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The Lion roars and all
Tremble in fear at the
Power of this wild energy.

Mane of mind flaming as
Strength pours from raging
Will that is powerful in intent.

And from the shadow of night
Teeth are bared and eyes seek
Out its prey and with one
Powerful strike of clawed paw
Life ends and blood spills anew.

POWER is a word that evokes many feelings and memories of experiences of being held in the potency of its energy. By definition, Power is…

1. The ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality
2. The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events
3. Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone

These are the main uses of the word, with many subcategories of definition for each. The overall feeling is one of active movement and of directing that flow towards an intended goal. There is nothing gentle about this action; just as there does not necessarily have to be anything brutish about it. Power is simply pure force and flow that is neither good nor bad in its natural state. It is shaped and formed within the container of our own w/Will to be used in application according to the desires that fueled that w/Will.

The admonition.. “with great power, comes great responsibility” speaks to the discipline required to stand in a place of allowing this force to flow through you. The requirement is one of accountability and taking action only from a place of centeredness and self-awareness. This accountability morphs and changes as we expand our perceptions of ourselves in relation to others and the world in general. Moving beyond concern only for the self into the greater pool of humanity and how our actions affect others redefines who and what we are held accountable to.

A more expanded world view leads us to seek out those opportunities and experiences where we may be of service and use the knowledge we have gathered for the benefit of others and thus also ourselves. In this way we are able “to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events” and act in a powerful way. This force of change will often manifest in a physical way, moving obstacles that would prevent what is needed most from reaching who/what is in need.

There is a raw fierceness about Power and un-relentless quality that gnaws down to the bone of the matter taking nourishment from what would otherwise be unyielding. It evokes fear in many as being an unworthy companion to humility. And, it is this fear that becomes the food of addition that misplaced Power feeds upon, as we have witnessed from the many tryants who have claimed it cloaked in the aberrant expression of their Ego. And, for those who have refined their baser nature, this fierceness bellows out in the cries of freedom and justice for those who have lost their power. The addiction spreads and infuses the weak with the life’s blood of strength of desire and will and the uprising begins that heralds a new and more peaceful day.

Standing in a place of Power is to acknowledge the effect of your very existence in the vast sea of living energy and to draw attention to the singular drop that is your contribution to the depths of that cosmic ocean. To be Powerful/filled is to expand that energy reaching out, evolving and growing from a center that is intentionally Willful and Divinely expressive in its nature.

How will you claim your POWER?

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The heat moves through me
Calling me to flow along
Its path of blazing light.

I call to the ashes that
The Phoenix may rise up
Within me to break free
Of what has held me inert.

Wings beat furiously and
Strain with expansion upwards
Quickening the spark of flame.

Blinding light flashes
And I move through
The flaming center of
The sun and into
The black iciness of the
Enlightened Will.

Fire is the Dance
Transformation – Will – Desire – Destruction – Rebirth

A roaring Fire is exhilarating. Flames dance and heat reaches out to caress. The colors move through scales of orange and red, the white of pure intensity and the vibrancy of color gives way to the charred blackness of ash and soot. When we place the action of this Fire on our desire and will, passion flames and the urge to do, to act is fueled by the intensity of its need for change.

Fire courses through our bodies as the electrical charges that provoke immediate response to pain or pleasure. Our bodies heat as we exercise and move and the fires of digestion break down the food we take in as sustenance. Anger rages hot when we are challenged and confronted and the fire of desire takes hold when attraction draws us into lover’s embrace.

Fire blazes its way through our world in the form of communication, electrical wiring, technology and more. We are surrounded, permeated and interwoven into the inferno that excites and calls us to express ourselves and the will we have cultivated. To work with the energy of Fire is to invite radical change and irrevocable transformation. Let’s take a look at is many forms and areas of impact.

FIRE, unlike the other elements cannot exist in physical form without consuming and destroying something else, thus causing transformation of that thing. It is out of that destruction that the potential for the most growth often occurs. This action is that of the legendary Phoenix rising from the flames of ash.

In magickal practice, Fire represents the state of action and the fires of will. We call to the energies of Fire to stir the flames within as we aspire towards integrating our will with that of our Higher Self. At a spiritual level, Fire carries the seeds of transformation that are the stuff of initiatory change, action and development of the Higher Will.

At a purely mundane and physical level Fire is associated with heat. The warmth of the Sun and the heat of the wood stove that keeps us warm in wintry weather. When we take it to the mental level, Fire becomes the passion that excites and ignites. It is the catalyst that creates movement and it is the creative spark that leads to new invention or manifest creation.

Energetic workings and practice are vital to keeping the internal will enlivened and ready for action. Fire is the flame of will, desire and intent. It quickens and catalyzes in its expansive form and destroys and removes in its nature of contraction.

