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The point of contact
the merging of Light and Dark
balance restored in a never ending cycle
It is within your dark catacombs
that the greatest of treasures is found
the “secret” of life
immortality’s grace bequeathed
to feed the hunger of a seeking soul

The sliver of dark abode
not yet fully illuminated and enlivened
by sun’s warm embrace
and promises of rest and renewal as new
life seeks it’s quickening

This far removed place of distance and time
where all must eventually gather and fall
eternity’s puppets~strings pulled
to dance the spiral of Fate’s own making

To lie in wait within
the womb of decay, desire and disuse
until the chord of resonance is struck
and all pattern and form are in concert
with the Universal music of the
Limitless Divine

The cycle complete and worlds yet unknown
just beyond the wormhole of time and vortex of space
momentum gathered and Sun shines
full on angelic face~

The Hermit’s lantern ablaze with a super nova of
blinding Light and footfalls echo
on a crystalline Path
back to the throne of the
Phoenix reborn

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Movement- mass- form
waters of inspiration bejeweled
with flecks of sapphire and and gold
Guardian of tides and chalice of pure expression

Trident upturned – point flashing and sharp
impaling flesh and limb in
this illusory state of creation’s making

A turn and downward three
droplets of manna of the Gods
from their shining gates

Deep in this place of shadow
and unrelenting pressure
a seed of light awaits birth~
translucent form awaits in this abode
and is drawn towards the surface
with each contraction of birth

White capped waves swell and rise
under the duress of stormy pressure
and electric strands of Light flash
through the watery veil creating pathways
of current and line

A catalytic urge of exertion and will
the final moment of king’s crown

The Trident rises~
I hear the Mariner’s call
and I am once again home

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Cross of matter descends, slivers of silky moon enclose the Gates
and the circle of Life spins eternal
electrical charge ad twin currents
move undulating in a polarity of attraction and repelling

Warp speed of mind, throbbing pulse of quicksilver’s ascension
and flash of turbulent brilliance hovering indecisive in
the aim of it’s course
the scales of balance swing as pendulums under the weight
of the downpour of liquid Will

the paths of the future lay beyond your moonlit doorway
awaiting those who rise to walk these gyroscopic trails
winged feet hover lightly above illuminated mind~
poised and primed to distribute the lightening bolts of quickened mind

The sacred seven swarm and gather in magnitude and intensity and in
response to the whisper of Divine breath all scatter and disperse
~ a shower of spark filled droplets~ descending downward~
seeding-stimulating and filling the levy of Spirit~
urging it’s overflow~~
streaming into the gray landscapes of the deep

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I am Jove’s partner
without me all would dissipate into the ether
structure- order- boundary and container
are all creations of my domain

I have seen aeons pass and know each
of the secrets that have been carefully hidden from view
I am record keeper and guardian of destiny
and those who are not mindful of the depth of
my perception will remain forever on the wheel

I speak the sacred words~ the unutterable~
heard only by those who have remained constant
and vigilant throughout the tests of time~

I am held tightly within the womb of the Great Mother
and stand as witness at humanity’s rebirth ~ the final mystery
is revealed and mind and heart shall be one

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Vast expanse of space and time
Cyclic agent that holds the rhythm of
Universal Law within its domain

Builder and bridge of ever growing and
changing faith and mighty giant in
whose energy all are pushed towards growth

The thundering rumble of your cosmic song echoes
and reverberates within the core of my being
the pulse and push of life ever moving outward
seeking that which is beyond the perceived confines
of my grasp

A moment in time where all is suspended in
A vast sea of potential and growth~ the horizon ever, and always
changing and moving just beyond ~
Forcing me to move further, deeper, more carefully into
the limitless temple of the mysteries

You are the seat of moderation, giving form the flexibility of outreach
You are the wheel of transformation between whose flaming spokes
The arrows of the archer seek safe passage

You are the Light and the ferocity of the proud lion within
my heavenly home~ protector~ regal lord who
surveys and keeps watchful eye
as I walk the Path of Spirit

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Flash of red ~ shadowy streams of black
Insight rises to the surface

The pointed and prodding finger of
action followed by the excision and debridement
executed with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel
~ It has begun ~

A suspension of time and space ~
caught between the harmony of adoration
and the satiety of expanse

A funnel- vortex- viscous black hole
from which we emerge victorious
having claimed the brilliance of light
~ or stuck in the quicksand and quagmire of
our desires and will

Shields blazing and creation quickening
the throbbing pulse of adrenaline
coursing through vein and artery

The echo of a wildly beating heart
summons the call to action
And all are acutely alert and aware
of the imminent change awaiting us at the threshold

Clash of Titan~ timbre of steel Will
dissection – destruction
unfathomable weight and heat~
One final blinding moment
~ And it is done ~

And, in the sobering hush of a silent re awakening
the dust clears and for those who have kept the foundation
of willing embrace close at hand
~ the realization of a single remaining
Bud of New Life that has remained unscathed ~

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Cool soft lavender,
blending and merging
into a sea of powder blue caress

Loving faces~ arms outstretched
the butterfly kiss of a child’s soft lips
on rosy red cheeks

Soft, silky panels enfolding gently
like a lover’s embrace
and vibrant color of passion and
scent of Sandalwood of soft skin of ecstasy

The heart yearns to unite with another
and the sweet intoxication
of a moonlight tryst
beckons and awaits the paramours

Kiss, caress, transcendence and
heartfelt love spilling forth
to all humanity~
magnet of attraction
desiring nothing but the Beloved

And who is the “Beloved”
It is the harmonizing energy that surrounds
it is what captures the spirit and
carries it aloft
poised on wings of breath

The Beloved we all yearn for
is the shimmering reflection of our
~ Higher Self ~
bathed in the light of Divine embrace
transformed in the Womb of the Mother
and revealed only when we surrender
to our longing

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Quicksilver- flash of inspiration
messenger of time’s verbosity

Inhale- take it all in
reform, rename- process
Exhale- breathe it out to the world in
torrents or gentle breeze

Gather all the pearls that lay strewn
unloosed from the thread of their silent networking
some of great worth-
others hollow forms – promises of emptiness

Emissaries of thought and mind
moving into the spotlight
or hiding in the corners and alleys of deceit

And when the perfect expression is called upon
the balance of scales weigh the measure
of safe guarding those seeds of thought within
or casting them upon the sea of humanity
swiftly-sharply- like fishermen’s nets hungry to be filled

With pregnant pause of mind
those caught within the webbing of nets are freed
and returned back to their Source
either with the cadent blow of Death or
the compassion of release

Gather all in
Breathe a sigh of release
Exhale profoundly

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