one point) and making sure that each received full doses of what I could provide in support of seeking out answers to the important questions. This approach has always  been my modus operandi for pursuing my spiritual path, from the youngest age on. Sometimes I feel as though I was born with an encyclopedia in my hand, the desire to “know” has been so compelling. So, to that end, I have shelves of books, hoards of tapes on every and any subject relating to spiritual practice.

With the advent of a new year, a 55-year  birthday looming just weeks away and having taken long hard looks this past year at how to simplify, modify and make better use of the resources around, I truly “get it”. Listening to the message of my instinctual self has led me away from the book learning I  have so treasured. Taking selective days off from technology and queries has led me back to the stillness of inner query. And, sometimes holding back with offering that one last piece of information has been just what was needed by the intended recipient in coming to a conclusion of their own.

Most importantly, making a conscious choice to engage in experience, conversation and what could never be fully captured in the pages of a book or the usual informational sources, has taken me along currents that would have gone otherwise unnoticed, and these are often the ones most densely laden with gems of wisdom.

Happy Querying!

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Solid foundations must be crafted upon which to stand

Trust in the process, resolve is at hand

Rise above limitation and learn from your peers

Empower yourself with wisdom honed from your fears

Notice the strides that have been taken and make note of missteps

Gather to you all your courage and worry not about safety nets

The answers that you seek are those that you already know

Honor what you have created and stand in truth as the strength within you grows

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We hustle and coerce

We contrive and spin

our webs of manipulation.

Saying all the while

“It’s just the cost of doing business”


Have to hit the benchmark

Productivity must increase

Sales are down and

Advertising is at full Blitz

The consumer buys in to the pitch-

Another sale made

After all,

“It’s just the cost of doing business.”


As the words reverberate

on Wall street’s stately bricks

The homeless stand and wait

For sandwiches out dated

Pastries un-bought and

Passerby’s tossed off coins


The only consumption for

The hungry is what

Society’s consumers thoughtlessly discard.

The mantra on tip of tongue,

it must be fresh and clean

Trendy and unused,

And, of course,

It absolutely must be cutting edge.


Things not truly needed

And quickly upgraded

While most of humanity

Just barely survives.


Sales are down and

Corporate America bemoans

Its imaginary crisis of poor state

And the echoes reverberate

On filthy subway walls

as the homeless take up the cry

“It’s just the cost of doing business!”


As we move into a New Year…


Let’s use up our natural resources, as we help others who have less

Let’s discard those things which continue to separate and divide us

Let’s be avid consumers of the gifts of love, friendship and community

Let’s buy only what we need from ethical and fair vendors

Let’s be hoarders of every opportunity to brighten someone’s day

And, as our bank accounts of life’s experience and interactions

Grows, matures and is ready to be cashed in

Let’s count our blessings earned and share the wealth with the world.


Written at a Starbucks while observing…. 12.29.2010

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