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Have you noticed the change in the air? We have just welcomed August, but already the smell of Fall is all around. The warmed air is becoming crisper with threads of  cold woven through and all around us we see nature preparing to shed its mantle of green and don the multicolored cloak of Fall and the Harvest. 

If you drive through the farms lands the crops of Summer’s bounty are falling to the blades of the harvest and with that cutting down the earth is readying itself  for the renewal held in the sacrifice of release.

By the end of this month many will return to classrooms, education, regular work hours and longer nights spent cozy and warm indoors. And, although in the outer world the appearance is that of reaping, internally, there is a new planting and seeding going on simultaneously as we begin another season traditionally given over to learning. 

Personally, I  love this time of the year. In particular, the smells and sounds that abound are ripe with memories of picking out school supplies and a fresh start at learning new things and making the “grade”.  So, as time and weather steadily move us indoors, why not consider making some time to plant some new seeds of thought.  Now is the perfect time to begin the study of something that has held your interest. This new course can be as complex as signing up for an adult education or college class or as simple and self-driven as doing a little research, investing in a book written by an expert in that subject and finding a cozy chair, good reading light and plunge right in. 

We should never stop learning. We should never cease to seek out new knowledge and new experiences. And, we should never underestimate the potential and capabilities we may have inadvertently left unrecognized and unexplored. For it within these paths that we often find just what we need for our own personal growth and when the time of harvesting is upon us once again, our crops are bigger, fuller and more expansive than ever…

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9695539_sHave you ever given thought to the marvel of stones, and even larger rocks, in a stream that have been smoothed by the continual flow of water over their surface. At times that water is gentle and graceful in current and at other times, it  flows with determined full force, transforming what were the jagged and rough edges of manifest impediments into those that are smooth and easier to pass over and through.

The waters of our emotional outpouring can serve the same purpose if we allow the flow to be purposeful and directed in its course. The stones of jagged edges that we have manifested and held within where forgiveness can not pass easily or anger rips to shreds any gentle thought, can all be smoothed and refined so that the current of healing waters may continue its course.

This action of smoothing and softening is not one of releasing and disintegrating those feelings that are justifiable and have shaped the landscape of our inner river bed. In truth, these unpolished stones are precisely the reminders and supports that are needed to move us forward from stagnation and bitterness; and at times provide the stable ground from which to purposefully exact harsh and swift change.

But, in the softening of their edges the space of acknowledgement of their power, lessons and place in forming who we are can now be used as they become the directors of a flowing current that is deeper in perspective. This newly directed course is that of seeing the potential of what we may BECOME; no longer remaining in a state of pain and haphazard current, but rather flowing in a place of power and unobstructed course.

Each time we purposefully allow our emotions to soothe and reshape what we have manifested as our point of blockage and challenge, those waters of healing and powerful transformation have the vantage of moving in a stronger flow, unimpeded and reaching into all levels of our being. Which of your stones are in need of polishing?

A Brief Visualization of Intention:

Imagine within yourself a river of healing waters flowing through every part of your body. Pick a point of focus and in your mind’s eye travel along the flow of this river as it meanders through you. Pause at each blockage or jagged stone that tries to impede this flow of healing. Take a closer look at what energy it holds and what detail has been carved into is surface. Breathe into the waters that surround it and see them rise and move with force and intent over the edges and surface of this stone. Feel the smoothing and soothing action of this force and flow.

10170032_sNow see behind you this same stone, no longer with jagged edges protruding. See the waters flowing gently and lovingly over its surface. See it smooth and polished gleaming with the luminosity and power of the healing waters. Each stone refined in this manner as the steps of return to the calmness of your inner shores is laid.

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24_05_2009_0648182001243161349_zeng-haoImage: ZENG HAO DUN HUANG

Incense wafts in the air etching
Spirals of fragrant peace.

Eyes of light open releasing healing
Compassion and quiet sanctuary.

Hands open in welcome and calmness
Flows from each finger soothing me.

