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What seeds have you planted lately? Spring is just beginning to take hold and the time to plant what we have tended during the long cold winter is at hand. A beautiful garden awaits our hand of action. This is the garden that lies within and needs weeding, tending and harvesting just as the outer garden requires these same things.

Each thought or inspiration we have is a seed of idea that can be brought to fruition or remain the stuff of daydreams. Every emotion we have warms or deadens what our responses or reactions will be in any given interaction. Every action we take is in the form of either weeding and refining or destroying and laying waste to what was germinated.

When we align our mind with right action and feed it with emotion and intent that is guided by our higher self, our garden will thrive and grow. Each seed that is planted will be done so with care and nurtured so that it may reach the ripeness of its full potential. The necessary release will come in the form of the harvesting of those rare fruits of spiritually empowered effort and action. And, all with whom you interact will reap the benefits of your bountiful nature.

As with any garden the ground in which we plant and the grounded rooting that occurs are the precursors to success or failure of bloom. Our inner garden is held in the firm rooting of our stability as grounded individuals as we move through our mundane tasks. The strength and fertility that is the natural by-product of remaining grounded and present in the mundane is the fertile ground in which we see the blossoming of our spiritual growth within. These actions are what create the stable path that we continue our journey upon. These become the roots that feed the great trees of our continuing cycle of growth.

Holding a grounded attitude throughout your day allows you to remain flexible and centered regardless of the discordant energies around you. The winds may blow furiously trying to uproot the seeds that have newly taken hold and the emotional rains may seek to drown and over saturate the place of your anchor, but the more you practice and strive to maintain a grounded attitude throughout allows you to become the graceful tree whose roots reach hungrily into Mother Earth and bends and sways with the flow of the winds, always resilient; always pliable.

Below is a simple grounding technique that can be used anywhere at any time of the day.

Stand with your feet placed firmly and directly underneath your hip-bones with knees slightly bent and relaxed. Your spine is elongated and your shoulders are relaxed with your head resting gently on top. Bring your awareness to the rhythm of your breath; the filling of your lungs and the gentle exhale. Each exhalation releases another bit of tension from the day’s activities. As you continue to breathe, imagine a line of energy connecting you to the ground beneath the floor on which you are standing. Each breath in draws the grounding energy from the Great Mother up into your being. This energy of life moves progressively upwards, moving through your feet into the lower legs, up into the pelvic region, up into the belly, up into the heart center- the throat and finally passing up and through the crown chakra. As you continue to draw this energy upwards, it extends towards the sky above. Imagine that you are like the branches of a tree.

You feel wholly and completely connected to the grounding of the earth and the limitless expanse of sky above. Breathe in this energy and breathe out a cascading flow of energy that anchors you as you move through your day.

As you go about your business of daily activity give some time and planning towards the creation of an inner garden. Select its seeds as carefully as you would from a catalogue for a Spring outdoor planting. And, then begin the sowing of what will be your beautiful garden that leads into the path of growing roots.

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