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“Teaching is leaving a vestige of one self in the development of another.  And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures.”  ~Eugene P. Bertin

I came across this quote as I was preparing a newsletter for the school district in which I work and was inspired by its many meanings. We are all teachers as we move through this human existence. Some are formally trained and dedicated to that career, others teach as an avocation and the greater majority unknowingly instruct, guide and set example as they go through their mundane activities.

If we think of each person we interact with as a student; one who is taking in the essence of how we carry ourselves, what we say, what our actions display, we become more mindful of what lessons and messages we are sending. Conversely, we ourselves are students within another’s daily interactions. We pick up clues, both subtle and overt to what lessons that individual or group is sending out.

As givers and receiver’s of the gifts, lessons and treasures of the interconnected nature of our existence, let us “bank” on the investment of a positive nature, make our withdraws on those things of inspirational and generously deposit into a lifetime savings of “interest” in mankind.

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Destiny’s Rain

It is 7 a.m. and

darkness holds tightly

onto the morning sky.

Rain pounds down in

splutters and torrents

as thoughts bubble up

from the depths of mind.


I sit in the rain drenched

space of my car;

waiting for the light to lift

the hand of night.

The rain taps out the staccato

syncopation of a flamenco

dancer’s heels; passionate

and filled with Fire.


And, reverie on the duality

of night holding sway

in morning’s domain

brings me to a place of reflection

on my own internal nature.


The waters, the darkness

and the desire for light;

all facets of my own

nature. Cleansing of shadow

and fluid of sky and earth

holding back the light until

all has been saturated and



The rain slows for a moment

and the time is now at hand

to sink into the depths of those

waters and retrieve the gifts

of Goddess outpour.


I walk slowly, intent upon

receiving the bounty of

love and Grace.

I am bathed in the waters

of my own day’s destiny.

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“Is the intention pure, selfless, and born out of love? Is it based on truth? Does it result in peace? If so, it is a right action.”

..Sai Baba…

I often come across various quotations that stir me deeply and bring me back to a place of remembrance of what my Higher purpose is. These are not something I look for; but rather, they present themselves at just the appropriate time. This was posted on my daughter’s facebook, which I rarely look at. And, as soon as I read it, I knew this was my reminder to be more mindful of how I move through my day. To be more conscientious in my interactions and to pause before deciding, speaking or acting to allow for the space of observation to come forward. That briefest moment of reflection before charging ahead can reveal a different perspective, a deeper truth and possibly a different choice.

For me, these questions posed in this quote are the filters that should guide me to move from a place of love and greater understanding. To make each day an expression of integrity and to act in a way that is in alignment with my Soul’s work. What intention do you have? And, what filters will separate the true gold from that of the “fool”?

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For this week, I offer up this simple quote- to act upon.

Each day provides its own gifts.
– Marcus Aurelius –

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My daughter just began a series of several auditions on Sunday.  This is part of a required process for admissions for undergraduate studies in Classical Flute Performance. As we rushed to get their on time I could feel her nervousness, excitement and anticipation of what the results of this day may hold. Within the space of a 10 minute audition lay all the hope of fulfilling her future dreams.

When we arrived I looked around at a sea of excited young faces. Each undaunted by their nervousness, stoked with the hunger to succeed and each striving to be one of the few selected for the rigors of this type of study. Although, none wanted to think about failure as an outcome, even if that thought bubbled to the surface it would be quickly replaced with the undefeatable notion that all youth have. The energy was not only palpable, but positively contagious. I sat, and watched and was carried back to the many years before when everything seemed just waiting at the precipice.

As I waited, I found myself reflecting on all the dreams and aspirations I have had. I thought about how some were held carefully and nurtured with time, intent and lots of hard work. And, about others that were as fleeting and ephemeral in bringing to manifestation as holding a perfectly shaped ball of ice in the palm of a warm hand. I wondered if I had, perhaps, approached each one with the unwavering excitement of youth, some would have had longer life. 

I realized that these kids were completely and totally engaged in every step of this process. There was no question about if or whether the dream would occur. It was only a question of “how”.  Even with the threat of rejection, they would still keep plugging away; holding tight to their dreams.

We grow up and what were once “dreams” take on the more grown up word of ‘goals’. And, true to form with the weight of this grown up word, before we know it our goals are fraught with obstacle, challenges and hurtles that seem insurmountable at times. Our dreams fade into the background and our goals drive our every move. We all need to have something that we can reach for. Something that makes us stretch and grow a little further. Something that we can completely and totally be engaged in. If we look back carefully at most of the successes in our life, they were fueled by some sort of dream; even if only a fleeting idea, largely gone unnoticed.

When we think of having dreams, there is a certain grace of freedom in that notion. There are no limitations to what those dreams may be. And, although some may not be achievable there is still the hope and inner landscape of fantasy where they can be brought to life. Dreams naturally engender enthusiasm, excitement and return us to a place of feeling utterly unstoppable.

Court your dreams as you would a lover.  Nurture them and give them your attention. Fill them with your passion. Treat them with care and hold on tightly. Dreams are the first step towards creating what you want to bring into reality. They are the thoughts and visions that feed the desire to bring something great into fruition. They may not always come in the form you imagined, but they are the springboard for hope. And, hope is something we all feel is worth engaging in.

Dream On!

fantasy series dreaming pink 31000 pictures, backgrounds and images

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