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It takes a certain amount of skill, keen eyesight and a steady hand to thread a sewing needle. The eye is usually too small and without adequate lighting it is like searching in the dark for the light switch, knowing exactly where it is, but missing the mark every time. The thread may not be the correct diameter or ravel each time attempt is made. But, without this precious thread and the needle as vehicle of application, the work of sewing and creating cannot be accomplished.

Maintaining a spiritual practice can at times replicate the scenario above. The thread is your accumulated efforts that are trying to be guided through the narrow gateway of actual progress so you may do the work of your path. These threads may at times seem mismatched to the challenges they must traverse or unravel bit by bit in the process. Nonetheless, the pursuit continues until the correct fit is found.

The steady hand that is needed requires commitment to a routine that then becomes a habit, and ultimately blends seamlessly into the fabric of your life, both mundane and spiritual. This commitment must remain steady in its intent, but the hand must be flexible enough to adapt to whatever fabric it must penetrate.

The keen eyesight required is seeing with selective intent in choosing those practices that will enhance and support your spiritual life and being ruthless about trimming away those that are not. The glamour and promise of quick results rarely creates a fabric that is durable and wearable for the longevity. Conversely, quality of material does not necessarily correlate with rice of time, effort and money. Often times the best option is something that is simple in form, easy in maintenance and can stand daily display for years to come.

The test of skill is how effectively you balance both your mundane and spiritual pursuits, aiming ever for the goal of them becoming interactive and interwoven one into the other. This is a skill that is acquired through patience and diligence and application of careful intent.

And, when all has been readied and aligned with the eye of the Gateway, these golden threads that have been carefully spun will glide smoothly through the stillness of the center point emerging on the other side, ready to do the work at hand.


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