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The Moon is waxing towards its fullness on Oct. 27th. and the Goddess is flowing strongly through every part of my life. For this week’s Pagan Experience writing our focus is on Deity and the Divine and with that though in mind, I offer the experience of connection I have felt as the Moon moves through Her phases.

Although there are many Deities that I work work, the energy of Goddess in her mantle of Moon is present continually. She informs all aspects of my work, both mundane and magickally and each night as the darkness cloaks the sky Her watchful gaze is ever present. The interesting thing is that over the years, as I have consciously chosen to connect with the Goddess through her lunar phases, the depth of expression of that energy has opened to me as the veiling of the night sky and all that resides in that heavenly body lifts and the truth of cosmic connection that pulses through all manner of life becomes my space of awareness.

From the vantage of Maiden Moon, the anticipation of what lay ahead to be seized hungrily lights the way of exploration of my human connection to the luminaries of planet, star and Universe. This is the enthusiasm of the youthful star gazer who wishes upon that special star for the love and companionship of another. This is the enthusiasm if one who greets each day with expectation that a new adventure will be offered.

As I step into the brilliance of light that is Mother Moon, I see the product of my creation. I see the expanse of heaven and earth and the potential of life that is manifest, ethereal, corporeal and ephemeral, all my children and all that I love with the fierceness only a mother can know. What I have birthed, good-bad, viable or not are all the gifts of my lessons as creatrix and as nurturer of that creation. I am strength and beauty and I am both creator and destroyer.

In the heavy darkness that is the shroud of the Dark Moon, I stand at the point where time converges. Past, present and future streams that are distinct yet all flowing simultaneously sensing the pulse of the eternal cycle within each other. I reach back to pull the tapestry of aeons of starseed tighter around a form that moves with the fluidity and grace of infinite wisdom. I call into my core the fleeting light that heralds future endeavors and the worlds that lay within that potential. I am both the center and all of the parts of the whole that form all the worlds of existence. This is the pervasive darkness of my mystery and the seed that spawns the first sliver of light in the shedding of my gnosis and become the Maiden seeker of that wisdom.

For me, this is the gift and blessing of all that we call Deity. There are many forms that this naming assumes but its purpose is always that of deepening our connections and understanding of the space that is Divinity within ourselves.

The Rising

Moon rises high overhead and
Light from HER hand spills
Down like droplets of soft rain.

Stars sparkle in the velvet of HER
Night cloak and darkness beckons
To be held in HER embrace.

All of earth moves in resonance with
The rise and fall of Her breath and
The great waters are quickened in
HER womb of fullness.

I sit in the silence of moonlit night
And I weep at the profound beauty
Of Luna’s nightly rising.

For in this moment of moonlight’s grace
SHE and I are one.

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