Beauty and grace fill my sight and I
Am strong in the harmony of self.

All is quiet
All is gentle
All is imbued with a
Love that is unconditional
And knows no bounds.

The Goddess smiles and the world
Stills its arcane chatter and begins the
Dialogue of Divine serenity.

The Goddess Kuan Yin is one I turn to when I am most in need of finding the stillness and space of peace within myself. She is the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy. Her nature is one of forgiveness and the serenity that is found, most especially, in forgiveness of self is profound.

May her peace fill you with the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally by the Divine.

Poem excerpted from: Sleeping with the Goddess: Nights of Devotion by R. Fennelly
February2015.Serpent’s Gate Publishing

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The Moon wanes towards its Full Light this week and the opportunity is ripe to reach out to the potency of this energy and claim the shadow of your own fullness. As the Goddess completes her lunar transformation she blankets her radiance in a knowledge that is deep in its interior reach within the very core of who we believe ourselves to be.

Although, we often speak of the discomfort of standing naked and vulnerable in the brilliance of light’s examination what is overlooked is the ability to hide within that light and make excuse for why we are not self-aware. We seek the illusion of solace in the dark; yet are afraid of what we may find there that stirs the wild and primal self into action. And, emerge from this space still unaware and afraid of the power and truth of who we are. The key is seeing the illusion of both and calling forth the truth within each to co-create as sisters supporting our spiritual and personal growth.

The waning towards the Dark Moon embodies our occult self that feeds the illusion of who we are and; if embraced in the fullness of our creation of the pervasive darkness of our truths, reveals what lay beneath the surface waiting to be used and transformed.  This is the work of the Goddess as the Crone. She holds nothing back, invites you to look at the truth of your own reflection and then demands that you release what serves no purpose and what hinders your growth. She carries the wisdom that has grown through experience and she knows the secrets of the darkest of places and holds within the Light that illumines those who have courage to enter.

The dark moon of Lilith’s mantle calls to you to arise and come to her in all your splendor and beauty as a being of Dark and Light…..


I am the pervasive darkness
That lay behind my sister
Of Light and fullness.

I am the Witch and weaver of
A deep magick that requires
Going into the depths of your
Darkened being and reclaiming
The power of your hidden light.

I stand strong in the knowledge
Of my power and fierce will.

I am untamed and I am wild
And free in all of my gifts that
I choose To give.

I am death and I am life
I am healing and I am truth
I am lust and I am pleasure
And I am all that you fear
To BE!

Who will you seek as the moon wanes towards its Newness on Wednesday?

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of helping in a very small way to prepare for the Soft Opening of the New Alexandrian Library. I left early in the morning to avoid Delaware shore traffic and arrived ready to shelve books and do whatever else was needed. Walking into the building produced a wave of excitement and pride at what had been accomplished and what potential was held in its vision.

Bookcases filled the space and books, many of which are now out of print, that were lovingly donated to the library spread from row to row. There is something about the smell of books that have been treasured by their readers and evoke late night studies and a hunger for deeper knowledge. You could almost feel the crowded presence of authors penning there thoughts as practice and path flowed from the time spent with teacher and mentor. Years upon years of accumulated wisdom layered between titled covers that gave only the briefest hint of what lay between. This is the stuff of inspiration; palpable and indescribable in its broader effects.

As I stood in the entryway of the NAL I was reminded of the intention set from the first pouring of the foundation on July 23, 2012 to the completion of the building in December 2014. This was the manifest result of inspired dedication and commitment to something larger than the individuals involved guiding the course.

Inspiration comes in all forms. It is most often overlooked as we move through our busy lives. Each moment is one filled with potential, choice and the ability to allow its energy to inspire us to action, response and a new perspective. The obvious places we look are those of the creative arts. We think of the Muses as a source of inspiration stirring our emotions and fueling our desire to create.

Everything that we know, have and pursue is a product of inspiration. And, if you think in these terms then the idea that everything is connected and interconnected becomes easier to fully comprehend. Inspiration produces a chain effect that links inspiration to inspiration, action-to-action, creation-to-creation; on and on endlessly.

