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Monday marks the New Moon in the astrological sign of Cancer.  There are many ways to honor the cycles of lunar phase; some being formal ritual (Esbat) and others being simple meditation or sitting under the light of the Full Moon and breathing in the energy and beauty of its force.  For most, the Full Moon is the easiest to connect with given the visual presentation that graces a night sky if weather is clear. The phases of New and Dark Moon are not visible in presentation and connecting to these energies requires a fully open and responsive sense of awareness and being able to feel what cannot be seen yet is potent, viable and present nonetheless.

The New Moon is an excellent time to begin workings that require the energy of the initial flow needed for beginnings.  One of the correlates would be the energy of the sunrise or dawn.  A new day is a beginning that is packed full with the potential to become whatever you desire most by the time it reaches the fullness of mid-day.  So too, the lunar cycle of the New Moon offers the opportunity to harness the energy of expansion towards the fullest expression of what you wish to bring into manifestation at the Full Moon.

Additionally, this New  Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer, whose planetary ruler is the Moon and offers specific opportunity to begin workings that involve the depths of your emotional or intuitive self. Cancer is of the Cardinal Modality, which is also the energy of beginnings and the outpourings of what is needed to catalyze the stage of initiation towards stability. Putting all of this energy of new beginnings, outpourings of expansive flow and the addition of opportunity to plummet the depths of emotion and heart offers maximum support to any workings involving emotional investment, transformation and change.  Work to deepen relationships, strengthen home life and family interactions, connect more deeply to your feminine polarity and nurturing yourself and others are some of the magick you can work during this time.

If you would like to learn more about the energy of the Moon and its cycle through a lunar month, please join me in the Temple of the Moon.  The journey begins with this upcoming  New Moon in Cancer on July 8.2013.

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The Temple of the Moon

Resource:  The Esoteric Tymes


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