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Human beings are complex creatures in their definition of what constitutes achievement, success and at times the measure of one’s own worth. We often equate quality with the complexity of the subject, person or object.  And quantify outcome with the  “quality”  of effort put forth.  We look for the busiest lifestyles to enhance and enrich our human experience and with the advent of social media, the more connected we are to everyone and everything at all times the more we perceive we are in touch with what’s happening. It is becoming more of a rarity that our daily existence is one that is simple in nature and the bar of expectation has risen so far beyond the comprehensible sights that we are often unclear about what the end result will look like and what it is we are aspiring towards.

Add the pursuit of a Spiritual Path and the quest for complexity of perfection of the perfected human is the focus.  We begin to measure our advancement by the amount of books read, rituals attended or psychic abilities.  We exhaust every resource on the web (many times without pause to  question the credibility of source or form) and often emerge more confused about the topic than what our initial intuitive self formulated as definition. The more “smells and bells” added the more powerful and life changing the experience is felt to be.  We often overlook or undervalue the most potent and powerful experiences we can have using only the tool of our own Divine nature in its simplicity of acknowledging that we are Spirit in manifest form.

Now I am not saying that everyone has this attitude, but at some point in every individual’s life these thoughts and tendencies come to the foreground. I will be the first to admit that I am a complexity junkie.  My early teen years found me a skeptic of reading anything that was not of the smallest print and at least 3 inches thick.  I dissected every word, read the dictionary (yes, I am a nerd!), worked myself to the bone in practice of my art form and was driven by what was deep, intense and never simple in form.

I came to a more formalized Spiritual Path and again, the drive to seek out the complex and make many things more arduous and tedious than they needed to be took over- and still does on most occasions. I have weighed, analyzed and  complicated experiences that should have been simple in their beauty and over burdened others that should have been uplifting in the simplicity of their approach. And, the “S” word has been elusive at the times when it was most needed.

So, my proposal – or challenge – to myself and to those others for whom simplicity is just not in their vocabulary is to selectively and consciously choose to experience this day in all of its simplicity.  That’s not to say that complex things may arise, but set aside some time today to simply sit in the space of being open to receive everything in its pure form- good and bad – without judgment, reaction or digging for deeper meaning. Simply accept it at face value, as it is and then respond in a way that is clear, concise and simple in its approach.  Offering up this attitude to the mundane experience creates a greater appreciation for application to Spiritual endeavors.Each informing the other with the joys and benefits of a simple approach and the eventual seamless experience of mundane and spiritual as one.

Just breathe into this simple act of acceptance and moving in flow with what surrounds you. Nothing more added to or detracted from the pure form of this energy. Then, try to move into this place of simplicity each day.  Slowly cultivating the ability to simply BE. My hope is that we will be surprised at how much more space for experience opens as we uncomplicate  the layers of self-imposed complexity we bind ourselves with.

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