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I’ve written many articles on Spiritual Practice; its benefits, creating and personalizing and so on. So, when this topic came up again, I realized that I have been doing things a bit differently for a while now as far as what my personal practice has BECOME.

When I have thought in the past about what constitutes my personal practice, the usual list of methods and tools came to the foreground. Staples such as meditation, energy protocol, spell work, Esbats, devotionals, Sabbats, etc… all have been prominent in my craft and have carried and sustained me to the place I am along that path now. One of the tools I did not consider in that mix was my writing. That is until now.

I work full time, have a family, High Priestess a coven and write! I write daily and at times a good portion of my lunch, early morning or late evening hours are spent writing. At times this writing and the self-imposed deadlines have eclipsed the time for engaging in my “personal practice” and I have duly reprimanded myself for not making time for meditation, personal Sabbats, and such.

Instead, I have chosen to experience them through my writing and various blogs that were finely tuned to be attuned to these cycles; although at the time I did not realize the writing to fill these blogs was the practice I was cultivating. As I dug deeper into disciplining myself to write about various topics in a variety of styles, I realized that this was a practice unto itself. I formalized this writing in a ritual of personal dedication to become a conduit for information to flow and shared experience of what I have learned along the way. And, in this sacred space, I put to paper some of the first writings that would evolve into a daily practice of many.

Now, I see that the writing has opened me in ways that I would not have imagined. It is a way of projecting the experience I am writing about into the world as bits of energy to draw from. It is a way of connection to the Divine as words flow and ideas take creative form. It is a way of re-membering and re-telling those memories as they evolve into what may be used in practical form in this life’s experience. It is the action of contemplative/meditative, energetic and spell weaving using words, hands, mind, heart and the will to write.

So, for now if asked what is my personal practice I would say writing!

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