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As a young girl one of my favorite movies was entitled “Kismet”, based on a Broadway musical. It is the story of a poet who goes from beggar to millionaire in a single day with an intricate love story of Harems, Wazir’s and Fate’s hand in having all the right action and people in all the right places at exactly the right time.  I was so intrigued by this tale of fate and destiny that I named my puppy Kismet in keeping with the synchronistic fate that brought him to me and then just as swiftly sent him to another home.

The word “Kismet” is Turkish in origin and means Fate or Destiny that presents in the form of luck, chance or coincidence.    Now for some the word Fate is equated with having no choice.  The idea that life gives you what it wishes you to have and you simply have to deal with whatever is cast out in front of you.  And, in another form of its application, Destiny (or pre-determined) has its negative connotations implying that there is no free will attached.  That we are merely puppets acting out what has been already determined for us by a higher power and we exist in lives that are orchestrated in a specific way. Moreover, that regardless of how we would prefer to intervene the outcome will always remain the same.

In the magickal arts this energy of Kismet is often referred to as synchronicity; and the key component in the outcome is the free will and choice you exert upon it.  In this ideology, the responsibility for your own destiny is in your hands and the opportunities accepted or overlooked are ever-present flowing in accord with universal energy that become more apparent when we fine tune our responses to what comes our way.  There will always be those events where we feel we had no choice in what we should do, but even the thought of this “no choice” is in reality a choice you are making in how you perceive the action you have taken.

Another step in this process is in the recognition of these Kismet opportunities.  We acknowledge that often the answer or solution is staring us in the face, if only we had the eyes to see. Remaining open to the possibility that what comes to you is the magnetic response to the energy you are sending out (be it positive or negative) gives the option of being more mindful of where that energy is being directed. You have choice about what you wish to attract and Free Will to accept or reject what is offered.  The interesting thing of note is that the more you adopt a stance of openness and looking for those synchronistic events, the more steadily they seem to come and their impact becomes more evident in informing all of your mundane and spiritual workings.

Some would consider this Fate stepping in and weaving the threads that will form the tapestry of our destiny.  One of the definitions of the word “Fate” is:

an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition, or end “ (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

When we consider something to be inevitable it implies that the nature of the experience is unavoidable.  The nature of the opportunities presented to us is also unavoidable. Whether we choose to acknowledge them as synchronicities or ignore them they occur regardless.  Which brings us to the inclusion of “often adverse outcome”.   I believe the adverse outcome arises when we resist and strain against the need to make a decision and then accept full responsibility for its outcome.  Blaming Fate for our negative experiences is the proverbial finding of a scapegoat and we are destined to never fully become who we are meant to be.

So, the next time you feel burdened by the raw deal life has set before you, or elated at the expansive flow of good fortune and benefit, take a moment to pause in the revelation that you are a co-creator in your life’s experience- destiny- fate or whatever word you choose to use.  Embrace the synchronistic moments and take heed of the lessons to be learned in the challenges.

It is our Fate to be offered experiences that allow us to hone our skills of making choice.

It is our Destiny to accept the outcome of our exertion of Free will (or Will).

It is Kismet that we chose a physical incarnation in which to work the magick of our own Fate and Destiny as we enter the flow of synchronistic life moving in dynamic resonance with Universal Will.

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