Although the focus of this writing has been on the New Alexandrian Library, I will carry the intention to be more present and aware of all that continues to inspire me in every setting. It may be the barista, who patiently takes the demanding order at the coffee shop who inspires me to have that same patience in my interactions with a work colleague. It may be a teacher whose passion for their subject has made its teachings less tedious who inspires me to change my approach as a teacher. It may be the stranger who helps me to collect my belongings after dropping them instead of walking blindly past. The gift of acknowledging these subtle inspirations is one of an opening to gratitude and from its place of awareness you become the source of inspiration for all around you.

These are just a few of my inspirations…

I am inspired by a vision that can become a reality.

I am inspired by the collaborative efforts of community that provide a legacy that will serve future generations in their seeking.

I am inspired by the courage needed to achieve what others may say is not achievable.

I am inspired by the sacrifice and willingness to serve to preserve the foundations of the past that will become the buildings of the future.

For more information about the New Alexandrian Library:

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This week’s writing prompt on The Pagan Experience was a call to share a favorite invocation or devotional to Deity. I have chosen the poem below. This was written many years ago as I worked to know more deeply the nature of the Goddess as one who remained always beside me, sharing and guiding my mundane life’s experiences. I envisioned Her as a dear and treasured friend who knew me as no other and with whom I could simply “be”.

And, because of this intimate connection and bond forged, I am ever mindful that She stands with me as support, ally and trusted friend.

Come walk with me and
Share my grand adventure
Our steps will mark the way
For those who wish to follow.

Come sit with me and quench
Your thirst with the beauty of
What surrounds us.

Come dance with me on the
Shores of crystal blue waters
The sun looking down in
Benevolence as we embrace
Beneath the warming rays.

Come lay beside me as
Time and dreamscape
Claim their hold.

Come sleep with me and
Let Divine ecstasy unfold
Dreams in the knowledge of me.

Come hold me and tell
Me of your dreams that
Stretched long into the night.

Come walk with me as we
Talk of what was revealed.

The land gives way and
Miles of space lay ahead
Beckoning new turns with
Each new dreamtime path.

Come explore with me the
Truth of your journey and
The gift of mystery in this life.

Come walk with me and
Share my grand adventure
Our Light will mark the way
For those who wish to follow.

Excerpted from: Sleeping with the Goddess-Nights of Devotion(R.Fennelly.2015)

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I selected Time as the topic for this week’s post on The Pagan Experience as a way to explore what this word that carries so much weight for us as humans really means. It is interesting how, not only the meaning of the word changes, but also the weight of it changes as we grow older.

Time Is (NOT) on our Side

As children, the concept of time means very little. We wake in the morning sure that everything we hope to accomplish in a given day will be achieved. We eat, play and socialize as though time has no control over how those precious minutes and hours are spent. We fall into bed exhausted from the day’s activities and sleep deeply through the night, never mindful that we have grown one day older and the brevity of our life in this form has been shortened by this singular day.

As we become young adults, time is doled out in how much can we cram into a singular day that is not work or otherwise required activity. We burn the proverbial candle at both ends, extending the weekend play into a continued stream of friends, entertainment and hanging out.

The adult years stretch into a never ending stream of work, family and other obligations that, now as responsible and productive adults we fill our time with. Time is creeping up on us and there is never enough in the coffers after all has been spent in meeting the demands of society’s clock.

Now the focus becomes, “how much time is left?”. How long will I live and during that time and will there be adequate time for me to relax and enjoy a retired lifestyle? These and more deftly riddled questions of time fill our minds as we send even more of our time worrying and planning for a future where time momentarily remains still.

And, finally, the blessed days of retirement are upon us. No longer held in the time piece that has driven much of our lives up to this point.We wake in the morning sure that everything we hope to accomplish in a given day will be achieved.  We eat, play and socialize as though time has no control over how those precious minutes and hours are spent. We fall into bed earlier each evening exhausted from the day’s activities and sleep briefly through the night, ever mindful that we have grown one day older and the brevity of our life in this form has been shortened by this singular day.  

