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This post is an interesting follow-up to the previous.  I was advised of the updated number of attendees for the Between the Worlds/Sacred Space Conferences and that figure was 410! And, because I love the synchronicity of numerology with magick the realization was one that also reflected the premise of As Above- So Below. Let me explain-

410 reduces to the number 5 ( 4+1+0).  Five is the great change that occurs as the foundations of a squared and fully supported four – literally think square and equilateral side – receives just enough irritation to prod it towards expansion, cracking through one of those four sides of boundary. Five is the searchplace of arrival where creation and focused direction making use of that foundational structure of four may be applied. This is the pentagon- five sides -two collaboratively and co-creatively coming to the rising point of synthesized and directed flow.


Five is the perfect point for change, transformation and the forming of newly crated boundaries and structures that will support further expansion. Now, apply these ideas to a conference of people- the number in attendance a reflection of that expansive and creative nature that is likewise reflective above as Spiritual action pours down on participants ripe and ready for change and growth.

The other number I was given was that of participants in the Main Ritual – 350. Another reduction and we arrive at 8 (3+5). Eight is the number of the lemniscate, the symbol of eternal flow and time merging in a liminal space. The intent of the ritual was one of renewal of the Self at all levels of existence and the carrying of this awareness and Divinity into the world and all of our interactions. If we think of these intentions and the energy of eight and its ability to draw awareness of our place in the timeline that is the cosmos, this was a very powerful energy to support the work.


Additionally, 3 is the number of harmonious balance and its creation from the collaborative efforts of the 2. 5 is change and disruption of the status quo and what holds us inert without its expansive pulse. Remember, I said the 8 is derived from the addition of the 3+5 or harmonious creation that will transform, move and change.


And,for a final numerologic “a-ha” moment- the zero that stands at the ending or conclusion of both of these numbers is the limitless zero, that is the Divine in whose space we rest as we integrate ourselves and the great I AM.


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