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The Intelligence of the Heart refers to the concept that was explored by scientist and metaphysician, R.A Schwaller DeLubicz during his studies of Egyptian spiritual and alchemical practices. For most, the concept of intelligence is confined to the physiology of the mind and the sensory experiences that involve the intellect. To the Ancient Egyptians, the “heart”, rather than the brain, was the holder of these attributes of intelligence and knowing. According to Schwaller:

“Our rational mind is unable to grasp the central mystery, he argues, because our “sensory organization clearly seems to be imperfect. This condition can only be alleviated through a “perfecting of consciousness”.1.

This concept is deeply reflective of the principles of love and its force of impact on the rational mind. Without this innate intelligence which serves to produce a deeper understanding (realized through expansion and issuance of those qualities of Divine Love) pure reason will never have the necessary glue to provide the illumined thoughts of substance and viability. They will always remain within the world of lofty ideals that never come to full fruition or manifest life.

When we do the work of magick, one of the first steps is that of intent and the process of using the fuel and force of that intent to generate the necessary and appropriate energy to accomplish the work. Intellectualizing that intention helps to form the structure and container that this idea will be held within. Fueling it with the desire, passion and emotional connection to the idea sets into motion the constructs and pathways through which this intent will become manifest. The fuel of desire emanates from the emotional need to fulfill its needs; but at this level of process they are still considered individual and separate components. Each residing in their own compartmentalized part of self and each working with the best interest of its own purpose as central catalyst.

We are continually reminded of the goal to align heart and mind with each feeding and in support of the other. We aspire towards allowing how we feel about a given subject to be in accord with what we think about it when stripped bare of the superficial emotions surrounding. We further hope that our will to action is in accord with mind and heart so that the expression of this action will be the product of the synthesis of these parts of ourself. What we must then do is integrate these two dynamic forces in a way that they seamlessly flow one into the other to the extent that for all intents and purposes they are one in the same and singular in function. I believe this to be the “perfecting of consciousness” that Schwaller describes. What steps must we take in order to open to a deeper knowing (gnosis) contained within the hidden chamber of the heart that holds the space of informed desire and the fires of compassionate action?

If we think of the state of consciousness that is achieved when we open to all compassionate love and understanding we realize that this depth of love cannot appear simply through the actions of emotional outpour. This state is achieved first when we have concrete understanding of what it is we are directing this love towards. We must have thoroughly and completely dissected and examined all of its components before we can truly say that we have compassion for the situation. We must know what the concrete outcome of this expression of loving compassion will produce and most importantly, trust in this outcome despite what appearances may say otherwise. And, this rationalization must occur with the same ease and speed that our bodies respond to the in-drawing of breath as a sustainer of life. All being transparent, yet purposeful and direct in its singular impact and outcome.

In the Ancient Egyptian’s world, all and everything moved in a specific cycle and all and everything were at once connected to the continuum of this perfect flow and in perfect alignment and accord with it. This was bound within the (w) holistic nature and inter-connectedness of the cosmos and all that is contained within that broader perspective. It was from this central place of deeper understanding of the individual’s place in the world that the heart was the holder of great knowledge and understanding. At death, it was the heart that was weighed upon the scales and measured by the feather of Ma’at, and if found to pass the tests of truth, the continuation of the ever flowing cycle that was life merged with that of the underworld and was opened to the deceased. Even in the transition of death and loss of physical form, the deeper knowledge of the mysteries of the Greater Cycle were held, tested and acted upon.

These are some of the actions I have found helpful in trying to connect with this deeper state of knowing:

Giving pause to reaction and instead cultivating a state of emotional response informed by the knowledge at hand.

Making time to sit in meditation and reflect on the stream of thoughts that pour through my mind and then following the threads of these streams back to their emotional source.

Being mindful of moving in accord with heart-centered action and developing an attitude of perfect love and perfect trust that all will be well when we re-think having to intellectualize our way through every action and then invariably have to deal with the negative emotional repercussions.

Offering up the space within my spiritual heart center to be guided by Higher Mind and giving appreciation to its capacity as holder of the deeper gnosis of the greater mysteries.

And, being ever open and receptive to the gifts of the Divine with the intention of always descending first into the center of my spiritually aligned nature and attuning it as an instrument of expression that is always reflective of the greater state of consciousness that is the Intelligence of the Heart.

1. Schwaller de Lubicz, René. Symbol and the Symbolic: Egypt, Science, and the Evolution of Consciousness. Brookline, MA: Autumn Press, 1978.

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