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As above
So below
The snow falls
Silently and

Icy gems of water
Each unique in their
Pattern and design.

Sky opens and cold
Takes shape and form
As the breath of the winds
And all of nature shakes
A frosty hand commanding
Our attention.

For this brief space
Of time all slows
In its usual frantic
Pace and looks
Outward marveling
At the beauty.

Ground of manifest earth
Is garbed in sky’s mystery
And silence falls heavy
And full in its profound

As above
So below
I await the
Outpouring of
Each unique gem
Of space and time
Held in the cold.

I open to the
Profound stillness
And find myself garbed
In the product of
Heaven’s downpour
Each word heard
Each face met
Each teaching found
Unique in its beauty.

I had the opportunity to spend four wonderful days at The Between the Worlds/Sacred Space joint conferences this past week just outside of Baltimore, MD. And, despite the snow and challenging driving conditions we had a full conference of 410 people, all eager to learn, share and grow. And, in thinking about this prompt, I’ve decided to take a decidedly different perspective about what that statement means to me in this present time and space.

As above, so below! These words are filled with potential and that potential is limitless and pervasive when we allow ourselves the freedom to make application of its meaning to everything we encounter mundanely and magickally. Just as the ground accepts the carpeting of its expanse in the blanket of a snowfall, we as manifest beings await the wearing of a new mantle. Remember how as a child you wished for a significant snowfall because that meant a day off from school, sledding, hot chocolate and more. A time to be free and experience the natural world with enthusiasm and joy!

As we get older and inclement weather means challenging travel and potential hardship, we look up to skies and the creamy veil of whiteness just before the first flakes fall is not always a welcome sight. But, regardless of a feeling of dread or excitement, there is a transition of stillness that can be felt by all just at the moment the first uniquely formed snow flake falls. There is an inward breath that becomes the exhaling of all we anticipated for that day’s experience, now changed because nature created in response to moisture and cold.

IMG_0388I looked out from my hotel window and the main road just outside that had just a few hours earlier been a reflection of the gathering momentum that would carry passenger and snowflake towards its destination had stilled in the realms of the below as the above opened pouring down its bounty. This quiet filled the space of the hotel even as traveller’s made their entry coming in softly and in snowy clusters.


And, as the first words of the opening ritual called forth the Divine to bless the space and the work to be done, the snow had stopped and the silence of a newly colored space outside pulled the energy into itself sending it up towards sky. As the days progressed and the pace of the outside world gathered steam again with cleared roads sunny sky, the pace of the conference also gathered its energy as the reflection of our own light shone brightly in each face, glistening like the the icy prisms of bushy branch.


By the time the conference ended on Sunday afternoon, what had been brittle and cold was already softening and melting under the heat of clear intention-filled sun light. Much like those who for this space of time entered in silence and mass; each unique in their path and intent. The hard edges that had accompanied at the start and the icy cold that became outer shell of what was warm and vibrant within had yielded to the light of transformation and empowerment. Each person now a blazing sun that was reflection of the changing outer world and its return to Spring’s quickening.


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