Time Is on our Side-A Slightly Different Perspective

Now here is a spiritual reconciliation to what I wrote above. We are held to the mandates of linear time; the construction of the perceived ending and beginning of all facets of our lives that serves as the master clock maker of our live’s experience.  We know this to be true and feel its edict at point if we choose to remain in the collective setting.

Those few who live off the grid, self- sustaining in their lifestyles and held accountable only to themselves for their continued existence abide by the clock of nature. Their work is that of providing food during the seasons and times when food is most abundant. They build, shore-up for the Winter and plan for the Summer all in accord with a time maker that is celestial and cyclical in its ticking.

Now, let’s take this though a bit deeper.  Time exists simultaneously in overlapping waves of past, present and future. In the time that it takes you to read this sentence, the past is already gone (those first few words); the present is occurring in accord with where (the word) you currently are in the sentence and the future is the predicted response that occurs as opinion/reaction to  is formed with each word read along the path of the sentence itself.  Just breathe…. and re-read what I said again, because this may be a lot to wrap your head around. 

If we hold this thought/intention in mind as we move through our daily activities, there is actually a sense of freedom that becomes to occur and the spaciousness of sensing time as a longer stream of occurrence gives us the feeling of having more time available. Whether this by product of seemingly more time is the imaginings induced because we have finally relaxed into the constraints of time or is an in-measurable valid occurrence is really of no import.

The real gift is that of being able to move in accord with linear time and the societal demands it imposes while remaining centered in the timelessness of knowing that time flows in rhythmical course that allows for stops along the way to regroup and rethink the direction that you are allowing yourself to be moved in. Just breathe into the spaciousness of time and you will understand that time is neither ally nor foe, it simply “is”, and our relationship with it leads to a life of feeling under pressure or one of savoring every moment as the soon to be past that informs my present so that I may step courageously into my future.

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This week’s post for The Pagan Experience speaks to Deity and the Divine.  As I thought about what I would write for this post, many ideas came to mind, so I decided to go with a pathworking I had written as connection to the Goddess and guide and Ancestor; holder of the truths ad revealer of my own.

Please enjoy it at my blog- Womb of Light, a Sage Woman blog at Pagan Square.

Goddess Grove: A 3-Part Journey

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Spiritual Value

Yesterday I spent the day sharing, teaching and being in the company of some very special people. Each year at this time our Tradition, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel offers an annual event – Spring Magick.

I have participated in this event for the many years that I have also been part of the ASW Tradition and each year there are new faces blending with those known who want to know and to be more. We are reminded of our importance in this earthly realm and that we are not only a part of this beautiful realm but our value within it is priceless.

My posting this week is one that I wrote in November of last year and seemed most appropriate for this bonus week.  Enjoy!…

Underestimating Your Spiritual Value

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What is it that you most desire? What type of motivation do you need to move towards that desire? Is this desire fueled by the subconscious thoughts of what joys it will return to you? Or can you remain fully present in consciousness and awareness of both the negatives and the positives of achieving what you WILL to be so?

That part of our being that we name as the “will” can be a slippery slope to climb and defining will as it aligns with our varied states of consciousness is even trickier and less palpable to discern. We know of the will (small “w’) that fuels our actions and is at times not mindful of the effects of its cause upon whatever it exerts itself upon. We know also of the aspiration of those choosing the spiritual path to cultivate and Divinely inform the larger Will (capital “W’) so that their actions may be in accord with their higher purpose and for the good of all concerned. In and of itself, will is a catalytic and highly combustible energy filled with the potential for the lighting of a controlled blaze or the wanton destruction of a raging blaze spreading uncontrollably like wildfire. And, most often will’s bedfellow is the seductive emotion of desire; the raw and primal wanting we have for a specific and self-created outcome. Desire on its own is the basis upon which creation initiates and calls to itself what is the resultant outcome and is neutral in its pure form and reacting in positive or negative manner depending upon what the goal of the desire may be.

