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The Earth shook and a
Thunderous bellow shattered
The foundations of its making.

Magick streamed from shattered stone
Rising upwards
Carrying fragments of
Star matter and life
Into the Other realm.

The Lion roared and fires
Rose from tendrils of sharp breath
Animal and Man quivered from
The low rumbling of quickening.

Magick etched its spark of light
In cave and den, in home and dwelling
It coursed through sending shivers
Through spine and awakened mind.

Eagle soared and serpent coiled
Under piercing gaze as wings
Beat heavily scattering all that
Had been writ in stone and hand.

Magick swelled untamed and tempered
By guard of emotional wall and words
Of terrifying and great power
The vaults of wisdom cracked open
And what lay hidden was brought to
Light once more.

The Great winds came
And turned to star dust
All that had been falsely claimed.

And, man rose from the
Center of gale storm’s core
Free of what had bound his will
Great magick now released
Held in flesh and bone.

We are all witnesses to a point of great transition within the magickal and spiritual communities. The streams of magickal outpouring are evolving and changing just as the definition of what magick is and is not has evolved. No longer are the mysteries of the practice held in reserve for the select few. No longer is access to groups, groves, lodges and the pagan community at large hidden in the shadows, down the dark alleys and kept only for a select few.

We are seeing a new wave of seekers on a path that is ripe with the legacy that has carried it to this pivotal point and we are standing at the brink of what will either carry us into a new way of expression or the proverbial multiple steps backwards. It all depends on what we are willing to co-create and the steps taken to unify what is abundant, but still scattered in focus and intent.

We hear a lot about religious tolerance and the coming together of different ways of thinking in search of common ground. I’ve never cared much for the word “tolerance”. It always had the feel of someone who made a choice because they were coerced or pressured into it. Historically, we have seen tolerance in action and know of the often deeper divide that has occurred from the force of that pressure. I prefer the word “acceptance’ because it embraces a spirit of completely opening to the possibilities of joining forces and doing so willfully.

I believe we are at the crossroads ready to step into the next form that magickal practice will take based upon the acceptance of what great potential lay in that action. There is implied courage needed to move ahead and time is escalating for the changes that are needed to take effect. Divisiveness and elitist ideology are giving way to varied streams of magick and spiritual practice meeting on common ground in celebration of their shared resources, combined strengths and acknowledgement of their individual weaknesses. Now, the caution here is that there is a delicate balance between holding firmly to what has worked before and over diluting it with incompatible or less viable energies in the effort to expand. Expansion requires a slow and steady process of gradually adding something more to the mix, allowing it to settle and form its own natural paths of connection to what exists and then increasing once again or standing newly refined where you are.

I use the word nascent here as a calling to what the future may hold and what the new legacy will be that is left by our children and their children’s children as the generations of magick workers moves ahead. How will the world and life as we know it become re-enchanted with the core essence of a deeper magick that permeates every action, word and thought that is issued. And, what impact will this have on the multiple layers of life and beings that inhabit our world as we reach beyond and connect with those other worlds that coexist in the greater cosmos.

I have intentionally left this brief writing open-ended and vague. I believe there are no clear answers, paths or directives that should be followed. Structure is only as viable as the flexibility and longevity of the means and matter with which it was constructed. I believe it will take a unique blend of body, soul and spirit that is both flexible and strong to birth this new magick. One of the definitions of the word “Nascent” in chemistry as applied to hydrogen is:

                                  (Hydrogen that is) Freshly generated in a reactive form.

I like this definition and the image it brings to mind of the individual re-acting to its natural state of being and becoming something more.

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