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This poem was written in devotion to the Goddess Brighid and celebration of Her energies at the Turning of the Wheel- Imbolc.


Metal flashes and is plunged deep

into Fires from a forge

Of great darkness.                                                                          


Red flame and

Wisps of cauterized

Flesh that are carried

Upwards towards

Focused release.


Emerald green eyes

Open and healing

Tears drain from

A fire filled gaze that

Cuts clean through.


The Goddess has

Awakened and

Her sword deftly

And swiftly plunges

Through its mark.


All pain and suffering

Drain from wounds

That have festered

And sapped life

From blood’s purpose.


The mark of her cross etched

Into every cell, deepening

Into its very core.


Four points of light

Gathered together

As renewal begins.


Goddess’ arms

Open in flaming embrace

And the mind touch of

Inspiration heals and soothes

my transmuted form. 


All Hail to the precision of

Brighid’s Healing sword.


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“ I reached out and stars fell from the heavens. Light burst forth and a thousand lanterns of rarified light moved around me. I gazed upward and a fountain of liquid life force showered down and flashed like lightening.  All of the Universe opened to me and I became the Light of a million stars that shone in the velvety black night sky”

Your Energetic Blueprint is available Tuesday, January 22nd. Find out more here:  Tuesday Evening Series

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