Desire is always part of the magickal equation for bringing into manifestation what we wish to be. And, it is the raw measure of desire that urges forward (or backward) the actions that are needed to move the energy of that desire. Your will or WILL is what steps in and helps to guide the course of what the resultant product is. If fueled by greed, lust or negativity the outcome and the actions taken are not often in accord with what is of the highest good.

If, however, the Higher Will is called into action greed becomes the ability to attract to oneself what is appropriately needed; lust becomes all compassionate love and understanding. And, the balance of negative and positive flow is stabilized within the interface of neutrality so that each may work in harmony with the other in a polarized and productive way.

If we use another analogy; that of the Kundalini awakening or Serpent of Fire, we find that the same interaction of will and desire is needed. Desire awakens the serpent of wisdom who lays coiled at the base of the earthly and primal state. We breathe deeply and call forth our will to merge with this energy. Breath and action fuel and catalyze this energy and stir it into heightened awareness as the dance of enlivened life begins. As the serpent moves along its path of return the One becomes two; separating in individualized awareness of the need for polarity and the deeper gnosis of the duality of our singular state of being. Each moves along its intended course, seducing and drawing the other into its embrace at points of quickening and awakening. The pace quickens and the two return as One in the release of catalytic seed and waters of quickening. The fires of transformed Will reach up towards the Higher Self and the Serpent bites deeply into primed matter releasing the transformative elixirs of deep knowing and spiritual union with the Divine in all of its forms. It is through this conscious effort and application of will to action that dialogue is established and the flames of unified consciousness are quickened.

Our consciousness receives, filters and disburses whatever experience may pass through it. Our normal waking state of consciousness processes the stimuli received as we move through our daily activities and stores away select experiences within the subconscious. The sub-conscious self comes to the foreground in the dream or meditative state, replaying those things held in the memory of its vastness. Eventually we react at a conscious level to those things that lay hidden within our subconscious. Albeit, this reaction is often instinctual and can remain unnoticed indefinitely, there is nonetheless, the feeding of whatever our conscious action may be by what is hidden in the deep still waters of the subconscious that flows beneath.

Shadow work and self analysis address the impact of the sub-conscious and set as their goal the bringing to the surface of conscious awareness those parts of our being that shun the full brightness of the light and resolving or forming alliance with them. We breathe deeply into these waters as the fires of intent and will stir them into action. Air feeds the flame that consumes what lay hidden until the process of transformation is acted upon and the essence of something new may arise carried and uplifted on the breath of Air that once again feeds the flame. If we replace some of these words with their resonance to our spiritual nature, it would read something like this:

Mind fuels and enlivens the will to action which provides the necessary release of those shadow and/or subconscious parts of our being so they may be broken down, reformed and synthesized becoming the Phoenix of Higher Will that aspires towards Higher Mind which is now the informed catalyst (or fuel) that feeds the Higher Will to action.

At the other spectrum lay the super or higher state of consciousness. This level of consciousness is in continual communication with the Divine spark, Deity and our Higher Nature. The Higher or illumined Will resides in this space of awareness and is informed and aligned with outcome that is for the good of all. This Will is informed by Higher Mind and enlivened with compassion fueled by the desire for at-oneness with all things. This informed state of being is crafted from alignment with the subconscious and shadow state and drawn up to the place of integration within the manifest and conscious self which allows an opening to and communion with the Higher and super-conscious Divine Self.

When we make choice to be fully engaged at a conscious level with the actions we take and allow our desires to be in accord with divinely inspired will we create the space of synthesis where our subconscious and super-conscious can interact one upon the other. Breathing into this space and expanding the electrified spark that occurs from this co-mingling allows us to walk a path that is more intent-filled and grounded in the foundation of being fully present as the fires of will take hold. And it is this intention that enables us to will-fully act in a catalytic way that that sends this potent fire upward in offering to our Higher Will and Higher Consciousness.

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