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We begin our walk upon our chosen spiritual path wide-eyed and full of wonder at all the newness of this journey brings. We gaze up at the heavens and yearn to know our place in the vastness of the Cosmos. We look out at the Natural world and sigh into the beauty that unfolds in each day’s moments. For a time, we see each human being as one to be cherished and seek the answers to our queries from those who share the journey with us. The perspective is one of hope and a general sense of ease in the feelings that we have finally found “home”.

Some time passes and the newness fades; not necessarily through any lacking of effort on our part. This is simply the way of every cycle; the initial excitement, a pause of time to integrate and then final understanding of what has been presented in preparation for the next phase of initiation. Somewhere in the midst of this newness losing momentum we begin to realize the challenges that have arisen as we continue to walk deeper into the teachings. The challenge of establishing and maintaining a cohesive and productive practice looms large ahead and what we have put into place that we call our practice demands closer scrutiny.

These challenges rise and fall in response to the determination and dedication we show. And, you know that saying- “with great power (knowledge) comes great responsibility”?  The more we work to align with our chosen path, the more we assume responsibility to face those obstacles and become a living example of our faith and its values. We may find ourselves facing the challenges of complacency and apathy as the road becomes too steep and the discipline of the work too much to continue. The journey ends and we remain settled into the space we have come to until something calls to us to continue on.

We may encounter family, friends, loved ones and employers who express their disapproval of our chosen path. We seek support of those who do approve and who we call friend, family and colleague takes on a new appearance. Sprouts of new relationship bud from the soil of those left behind. From this new growth comes the challenge of maintaining our own place of integrity even as those around us are less than honest in action, thought and heart. We weed, we prune and lovingly care for viable growth hoping to harvest the abundance of a challenge of right intent.

As we endeavor to heal and help, act and be the product of positive change, the challenge becomes the fine point of knowing when enough is enough and surrendering to that knowledge in full trust that you have given what was needed. The challenge to be purposeful in our intent and strong in our beliefs arises with every mundane action. These actions are the real touchstones of how much we have spiritually and magickally grown.

Some will face challenges of health and dis-ease. These may seem insurmountable and shake the very core of our faith in the Divine and the Temples of our bodies. When we step more fully into the current of humanity and the energetic streams that flow from and to that Source, we learn the value of compassion and the gentle touch of love.

The spiritual path and a practice of living that Path is difficult and once the will is set upon it, it is a road that is never ending. It is the place of growth, finding our strengths and learning from our weaknesses. It is the road that becomes less traveled as we move deeper into the thickets as we are the only one who may reach its inner sanctum of our own making. The challenges set are the Gates through which we must earn the keys to pass and with each one mastered the greater mysteries are revealed.

And, so I return to what began this writing. The continual challenge in remembering what set you upon your chosen path to begin with. The challenge of re- calling those original feelings of joy, enthusiasm, wonder and curiosity to keep yourself moving forward in the cycle of continuum. And the challenge of setting out once again in perfect love and perfect trust on the newly crafted path of the unknown.


May I come to know
The great strength
In myself as I encounter
The obstacles that
Veil the unyielding truth.

May I face the wisdom
Of my actions of both
Positive and negative
For they hold the keys
To the greater wisdom
Of my Divine nature.

May I step upon the Path
Unafraid to wear down
The shoes that have carried
Me to the Gates of Magick
As the new ones shall
Carry me even further.

May the challenges and
The ease of progress
Be reminders of the
Strivings of my aspiration.

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