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What aches within you to know the Divine?
What fills your table of spiritual sustenance?
To what ends will you go to sit at the table
Of your Divine Nature?

Does this hunger awaken you at night, calling you to sit
In sacred space and open to the silence of Spirit?
Do you feel sorrow at grains of wisdom spilled out
From bowls upturned in frantic search?
Do the rumblings of your belly and physical need
Distract you from the call to dine at the table of the Most Divine?

I will feed this hunger with words of inspiration.
I will sit with others in wait and accept what offerings
Are given, in gratitude and love.
I will take from my plate and feed those who have not
The will, that they may know the bounty that is theirs.

I will quiet this hunger, but not completely.
For it is within that empty space that I will grow my
Devotion and gather strength to nourish me on this Path of service.

I will feed this hunger so that it may grow, and be sated
By the gnosis of my own table of Divine offerings.

How will you feed your spiritual nature this week? 1.

Over these many years I have spent in pursuit of spiritual nourishment, I have seen many individuals come and go. Some were frustrated that the gathering of their power did not happen in the short few months they had spent in practice of the Craft. Others walked from the Path because the work was too hard and the manifest rewards too few. And, still others turned away from their own growth because they simply were not desirous enough for the wisdom of the teachings. Those who remain steadfast and persistent in their work, learning and teaching have a certain “hunger”, a deep- deep yearning to know more, to be more and to offer up more.

Patience is a keyword here and longevity is the upholder of all endeavors to fill this hunger. These things which are of the greatest transformative nature are often the result a slow, steady chipping away at what has hindered and held back from forward momentum. Although at times these awakenings appear to come spontaneously, if you really look deeply and follow the backwards trail you will see that they are indeed the result of accumulated effort. Increased longevity is both the reward and the upholder and support of what has been worked upon. Longevity, to go the distance in affecting change in all of your affairs and at all levels of being. Longevity is remaining focused on both the process and end result of magickal working. Longevity is showing up for practice and being fully engaged and present in the work at hand and that which is to come.

These are the morsels that fill the belly of the seeker upon the Craft. These are what may be offered up to the Gods and Goddesses in devotion and ritual. And, in those rare moments of insight and connection this is the sustenance that fills you completely and fully and lulls you into the comfort and joy that a full belly produces. You rest in this feeling of having satisfied a longing that reaches deep into the very core of your being. You allow its nourishing energy to renew and enliven you giving the strength to move with deeper and greater intensity of purpose. And, as the fires of digestion and assimilation of the feasted upon truths burn brightly, the desire for more rises once again, slowly and steadily to the surface.

The hunger takes hold once again and the quest begins anew for the life-giving food of the Gods.

Artwork:  “Waiting”  by Caitlin Fennelly

1. Excerpted from A Weekly Reflection. Robin Fennelly. November 2012

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