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Hope you enjoy this excerpt from my new book: The Enchanted Gate

Majesty of the Trees


They held court in glen and grove

Standing tall and stately the oldest held the rings

Of age and withered bark that had seen much of life’s wear.

Branches reaching one to the other

Their finger tips entwined as leaf overlapped leaf

And vines wrapped around trunks that held their mass.

A webbing of green on upward glance

And the furthest branch reaching high into the heavens

What glory the birds have witnessed who sat perched

On arms of strength and expanse.

Roots digging deep into Mother Earth’s core

Enlivened by the falling of the leaves and the rotting of excrement

Roots spreading out and forming carpet on forest floor.

The tiny grooves home to creatures thrilled by

The pulsing of life from earth to sky.

Wind brought the whispering of stories of times past

And rustled through leaf as it gently bent

Branches that bowed to its touch.

Silence of snow and Spring’s new green buds

All birthed in a nursery of green.

The trees are now long gone.

Cut down with only the smallest now left.

Their royal presence defeated by the sprawl of urban greed.

The stories of their glory and the truth of their majesty

Now held only in the penning of my hand.

The concept for this book arose from my fascination with Trees and the varied forms and faces I recognized in each.  I started taking pictures with my cell phone of these strong creations and the poetic meaning of each seemed to flow from the Tree itself in what it wanted expressed. This opening spilled over into the taking pictures of all manner of natural scenes and settings.

Plans are in the works for a second volume dedicated in focus to the many trees that I did not place in this book. So, take a walk outside. Look up, look around and open your self to the messages of nature that are all around us.

Please visit my  Books  page for more information and a listing of other available titles.

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