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I am greedy
I am hungry
And I will consume
Everything in sight.

Words flow from page to page
And I am still not satisfied
My hunger still is not fed.

Words fly off the pages
As I breathe in deeply
Eye sending awareness to
A brain that files and
Categorizes every morsel.

Take a break
Let it digest
Allow the nutrients to
Reshape and reform
A Soul that is greedy
And will consume every
Bit of teaching in sight.

Knowledge is the library of books and teachings. These are the halls that overflow with mentors and teachers and information that has yet to be revealed and claimed for one’s own education. Knowledge temporarily quiets the continued cravings that prod us “to know”. Knowledge creates the pathways that provide choice in their taking towards synthesis of what has been acquired and learned. Knowledge is the practice of discernment and with the mastery of discernment comes the wisdom to know when experience is the master teacher.


Step softly into my arms
Feel the feathery brush of my kiss
For you are my Beloved
And I tremble within your embrace

Our hearts beat strongly as one
Our bodies no longer defined
And I rest in the sweet breath of your exhale
And gaze back into your loving face.

Our union, in rapture complete
Soul’s yearning finally at peace
The Illuminated One, my beloved
Mirror of SELF~ Divinity released.

Wisdom makes use of what knowledge has been acquired. Wisdom experiences the practice of knowing and in that practice formulates its own knowledge that has been refined and honed into the likeness of your own making and Soul’s needs. Wisdom stands at the ready to make application of all that has ever entered into the realms of mind and transforms it into the fuel of heart’s desire. Heart seeks the return of itself to the the Source of its beauty and receptivity. Heart opens itself to Wisdom’s call to understanding and in the silence of that greater understanding of Soul’s true purpose, Gnosis descends.


Quiet for the moment
Flow withdrawn and solitude submissive
Expression released and the muse
Settle near waiting to reach out
Towards the core.

Breath- and halt-
Breath and completion
Serenity fills the echo
And mastery wields the sword.

Discontent rides these merciless waves
Impatience rears its ugly head and
Gazes down in disdain
Only the light in your eyes
Promises of mysteries sought in vain.

I sink into the depths of that
Gaze and darkness feeds my hungry Soul
We are complete
We are one in the same
And it is within the depths of your being
That I find my place of knowing.

Gnosis IS awareness of the I Am. Gnosis is silence that is filled with the profound echoes of all that was, is and shall be. Gnosis is the awakening of creation and the exhale of breath that gives birth to the awakening of the collective consciousness. Soul is infused by the yearning for gnosis as the memory of its origins catalyzes spiritual growth.

Gnosis is the welcoming embrace of Spirit as Soul returns at life’s end enlivened by knowledge greedily consumed that has nourished a body of wisdom that glows in the wholeness of all the parts of itself.

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