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Athletes train and stretch daily to remain strong and supple.  Dancers take class and rehearse so that their performances will be flawless.  Divers painstakingly increase the depth of their submersions so that their lungs can build larger capacity. In all manner of endeavors requiring an exertion of physical output beyond the norms, preparation and gradual introduction and increase of components of the goal are systematically undertaken to produce maximum effects with minimal strain on the point of exertion.

Although, this is not a concept that is applied overtly to magickal practice and energetic working it is a necessity to insure that the magician or energy worker will remain strong and resilient.

Our energetic anatomy and all that it comprises are one of the areas where slow, steady and precise measure of increase in the duration and type of practice modality used will benefit immeasurably if attention is paid towards expansion and flexibility. In particular, applying this practice to the chakras and the subtle bodies will enliven and offer expansion to the well-being of the entire body.

The subtle bodies along with the chakra vortices that are held within them serve to enliven, inform and act as interface and filter between our physical state of being and our Higher state of consciousness. (See the picture below) Flexibility of the subtle bodies is a prerequisite to higher energetic workings.  Flexibility and resilient strengthening of those sheaths of ephemeral layered structure allows for a greater portion of the Divine to fill our being as we commune and offer up devotion to that Divinity. Flexibility to expand into each of these layers and in turn expand the breath into the chakras allows longevity and greater endurance in being able to hold energy and its flow in ritual or magickal workings.

Subtle Bodiesa

So, how do we go about training and stretching the subtle bodies. The goal is one of flexibility that can contain increasingly more flow of more highly refined energy.  Communion with the Divine in a more intimate way, receiving more of the Divine essence which acts upon our endocrine system and corresponding organs are all staples of Chinese Medicine and Qigong practice.

A large portion of the practice of expansion is focused and intent-filled direction of the breath toward the specific area you wish to have an increase in energetic flow.  Energy follows awareness and reinforcing this awareness with the flow and push of breath allows for a rhythm of expansion and contraction to be engaged.  This engagement begins at the physical level of actual breath, but the subtle bodies respond in a manner similar to the law of cause and effect.  The end point is all of the bodies working in a type of unison and accord with one another.   As the breath continues, the focus can now be pulled into the visualization and intent of sensing an expansion in the layers of the subtle bodies.  The easiest to begin with is that of the etheric as it is the closest to the physical layers of our bodies (just extending a few inches away from the outline of our physical silhouette).  Additionally, it s this subtle body that filters information received through the emotional and mental bodies and distributes the energy of prana (or life force) gathered from the sun’s light. Below is an exercise that can be used to strengthen and enliven the etheric body and in turn become more consciously aware of its energy surrounding us:

A Practice of Breathing Into the Etheric Body:

Begin by sitting quietly in a space where you will not be disturbed.  Place your chair so that you have a few feet of clear space directly in front of you.  Begin by closing your eyes and allowing your breath to establish a steady and gentle rhythm. As you fall into a rhythmic pattern shift your focus to the inner screen at the place of the third eye.  Form the image of yourself sitting as you are in this space on that inner screen. See the empty space that is directly in front of you.

Continue to breathe in a steady and rhythmic pace.  Now see an exact image of yourself rise out of this sitting position and come to stand directly in front of and facing away from you.  You see the outline of your own silhouette standing strong and erect with as much detail as possible.

Now, with focus and intention take a deep breath in and as you exhale imagine the full expanse of that breath filling out the outer edges of your standing silhouette; creating a duplicate line of tracing just a bit away from the hard line of the physical form. Continue with a few more breaths in this manner, each with the intent of pushing the extended form of the silhouette just a bit further from the hard line of the physical shape. You should now begin to see a clear line of demarcation just a few inches away from the physical silhouette.  This is the etheric body.  Spend a few minutes just simply breathing into this extension. Not pushing it any further out, just simply filling it more densely with breath.

Again with intent and focus now breathe into this sheath and imagine it filling with a brilliant white light of density. See it become brighter and brighter as you continue to gently breathe into it. When it reaches a state of appearing as though your silhouette is being lit from a bright light in front of it; allow the expanse of this shape and energy to settle.  Just gently breathe into it not adding additional force, just simply feeding this sheath the continued light of your breath.

Shadow body

Begin to draw this energy back into your being.  As you inhale imagine the line of extension around your standing silhouette gently pulling back into the hard edge of it.  Each inhalation drawing the light of this energy back into the central body. When it has been reabsorbed back into the center of your form see the silhouette of your standing form moving backwards towards you.  As you breathe in this form rejoins your physical body sitting in the space in which you started this practice. Continue to breathe in and with intent send the light filled  breath of your extended being into circulation and energizing distribution throughout your physical body. Each breath integrates this energy and each breath brings you back to a state of (w)holistic balance. Shift your focus and awareness to the physicality of yourself sitting in your chair. Awareness to the rise and fall of your breath. Awareness to the energy of your own making that surrounds and enlivens you. And, when you are ready gently flutter our eyes open and be fully present in the here and now- renewed and energized by this experience.

Weekly practice of this protocol will bring a deeper awareness to the energy field that surrounds you.  Breathing into the etheric body will help to strengthen, enliven and expand the flexibility of that subtle form.  Filling this sheath with light will bolster the regenerating process and set up a more refined magnetic attraction to bring more light and energy into all of the bodies and most specifically the time spent in disciplining the mind sharpens the visualization skills needed to give form to those energies and beings that you choose to commune with.

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