The Universal Laws of Fire

Many years ago I came across these Universal Laws as they relate to the four basic elements. It may seem odd to equate the elements as following certain “Laws” particularly in the semantics of that word and its normal connotation. But, everything must follow some sort of order and structure to be successful; albeit, sometimes that order appears to be the most disordered mess, it is still order nonetheless). This is also true of magickal workings. There are specific laws or rules (whatever word you prefer) that govern the order and structure of the Universe and its workings. These are but a few of those and I offer them now as food for thought as you move through each of these elements. Some are overt in their relationship to a specific element and others are a bit more occult (hidden) in their meanings.

Law of Polarity

When we speak of polarities, there are many different examples that could be given; male and female, light and dark, negative and positive to name a few. When we perform magickal workings we draw upon the nature of the polarities to bring a state of action to that working. If there were no darkness we would not know how to define the light. If there were no negative action, the desire towards the positive would be non-existent.

The element of fire is aptly described by this Law as one of its primary functions is to stir up, to excite, and thus to transform and potentially transmute that which was being worked upon. When we call the energies of Fire into our workings, we are automatically putting in place the potential for action to occur. We are forcing ourselves to move beyond a place of inertia and undefined focus of intent to catalytic change that will be either the positive or negative charge that is needed for desired outcome.

Law of Cause and Effect

This is the natural by-product of working within the realms of polarized action. For every action, there is a reaction. Thus, for every cause there is an effect. The measure of that effect is usually in keeping with the amount of will exerted, although the comprehensive out-picturing of that statement is not always apparent. This is typified in the cautionary advice to be careful what you wish for.

Some Correspondences

Western Magick:
Color: Red
Tools: Wand, Staff (sometimes Swords)
Attribute: The Will – Action

The Elementals:
Monarch – Djinn
Elementals – Salamanders
Archangel: Michael

Eastern Tattwas:
Shape: Triangle
Color: Red
Direction: South

Qabalah: The Spheres of Connection
Netzach – Green – Victory
Geburah – Red – Might

Color: Red
Qualities of dry and hot

Aries (Cardinal)
Leo (Fixed)
Sagittarius (Mutable)

Suggested Practice

Spend a few minutes each day outside in the sun. As you sit facing the sun (be sure you have on sunscreen and limit to no more than 5-10 minutes) close your eyes and allow the warmth to penetrate your body. Imagine being filled with the radiance and strength of the sunlight and feelings of renewal at every level of being.

Engage all of your senses in the experience of being bathed in the light and energy of the sun’s rays. Step into the shade and make note of the difference in your physiological response. And, then step back out into the sunlight; making note of the difference of experience.

Excerpted in part from: The Elemental Year. R. Fennelly

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I began my journey
Knowing exactly what
I most desired.

I exerted my will
And what I conjured
Was merely a shadow
Of what I desired.

I cried and fought
Asserted myself and
Yet all efforts were
Fruitless in feeding
My heart’s desire.

My will took hold and
Try as I might to force
Change to occur time
Lay still in the midst
Of my burning desire.

Exhausted and finally
Laid bare I breathed
Into the silence
And allowed a new form
Of the old desire
To take hold.

This creation spawned
From willful action
And misguided intent
Burst forth satisfying
And refined in its ways.

And from the clash of
will and desire the
Magick began and forever
I lay transformed in
The afterglow of
Will and Desire’s union.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.”

 Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

This week’s post is not meant to focus on the negative, but I think it is important to check in regularly with what we most desire (for ourselves and others) and what steps we take towards willing it to be so. As the result of 8 weeks of unexpectedly having to make decisions, take into account the desires of myself and a loved one and using all of my will to take appropriate action, these three words have boiled up to the surface and set me to thinking about their impact.

The quote above is one of my favorites. It is a reminder to me to be honest in my dealings. As a Witch and magickal practitioner it is a reminder to me of the need to balance what I desire with a will that is aligned with best outcome for all concerned. Desire and will are easily caught up in the “web” of deception. And, this deception is not limited to the actions we impose upon others. The biggest arena of deception lay within the untruths and excuses we use about ourselves and those things we desire and will into being.

Desire implies action fueled by emotional stimulation. Desire in and of itself is neither negative nor positive. I see it as a place of neutrality running primarily from a place of instinct and primal directive. Desire is the beginning of formulating what the product of that desire will be. And, as with any endeavor to produce (or create) action has to be taken towards that goal. The desire to be happy, needs the positive action taken in drawing to ourselves an environment supportive of what our definition of happiness is. The deception comes when we formulate that definition based upon faulty towers that are not anchored in the highest outcome for all; especially yourself. The desire to manifest effective magick needs practice, dedication and awareness and sensitivity to the responsibility implied in it actually working. The deception comes when we think that our will should be imposed on others because if the power we think we have acquired.

