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The Lantern of Truth
Tarot Spread

Today’s post is a special Tarot spread that can be used anytime you are seeking deeper insight into how to stoke those fires of light that dispel the darkness and illuminate growth. It aligns with the six-pointed star that is held within the lantern of the Hermit. This being the product of the greater work of turning within and allowing to grow a light of consciousness that shines brightly in any circumstance and on all planes. I have also given a little hint as to the Qabalistic references of the card’s placements (not necessarily the traditional assignations :).

A Little Numerology:

The Hermit- Key IX

Nine (9)is the number of endings and beginnings and initiatory experience. This is the final single digit number that relates to the individual and unique “you”. Wherever nine occurs there is opportunity for growth; but, only if you…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

A Journey into the Dark

My offering today is an audio of a pathworking that I have used at various points in the solar year. It is a journey of courage taking you into the darkness of seeking the light. Enjoy…..

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A Pathworking of Light and Dark

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Yuletide  Celebrations

Todays post focuses on some of the ways the season of Yule is celebrated. Although in many cases the celebration of Yule coincides with the astronomical date of the Winter Solstice, they are distinct in that Yule is a seasonal observance that often lasted longer than the single Sabbat date it is traditionally assigned of Dec. 20/21 (the Winter Solstice).

The season of Yule begins on the date of the Full Moon in late November or the first few weeks of December, and the season continues for two lunar months. In some Saxon-based traditions, the official celebration of the Yuletide does not actually begin until Mothers’ Night (the solstice) and continues for a week or two after this.
These celebrations may last from 10-12 days after the Solstice date which nicely coincides with New Year’s celebrations. During this time, feasts, gifts-giving and gatherings mark the celebrations.

The Witch’s…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Reflection In the Dark

Today is an excellent day for finding solitude and quietly reflecting in the darkness. During this busy time of the year when you are called to be more social and engage with others, the energy of the Solstice calls us to that same level of engagement and interaction with ourselves. This is why you will often see the increase in articles about stress-free holidays, meditation and simplifying. Let’s do just that!

As we carry the energies of the previous Sabbats forward in the continual cycle, there is much that is accumulated from those experiences and our daily interactions in the world. The dark half of the year begins at the Summer Solstice in June and what we have brought to fullness begins to wither in its exuberance and vitality. This is a natural process of the ebb – peak and flow of natural cycles.

Lughnasadh provided…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Butterfly Wings

Today’s post is a little gift of flash fiction I wrote many years ago in the spirit of the season. Enjoy...

The birds woke me early this morning! Their insistent chirping sounded like a chorus of excited children calling me to come out and play. I stretched and sat up looking out through my small window; it’s glass reflected with morning’s first light. I could see the small wooden gate of the garden I had planted earlier in the Spring. This was my refuge. I had spent months poring over seed catalogues and I had lovingly selected each flower that would grace its landscape. The design had come easily and the natural placement of tall trees offered just the correct amount of shade and light.

I dressed quickly in my favorite tank top and shorts. The light was streaming in through the window of the front door…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Solstice Correspondences

It’s always fun to sort through all of the things that are relevant and have been used for celebrations of the Sabbats. There are so many for the Winter Solstice/Yule because of the cluster of other holidays that occur during this time of the year. Many of the Christmas decorations and traditions were appropriated and adapted from the pagan practices.

Over the next several days I’ll be highlighting some of these correspondences and offering some additional perspectives that you may wish to incorporate into your celebrations. So, let’s get started with some of the more common….

Symbols Commonly Used:

  • Solar Imagery– represents the return of the Sun’s light and strength;
  • Holly-the red and green of rebirth;
  • Candles– representing the light of the Sun and used to call that light back, bringing warmth;
  • Evergreens-representing the defeat of death and winter because they remained green throughout…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

The Holly King and the Oak King

Each holds sway and hand of might
Upon the year’s Great Wheel.

In each domain one shall be King
As wax and wane of Light
Move within nature’s cyclic plan.

Solstice Kings, though brothers, they
in battle determine solar fate.

The Oak King and the Holly King are part of Celtic mythology, and are often seen as aspects of the Green Man. They are usually considered “twin gods,” or sometimes two aspects or manifestations of the same god, often the Horned God. The Oak King rules the Summer (and is sometimes called the “Summer King”) and the Holly King rules the Winter (and is thus called the “Winter King”). The God in this form acts as guardian and keeper of the natural world through its cycles of waxing and waning light. He ensures that all will be well and all will continue and…

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