Will implies action. Will is the fuel that feeds the flames of desire. Desire without the application of will remains the stuff of dreams and wish. And, for some of those things we may desire, the dreamscape is rightfully where they should remain. If misaligned and holding less than an attitude of integrity the will to action we apply to our desires presents in its baser nature and the one pointed flow of desire through it becomes the lustful wanting and obsession of an inappropriate goal. Deception plays an integral part in this scenario and we can rationalize and legitimize our actions to ourselves and others. Holding right intent as the scale’s measure guides the passions generated in a pattern of checks and balances that is selective in how they are used.

The reminder here is that temperance and balance are necessary. The story of the Genie’s lamp and final access to all your heart desires is prime example of the amount of caution that is required for desire to be coupled with right will to action. Accountability, ethics and self-knowledge are the cornerstones of using desire and will as tools of manifestation and transformation. This potent mixture is bound to produce some outcomes that need a new recipe of blending and a level of honesty about your true motivation that cuts through leaving deception behind.

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I move continually set
Upon the path of my making.

Encased in what is my space of
Comfort that clouds the clarity
Of my vision but keeps safe
The power of my intent.

Shall I burst free or is
This also a grand illusion
Crafted by the dim luster
Of my will and intent?

For now this veiling
Holds me safe in its
Inner sanctum but
Not forever shall I
Be content to stay
In walls even flexible
Even flexible they may be.

Soon I will burst free
My Will set ablaze
From refined desire’s
Catalytic intent.

And I will rise in full
Glory as the dawning
Of my Will’s sun filled orb.

The word will” is a cornerstone of every spiritual practice. Used as a verb it is the catalyst that brings something into manifestation. The fires of will fueled by heart’s desire acting upon mind create. Desire to become so. Using this word as a noun we define the will as that aspect of our being that becomes the personification of our intent and the authority that determines the outcome. The word then takes on another layer of meaning when consideration is given to where this will is emanating from. We typify the small or lesser will as the force we exert or exact upon others or situations driven by self-serving goals and agendas. This lesser will is focused in the needs of the individual and the level of attachment of the personality within that individual. The Higher Will is that which is informed and aligned with the Higher Self and therefore is not directed by base needs or personal outcome. It is the catalytic fire of those upon a spiritual path who have come closer to a place of individualization (remaining as the single drop that is defined by itself, yet is also part of the larger ocean which is the whole of that definition).

Will permeates our efforts at every level. We make decisions and take action based upon what our will is at that given moment. Will is often used interchangeably with the word intent. And, although the intent of any action is defined more specifically by our will each moves independently of one another. This is often why the magick we set forth does not come to fruition despite the careful efforts of being very specific in intent (or goal). If the energetic bolster of the will is not applied it is merely a schematic of a plan. Moreover, if the raw desire for successful outcome is not directed through the application of will, you may have partial but not lasting success. The furnace has to be consistently fueled for the greatest heat and change to occur. You could think of the intent as being what is focused in upon similar to the fine blade of grass that is set aflame by the directed will of the individual placing the magnifying glass just so to reflect the maximum amount of energy through it.

Another component of will is that of its nature of offering choice of selection for what actions will be taken. Free Will ensures that we are not bound and limited by a predestined path upon which we blindly tread; but rather that at every juncture, and step there is the option of moving in a different direction. And, it is this Free Will that holds us ultimately and solely accountable for what those choices are and co-creators in what our newly determined path offers as result.

Energetically it is at the level of the Throat chakra that we have the fullest expression of free will. The choice in the words we use, the communication we send out into the world and the choices surrounding how, when, in what form, to whom and where we exert that will have the potential for maximum impact. And, again it is the binding together of creative desire (at the level of the Sacral Chakra) and the enlivening of the intent (at the level of the Solar Plexus) drawn into the Heart Center of discernment and refinement of balanced desire and intent. This nexus of intent and desire are brought to a space of quickening moving up into the will of the Throat that infuses that space of communication with power, strength and the ability to manifest.

Moving in accord with this natural flow of will is challenging. Having the necessary discernment to identify what is will that is misdirected and what is Will that is divinely infused can create feelings of disconnect between what we feel our actions should be in this world and how we can freely move into those actions feeling unhampered and having clarity of vision and intent. We become trapped in a shroud of our own making isolated and unsure of how to direct that will in the most productive way. The important thing is to keep moving. To keep testing and looking closely at how we express our will. To look objectively at the product of where we have placed our will and intent and use the lessons of that scrutiny to guide the future steps taken with willful intent. And, to be ever mindful that our greatest strength of will is in the intent of maintaining what makes us uniquely ourselves and then willingly surrender it to the greater collective of what as a whole “IS”.

So, do we shroud ourselves in a bubble, limiting our choices and ever walking without arrival towards the promise of the dawning or setting of our day’s efforts? Or do we use that vision as the microcosmic place of beginning that reflects the outpouring of our will into the Macrocosmic light of the Higher Will?

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